Romance scam letter(s) from John Roberts to Nan (USA)
Letter 1

Thanksgiving is not only about thanking God for what you have been blessed with, it's about helping the less fortunate so that even they can have reasons to be thankful.
Have a selfless Thanksgiving Day!
May you be blessed with the quality of gratefulness today and forever.
Smile and be thankful! Today is Turkey day!
Thank everyone you know. Thank your parents, your siblings, your love and all your friends and relatives. Be thankful because its the fall season. Happy Thanksgiving.
Letter 2

Hi Nan, How are you today? I hope great and fine..Hope you had a wonderful are in my thought..enjoy your day..John
Letter 3

Hi Nan, How are you doing? I hope great and fine..nice to know that you had a wonderful thanksgiving with your family, I had a great one here too, I am just gonna be indoors for the weekend relaxing and resting as much as I can.
I hope you can write me sometimes telling me some more about you and some couple of pictures too and will do the same here as are in my thoughts, have a great weekend ..bye for now..John
Letter 4

Happy night rest and sweet dreams , will get back to you tomorrow ...John
Letter 5

Dear Nan, How are you tonight ? Hope you are having a lovely night rest, I am sorry I couldn't make our chat this morning, came in late and was just so tired and exhausted that I even woke up late for work,couldn't get online to chat with you cos there wasn't enough time Honey .. Feels like something is missing from my body just because I couldn't get to chat with you this morning, you are a part of me now and I am so used to doing things with you that sometimes when I don't get to chat with you it seems like something in me is missing ..I love you very much and you will be in my thoughts here all day , have a lovely night rest and sweet dreams..kisses and hugs..Love you baby...John
Letter 6

Dear Nan, How is your day going ? Hope I great and fine pleasure here reading from you again, I am kinda busy here so will keep it short, I don't have a problem with the fact that you can no longer bear children, I think we do have a family already so that wouldn't be a problem... Just writing you to check in on you and to let you that you are constantly in my thoughts..will look forward to our chat in the morning..have a lovely evening ...John
Letter 7

Dear Nan,
How are you this am? i hope you are having pleasant one..its really my pleasure to read from you again...Thanks for the email. I believe that we can do our best to get to know each other and meet soon hopefully. I'm a man with simple demands....
I just want to be happy and to make my woman happier every day, but for that I have to find her. I would surround her with love,tender and care... I have been alone for too long time and bored of being lonely :( I do really believe that somewhere in the world there is a woman who can become my second half, my cupid, my saver! I'm grateful to the destiny that now I have an opportunity to correspond with you, I want to use this chance for 100%. Maybe it's my lucky one! I want to find it out and you must help me with it. Both of us are looking for happiness, we are looking through the window to the world trying to find our love, our beloved people! But maybe we are looking through one window now, and have just to look around a bit... we might the born for each other, who knows? I'm looking for serious relationship with my woman who must become my soul-mate, the closest person for me.And I'm really looking forward to create family.It's time for me to do it, considering my age :) You are free to ask anything you want to know about me. I'll gladly answer! I'll be impatiently waiting for your letter Bye and Take care.
Letter 8

