Romance scam letter(s) from Christopher Smith to Cindy (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Honey, I don’t know where to start from but I believe and i have a trust in you, This is a secret I want to share with you and I would like you to keep it confidential, I wanted to tell you about it when we meet you in person but the circumstances has turned it around for me to tell you now.
Over this period we have grown to love each other and I believe I can trust you and I want you to keep this secret between us only. No one should know about this please, back in 4 months we were on patrol and we got to this uncompleted building where I and my unit discovered 163 trunk boxes buried and the content was Cash and gold, the cash is in $100 bills.
We took them and search round the building but could not find more, we took it to the Army's General office for the government to be aware of it and it was counted where the total amount was $ 5.3 Billion US Dollars" and the worth of the Gold was not disclose.
They thanked us and told us they were going to use it for the development of some infrastructural facilities that has been damaged due to the war. I went back on to my normal duty and after 2 weeks interval I was invited to the Government House where my effort was appreciated and they gave me an award as the master in charge of my unit and 4 trunk boxes was given to me to share among my comrades.
I have kept it at the government house all this while for safety purpose pending when I would leave permanently. This morning I was told one of my comrade invited a UN Diplomat to take his own trunk box and deliver it. I spoke with the Diplomat and ask him if he could collect my 2 boxes and deliver it to you before my arrival because I was told I need to have a diplomatic license to enable me transfer these boxes with cash which I don't have it.
I just want to use these means with this UN Diplomat, he said he can deliver it to you in US and he would need your contact and address but I have told him to hold on so I could let you know before any further arrangement. The Diplomat is supposed to leave here on Friday, Please reply to me quick and keep this confidential because it is a huge amount of cash " $11.9 Million United States Dollars", The Diplomat will not need to know the exact content of the boxes, I only told him precious family valuables. My love this is all I have for now and trust me I couldn't eat well. Take care and talk to you soon.
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