Romance scam letter(s) from Lawrence Cannon to Deborah (USA)
Letter 1

Hi gorgeous , I can only hope I did not intrude your profile,just kinda got captivated by your beauty I could not help but stop by to drop a note.Do you mind we become friends and maybe get to know each other even more as I am very much interested in you! Law
Letter 2

Hi again beautiful, Thank you for writing me back,I am not on facebook often just became a member recently as my friends/colleagues at work asked me to join.So I am not sure how it works yet.I saw your profile on the top right corner of facebook saying ''People You may know'' so I clicked to see who and that was how I found you! You are beautiful I must say,I am sure your beauty does not only apply to the outside but also on the inside.My interests lies on being friends with you and maybe more in the nearest future.My email is if you do not we further our conversation via email as I barely come on here. Law
Letter 3

Hi Deborah, Hope your day is going great,I am so sorry for my late response,it was so good to hear from you and I am also honoured that you could share the little you did with me,for a minute there I was scared that I would not hear from you again.I must say that I feel I can share anything with you already so I am going to let the cat out of the bag. I guess you should truly know who I am ,I don't really know how this is to work, but hey! here is an exclusive,if at my age I do not know what and when to say, then what would I be? When a wise man sees he has probably spent about half of his time in life already, he begins to assess his main goals in life. What could be more important than a happy ending? LOL,. A man needs to live his life full of joy and happiness. No matter his achievements, he is reduced to nothing if he has no crown to complete him and that is a woman to call his own.
Wife and Best friend. A woman who knows that even while arguing they still need to hold hands. A woman whom I can call a partner in crime,lol A woman whom you can tell anything. How could you think anything can make you happier in life than finding a love that knows no bound. To make you know more about me,.I will break this down to segments and it would be like a case study. MY BACKGROUND
I was born (Dec 22nd makes me a capricorn)to a loving couple, a home, by an American man from Charlotte and a Australian woman. My father was an international business man who met this Australian orphan whose only family were close friends.. She says there was something about the man that no woman could ever resist, sometimes she says she sees same in me,lol. During my father's global movement, when I was twelve I left to study in lethridge Alberta in Canada where I got the first degree in civil Eng and then I later moved on to join them back in the US. My father died and she was left alone. I met my ex-wife and best friend in Paris,very good at heart. Actually I could say I met her in a funny way but unfortunately things didn't work out as planned and wished, would explain more on that later.I have a son who is 21 years old,not my biological son,I actually adopted him since he was 4,he means a lot to me and he is presently studying in London England. MY JOB
I am a global contractor. I do basically rig constructions and renovations. or over water bridges. We have worked at many countries across the globe. The present project here(Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia) is my last on the field and I shall quit field works and continue my works from my home office while my men do the field ops. I think I really have gotten to this height beacause I embraced work for so long trying to get over my ex-wife, that I worked (my butts off) this hard, but I think now realize its time to move on. MY DREAM
I have told you how my typical dream day would be like, I just want to spend the rest of my life enjoying the fruit of my labor. I just want a woman who would be my best friend and everything. You know someone whom we would still love each other more as the days pass by, even when we cant make love anymore and all we could do is play bingo,LOL. I am a total package , I only need someone who understands the value of a good smile. So 3 sons and 10 grand children,what do you want to tell me about it?I can't wait to hear back from you.Till I read from you,I wish you the best of your day. Lawrence
Letter 4

Hello again gorgeous, Thank you for your response to my email on facebook.You are such a sweet and wonderful person to be so open hearted in helping people around you even without knowing them.Fortunately the only help I think I might be needing,you have already given me and its being your friend so I'd say thank you.I must say I envy your man but of course he is such a lucky man to have a gorgeous and caring woman as yourself to be his partner.I have decided to write and tell you more about myself .....So where do I start from? Really it is disturbing to come on this social/dating sites to see how much people appreciate love/friendship, but yet we have to go the extra mile to get this great status. Forgive my manners, I am Lawrence Cannon, an Engineer of an International repute. I deal basically with oil platforms ranging from Middle east to Africa and far east Asia but really I am hanging the hat this year, I think after getting all the experience in pursuit, I
have come to realize that we are nothing without a partner, someone who would stand by me no matter the situation. A woman who I can say, she alone has the right to be womanly irritating to me,lol. A witch who would protect me like a lioness would do her cub,lol. and I can promise to protect her beyond all vices. A woman who tells me, honey you can do it,. no matter what I want to do but of course I am sure I can find all of this also in a friend as beautiful and caring as you pending when '' that woman'' shows up if she I have seen faces of women, many of whom have been taken for granted, many of whom are not being reciprocated, but I have come with a good and a bad news,the good news is I came to pick my woman to make happy, my eight wonder, my best friend, my copilot, but the bad news is that I have only one woman to do this for/ I saw something in your face, something that made my heart pause to read you, something that tickles in the heart, could it be love at first sight? maybe we could find that out,lol. I'm talking about faith here when feelings are so powerful it's as if some force beyond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams.I have to stop here now sweet and hope to read more from you, till then,I wish you the best of
your evening.
Letter 5

Hi Sweetheart,
Happy New Year Baby! I sure hope Nelson is doing better and will be able to get out of the hospital soon. And I am also praying that you will be home soon. I miss you Baby. I really miss you. I don’t know what’s going on, but I pray things are beginning to pan out over there so that you will be home this coming week. You’ve missed your birthday, Christmas and now New Years. That makes me really sad.
My healing meditation was wonderful as usual. I knew it would make me feel better it always does.
However, my good mood was dampened when I received some sad news earlier this afternoon. My Uncle Tom has had a stroke and is not expected to live. I used to spend summer vacations with him and my Aunt Mary as a kid. They never had children of their own and it’s a shame because they would have really made great parents. I remember I used to love dancing barefoot on the soft grass of their back yard and run amongst all the flowers. Aunt Mary loved her flower garden. She died in 1996, and so Uncle Tom has been alone since then. He has always told me I was his favorite niece. He used to call me his little fairy dreamer. But if I was the fairy dreamer, he was the fairy prince and he never minded playing the part right along with me. The truth is I think he is just as whimsical as I am. I didn’t realize until today though that he has named me as the executrix of his will and the beneficiary of his estate. I don’t know the dollar amount but I have a feeling it is a few hundred thousand not counting the assets.
But there is a problem. I need to get to Pennsylvania, I need to arrange nursing care for Mom here and I will most likely have to retain a lawyer to manage all the final arrangement for my Uncle as well as begin the probate of the will.
Bottom line, I need to get my hands on $10,000 to $15,000 cash as quickly as I can to be able to do this. I’m too tired right now so I guess I’ll think on that tomorrow.
For now enjoy your New Year’s Day. So, do you have a New Year’s tradition? Mine is to go to bed early so that I am well rested for the start of the New Year. I’ve already had some of my herbal tea and I double whammy me with some valerian root to help me sleep. My plan for tonight is a good night sleep. But first, some special prayers for my Uncle Tom.
Enjoy your day Love. Muah!

All my Love forever and for always,
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