Romance scam letter(s) from Donald Bruce Jensen to Natalie (Australia)
Letter 1

Thank you for getting back to me, i appreciate that beautiful , My love life is quite empty now and consequently, I decided to give this a go,i must confess that i am very happy and so glad to meet you. I believe in honesty,i am a caring,faithful, very affectionate man. We all have a story dont we? Mine is a classic... many chapters to go before it finishes, i believe in random acts of kindness and play it forward, it is more of a passion than just something i believe in. I think life is beautiful and funny as hell, its a matter of the attitude and the way you view it.I am just me, a christian, loving, caring, kind, honest, easy going, fun loving, a father, a widower, passionate and quite comfortable in who i am and the life i live. I try to keep fit, i eat and cook vegies and sea foods, i just drink water or some juice not from concentrates,some red wine or champagne once in a while. I worry less, i do my very best to take good care of myself and people say i dont look my age. I think i look nice for my age.I dont know (smiles). My late wife was originally from Rockhampton, Australia. We were married for 21 years,lost her to cancer 4 years ago and i have been married to my job since then. We were living in Washington, United States where i am originally from.... i still own a house there. I am in Eaton, WA at the moment for a contract as a structural engineer and i like it here, i am willing to live the rest of my life here in Australia. Living here had been the plan between me and Emily (my late wife) before she died, even in death,ill love to be faithful by retiring here and spend the rest of my life here..... I am sure that even if she was here, she would want me to do anything that would make me happy... so please, please lets make each other happy. I am serious and i really do desire you. I have a 25 years old daughter who is presently pursuing a PHD degree in Law at University of Aberdeen in Scotland.Her name is Kate. I can work anywhere and its easy for me to relocate if you really do want me. Honestly, i must confess that you are my spec- my type of woman in terms of physique, looks and the way you sound in your profile. I would love to have you as mine forever if you will only give me a space in your heart. I promise to always make you happy.I know that this may be a little too forward but we are matured minds and secondly, it takes two to tango or agree so if you want me as much as i want you, lets make this happen and i promise you that you will not regret it. You will enjoy every bit of me and i will do my best to always make you feel like a woman you are meant to be forever, we shall cook, dine and wine, travel, laugh, merry, bath, and do everything possible together. I am not perfect but i promise to make you happy. Please reply me and let me know more about you too. I shall be waiting patiently to read from you. Yours,
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