Romance scam letter(s) from Christopher Smith to Aida (Indonesia)
Letter 1

Salaam Ida.... I'm sorry darling, I have been away with my colleagues from my base, we went for a special force operation and I just returned to our base and see your mail with your beautiful picture. I am happy that you care so much about me, however, i wish we could communicate often so that we can get used to each other. Hope you are doing fine? what have you been doing lately? I love you,
Letter 2


Thank you immensely for your response to my friendship request, it will also interest me to know you better, hoping that we can share ideas and see what the future will brings for us. Frankly, I have got a lot of disappointment in relationship and I hope I will be lucky this time around. I may not be perfect but I promise you that I will never disappoint you. My name is Mr. Steve Perry or you can as well call me group captain Steve. I am From Texas City USA. I was born on 1966, I attended (Texas A & M University, USA) graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in history. I entered active duty on the 4th of October 1986 after receiving my commission as a technical officer from the Reserve Officer Training Corps. I was up to 20 assigned Engineer Battalion, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and served as a platoon commander, executive officer and Commander of Company B, 20th Engineer Battalion. I began my career Army Reserve and assigned to the 108th OSUT Infantry Division, in Charlotte, Texas City headquarters. I also served in a variety of positions with the 108th Division, including Brigade Assistant Operations Officer, Battalion Personnel Officer, Commander,Company D, 4th 108th Battalion Regiment, division, and Assistant Operations Officer. Let me stop here. Now I'm on peace-keeping mission with my colleagues in Kabul (Afghanistan.) And I am going for my retirement after this assignment in the next six months. I lost my wife in an auto crash 5years ago, I have a son and a daughter. I am a Military officer from Infantry battalion US Army. I was posted here Three years ago, I have traveled to many countries round the world including Africa. I can say that I am a hardworking man who is fun loving, adventurous and optimistic. I am very loyal and am looking for a woman I can share my time with, such as going to movies, dinner or travel to the sea-shore or historical sites. I have created a fulfilling life for myself. I enjoy my work and my attitude is positive and grateful.There is usually a smile on my face and I have been very blessed. I have had my share of setbacks in life, especially when I lost my lovely wife. But, in spite of everything I have never stopped being grateful to God because he is the all knowing God. I am a very happy person; I like to have fun, work, travel, play, and smile. I think of myself as clever, but harmless. I want to experience as much of this world as I can before this lifetime is over, (within moral bounds of course). My hobbies are horse riding, baseball, golf, music’s, food, soccer, animals etc. I hate lies and cunning people. I do love to laugh very often as it is one thing that keep me going on, I smokes and do drink socially but never got drunk, I love to live a simple life and I am very open and flexible to situations, my most favorite meal is fried rice with fried chicken/meat and salad, I also love vegetarian and sea foods. I really do not know what and what to tell you, but if you can ask me on anything you wish to know, it will be my greatest pleasure to tell you. I do not seek perfection, as I am far from the mark myself, but I do need to be with someone who wants it, someone who strives to reach her goal. I can help you when you stumble, and you can help me when I stumble, and together we can work our way up the path. I also want to meet someone who is contented what she have, someone who is ready to share that life with me, and ready to have my life shared with her,I stated on my profile that I want to covert to Islam and I hope together you can be of spiritual guidance and help for me while we nature our relationship at the same time.

Find the attached pictures and I hope you have a nice view,I want to chat with you on yahoo messenger when you are less busy.

hope to hear from you soon.
Warm/Lovely regards
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