Romance scam letter(s) from Wesley Dawson to Dee (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Darling,
I have a little situation right now and I want to fix, I need your help.
I am embarrassed to ask you this favor, but after tried so many other option and without success, I found out that you are the now my only option. I arranged good’s for shipping the one’s I told you I came here to buy, after I have spent all my liquid funds to get it and settle all other formalities now the customs IMPOUND the goods and say I have not paid the tax payment on the goods before shipping, this I was not aware of as it is my first International shipping trip from this part of the world (Africa). Now I have no cash with me at all with me except in my cards, and the money they requested from me is $2500.I need you to do me this favor so that I can shipped the goods home at once and come over to you. My passport was sized too so I can’t even think of leaving the goods behind first. I hope you understand my plight, I want you to make effort and send me this $2500 at once, my credit card and master card don’t function here I will reimburse you when I get over there. I will let you know how you can send this across to me after you have replied this message.
Love Wesley
Letter 2

Hi sweetheart,
Use the below information to send the money, after that you can send me the details.
Sender Name,
Receiver name: Wesley Dawson
Receiver country Nigeria
Amount send
MTCN: Money transfer control number.
Text Question and Answer
Question One Answer Love Love Wesley.
P.S here is my passport number: 305118183
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