Romance scam letter(s) from Lawrence Dale to Donna (Australia)
Letter 1

Hi Donna,

How are you ? hope you had a good day. Thanks for sharing your email address with me.

A little more about me, I'm mixed German/Spanish, dad is German and my both parents have passed away. I am the only child and I have one son too , he's 24 years doing MBA currently in the London. I have lived in Australia since 1985 when I married my ex wife(Australian) and we have been divorced for 9 years now. My Ex wife picked up a drug habit and had a secret affair with my best friend which went on for 3 years, so believe me when I say I know how it feels to be cheated on by someone you love genuinely. This shattered me at that time which led to our divorce which i have never regretted. I got into a relationship 2 years back which didn't end up working as she was still very much into her ex so I moved on, now hoping to find someone who knows what she wants in a relationship and done with ex's.

I am intelligent, communicative, emotionally open, honest, insightful and psychologically minded. Most people describe me as personable, very comfortable with myself, able to engage with every other person in a wide range of situations and circumstances and enjoy new experiences and new learning. I'm a man with strong convictions and definitely have my own point of view but pride myself on being open to other thoughts and opinions too. Generally I am a passionate person, both with my personal affection and sensuality with others and in my excitement and emotional involvement in all things I do. I've developed a good sense of humor, a fairly quick wit and generally, a positive outlook who tends to see the good in people and not judge them. I can be serious and reflective, and pride myself on being a responsible and reliable person. I tend to be a good listener (when I'm interested) but also am comfortable expressing myself. I'm most attracted to women I find are also intelligent and emotionally healthy. I'm drawn to a woman who is independent yet nurturing, verbally and emotionally expressive and genuinely is comfortable with her sensuality and sexuality.

Am a Self-Employed Mechanical Engineer/contractor into repairs and maintenance of heavy equipment's like tunnel boring machines and I work FIFO Jobs. I love my Job even if it's a high pressured one and I have traveled well for work purpose, still looking forward to travel on holiday with someone special. I love to dress and smell good, love going to the movies, listening to music, exploring new areas and traveling. I would like to find a woman who is willing to share a life, 5050, I want to be loved and appreciated. I am honest, respectful, kind hearted, an open book without any secrets and I know I have so much love, care and support to give to the right woman and I really hope to get the same and more back in return. She will be my best friend, who also stimulates my mind and my body; someone to laugh with, to hold me when I am sad, be there for each other at all times, Is that too much to ask for? Are we on the same page? , lastly something that can actually last for a lifetime. I am very affectionate and I miss walking and holding hands, stealing kisses and all of that. :)

I would really love to meet someone who can listen with an empathetic ear, someone who finds joy in the small things, enjoys family, tries new things, accepts differences, has an open heart, loves to laugh and most importantly knows that none of us are perfect, so judgment is best left elsewhere. Further to this, someone I can talk to about anything, who respects who I am and what I stand for, someone who wants to be touched, someone who loves and wants to be with just me, someone who can receive what I can give. I also miss cuddles on the couch, breakfast in bed on a Sunday, lazy afternoons together doing whatever.

I am very happy to continue communicating and where it leads, I have attached a couple of my photos too and hoping I haven't scared you off already :) .

Sleep well and hope to hear back from you x .

Letter 2

Hi Donna,

Hope you are having a good evening. Thanks for sharing much more about yourself and I'm really sorry about your past relationships and how they went. I am glad we are looking for the same things in a partner and a relationship. I am loyal, a one woman man and I know I have so much to give to the right woman . I hope you have had a good day today.

Do you have Viber on your phone? we can get to chat in real-time at freetimes and perhaps call for free too . I had a very busy and productive day today and it has just been hot and humid the whole day.

I'm happy I didnt scare you off and I am happy getting to know you more.

Enjoy your evening. xx

Letter 3

Hi Donna, How are you and how is your day going? hope good. I sent you a message on Viber, not sure if you got t . Enjoy the rest of your day and take care xx Celio x
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