Dear Nan,I thank you endlessly for the email you sent me. I deeply appreciate the sincerity with which you shared personal things with me
I think that everything comes from the soul – our feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions. The more rich the soul is,the more complete a person feels, more meaningful life is. We came to this world not to be alone, but to communicate with each other, to love and to make people happy. I believe that the more we give, the more we will receive. I feel satisfied when I give, not when I get. When I love someone, I love her with all my heart and soul, and I am ready to do anything for her. We have the soul in order to devote it. We must not be selfish.
Yes, our physical appearance is transitional, not eternal. It is only a cover, which changes over time and not to a good. But this is not a problem for people who know your soul. Eyes will see what their soul tells.
I was always interested in what a woman carries in her heart, soul and mind, what she is actually inside.
I always believe that to build a wonderful relationship is not so easy. Love is a process. A good lasting relationship doesn’t just happen, it evolves. I always want her to feel safe and loved every time I give her a kiss and she to know that I will always be by her side whenever she needs my support. When she looks at me, I want to see the love in my eyes, as I want to see it in her eyes. I have always been honest in my feelings and attitudes and hope for the same from my partner. With honesty and trust our relationship has a good chance for success. loneliness is so painful! But I feel that my heart is not full. Something important is missing.There is so much love in my soul. I need to give it to somebody, who really deserves it.
I will be honest with you, I am not a player. I am looking for a serious, long-term relationship. I want to find a woman without whom I can not live the rest of my life. I only want to love and to be loved. In the relationship I am very devoted, loyal to my partner, adding all my soul and heart. I am dedicated,loving,affectionate,tender Man..I can trusted completely and Loyal, can be sure that I will not let my woman down. Maybe I am too emotional, because everything that happens in my life goes through my heart /that is not so good for me/. I’m fragile, honest in dealings. When a problem occurs I prefer to sit down and discuss it. It always helps to make a decision – good or bad, but decision is decision. Silence does not help anyone. For me sharing between partners is the foundation of the relationship. Sincerity is important, because only then we can get to know each other, to feel each other and to help in every aspect.
I hate lies, hypocrisy, arrogance, scandals, harshness in relations,cheats and unfaithfulness..I am not perfect. Some of my qualities can be considered as pluses or minuses depending on perspective.A woman who loves me i am sure will accept me as I am and do the same for her .
I work as a Construction ENG R.I am into laying of oil,water and gas pipelines and most times i work with oil company and all that and that could just about anywhere in the world...I Moved to San Fernando Valley L.A 7yrs ago shortly after wife passed...
I Know I do travel a lot for work But most times when i am not working I can be home for as much as 3months or more and that way i am able to spend time with Loved ones and as a matter of fact i am looking to retire as soon as i found that special one i wanna live and grow old with,I have been blessed and i have made more than enough and i am thankful for all i have today cos God has really favored me,I just want to find that woman for me who i will cherish,Love and adore for the rest of my life..I have taken more jobs in the past 7yrs due to my loneliness and issues about my wife's death,Anyways i have moved on cos life actually goes on .
Once again thanks for taking your time writing me back and telling me a lot about yourself and family..You do really seem my type of woman and i would love to know you better and see where it leads if God really wants us together..I do hope to read back from you again pretty soon..Happy weekend and God Bless. Sincerely,

Letter 9

Hello Nan, How are you doing ?I hope fine and great it was very nice to read from you.....Now that you have my correct email address,now we are sure this email communication works.So this's good means of communication and i would like us to correspond further and on a regular basis so as to get to learn a lot more about each other.I am new to this way of finding love and this is just my first experience writing to someone from my email,so please i would like you to bare with my little or no experience and to let me know how we can go about getting to know each other...But i would like if you can write me another letter telling me more about yourself.I am very interested in getting to know you better.I want a true woman for my life, a woman deserving my love,care and honesty. Now i think its time to talk about myself and family, I am a widower,lost my wife to cancer some 7yrs back, we have a son together who was just 2 yrs old when she passed away....currently, Brandon my son who will be 9yrs soon lives in Ireland with grandma until now, cos i thought it would be good for him to be with my mum cos of the type of job i have here that keeps me busy and away from home most times....So he stays with mum over there, though i do go over there often to visit when i can and we do keep in touch over the phone ......... I am easy going,kind,gentle,God fearing and honest.i don't drink, smoke nor do i do drugs...I never cheated on my wife and I gave her the respect she deserved.I am a kind of man who loves spending time with my family though work makes me travel a lot...I still do my best to make up for the times that I have missed them. I am looking for a woman who is trustworthy,faithful,honest,God fearing,friendly,caring,loving and respectful.Someone who will stand by me in times of trouble and who will not deny me whatever comes our way....I will love her with all that I have.These are all that I have to offer and I hope to get the same in return.I work in the construction world and this has given me virtually everything I wanted in life..but not a good woman after the demise of my wife.I have worked in different parts of the world and I have traveled to a lot of beautiful cities all around the states,Europe,Africa and some parts of Asia.I love to ride my motorcycle, go 4 wheeling in the mountains and mud puddles, go camping and I enjoy all the seasons for a variety of reasons. I enjoy my flowers and the freshness of spring, traveling in the summer, the beautiful colors of fall, and winter snow angels. I enjoy a good play. movie or the theater, walking along the seashore looking for shells or along the dike watching the boats and birds or sitting by the campfire in the beautiful mountains enjoying the peaceful quiet of the night gazing at God's creations. I am a very active person.When I am at home, I enjoy a quiet evening by the fire with a good book, a good movie or a loving woman by my side, not necessarily in that order. I love to paint. I paint in oils, watercolors, pastels, and I paint on canvas, t-shirts, sweatshirts, ceramics, walls, rooms, houses. What can I say I love to paint! :-) I enjoy doing most anything, as long as life and limb are not in jeopardy. :-) I can be casual, classy or just a man, depending on what the occasion calls for. Kindly tell me more about you too ,what you do....your kind of person and all you feel is necessary for me to know about you. feel free to ask me any further questions you might have for me. hope to read back from you soonest and would expect you to tell me more about yourself in your email.Things that would help me get to know you better.Take care.God bless you. John
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