Romance scam letter(s) from Ross Nelson to Catherine (UK)
Letter 1

Good morning sweetie, You know I am starting to think about you a lot since we started talking online and I can't wait to hear your sweet voice....... Well I still have 2 weeks more too go before my work here will over.Like I say before I will like to meet with you before going back to the state.. you are very beautiful, thanks for sharing those pics with me :) maybe we could skype as well someday if you want? I am happy with my life now I have come to terms with the past and what has happened and now look forward and plans for the future. I am stable and aware of who I was, who I am who I have become and am happy for everything that is going in my life...I would love to be the one that you have been looking for all your life, the one that would be your lover,friend, honest, sweetheart,caring husband and everything. I am very honest and to the point. I love down to earth people...I like to dance.. I like playing bowling even though I am not great, and I like to play pool when I get the chance of course....
I like action movies like the :Rush, Transporter, loved the new Sherlock Holmes movie, Avatar was interesting and cool, like all Stephen King movies and books of course, I enjoyed Bourne Identity, loved the movie Blind Side, what an amazing movie... I love soccer and basketball but am not that of a fan of football..I love rock n roll, but I also enjoy listening to pop music and classic rock.I like different kinds of food, love a great BBQ, pasta, roasted chicken and shrimp with rice............. what can I say I like ice coffee, but love tea!!! Yup, I love tea, earl grey, english breakfast and herb tea as well. What??? nerdy??? too british???? sorry but I loooove my tea. I really like fresh fruit juices also, and I enjoy making them, will love to make them for you too baby. You already know that I enjoy cooking, I will love cooking for you, for all of us and can't for you to tell me what you think. I like any fish, seafood generally, broiled and stewed beef n chicken, vegetables steamed broiled and yes... barbequed, if you've tried vegetables bbq'd wow just delicious baby. Rizoto and pasta dishes, so basically I am not choosy.. haha... except I don't like sushi at all!! What about you honey? what is your favorite food and colors? What movies do you enjoy best and what do you like to do if you have free time? What is something you would love to do if you had time but can't now??? I was born in Peru, and moved to Queens NYC. My father was a New Yorker with round Lennon glasses and a full head of hair till the late years, and my mother was from Peru, with latin roots from her dad's side. She was a really beautiful woman with long black wavy hair as I remember her until it turned gray and even then she still took care of her curls ...makes me smile to say things like that. She had come to US with my dad and funny enough she had a heavy accent which passed on to me... Even though I was raised here, listening to her liking her accent I picked it up and thus now have a little hint of it, not heavy but it's there My father was a lawyer and my mother was an accountant whose passion was painting, she had her own studio in the house in the attic which has great windows all around for light... I still have her paintings hanging on the walls and many in the attic, I can't get rid of them, they are quite good.For years we urged her to contact a gallery and go public but she refused saying "not as long as I am alive, they are ours and mine".... Maybe I will try to do something in her name we will see..... I can't tell you what a wonderful relationship my parents had and how in love they were until the end, I speak about with love I know they were wonderful parents, very giving, loving and we were all so close, they never insulted each other let alone fight. I am sure they had their arguments, just never in front of me, and they always kissed each other good morning and goodnight till the end.... When my father passed away my mother didn't wait too long before her heart gave in, I think it was the strong love they had for each other that made them leave close to each others passing. They gave me everything as I learned to do with my late wife and my son and hopefully with someone special in my life again..... I wish so! Anyway I am sure we have much to talk about and learn even more, even when we see each other. I am very tough and strong, but I suppose my parents have blessed me (as I consider it a blessing) with a gentle soft side and when I seldom feel comfortable with someone as I now do with you I give of my self and I think I feel ok about it.Idea..For now, I am thinking of you and wish you a good rest, and be safe.
Thinking of you my sweet beautiful darling......
Take good care of yourself please :)
Many smiles, a gentle innocent hug and warm loving thoughts to you darling.
Smiles n a kiss, Yours if you will have me in the future
Letter 2

Good morning babe, Thanks for everything you choose to share about yourself with me, is nice getting to know you..Reading your message always makes me smile, I feel like I'm part of your live :) As I mentioned to you, you seem like a really warm and nice woman and I appreciate your very nice thoughts....
I'm so happy too hear that you have been thinking about me as well :) so I'm not the only one then wanting you.. yes we will meet before I go back, can you come to Greece? or do you want to come too you? can I have your phone number so we can talk for a bit? More about me....I dated a little but stopped because the women I dated wanted only material goods from me and had no interest in loving a child, one wanted me to put Martin in a boarding school so we can travel and have more time. Someone thought she could show me love with only sex and no acceptance of a family life, sex is the easiest thing to get, and that is not what I am looking for. I want love, passion understanding, along with traveling n fun, I want to feel security from a loyal loving honest person whom I can give everything to and know that as she would be safe, we would be safe in her arms as well. I want someone who love me for me and I will love her for who she is. I want to be able to do things with that woman and feel everything. Is that too much to ask for. I haven't had a serious relationship no then, not one that went anywhere.
The reason I looked anywhere, everywhere, is because if I decide I need to and it's worth it, I would move mountains to be with the right person, I am looking for love and I don't care where I have to go to find it. Distance can be met, I have talked to so many people and haven't been able to and I want too, so who knows where my special lady is...... does that make sense??? Well, my son is my world, and I will be there for him to guide him to help him, to educate him, to adore him, to stand by his side, what greater joy than children our legacy in this world really, all else is trivial..My son has been asking me to find someone and he is a wonderful kid with a pure good heart who is respectful, loving, smart, strong yet sensitive and very caring. I have never nor will I ever spank him, I don't believe in that, I was never spanked and I don't see the reason for it. Children are little people who need to understand and learn. We talk about everything and he listens, takes advice and is very curious and wants support. What else could I give him but my love and support?? I will give him all the love and help he needs. He is a great boy, he is careful with smaller kids and girls and always gentle. He never bullies anyone or starts a fight, but he also never lets anyone bully him. He likes to talk things out and he is a joker also,he loves to giggle. Well for me my parents loss was as great as I can't ever express, they gave me everything and were everything for me and to me. They were so much in love and showed me so much love, taught me everything I am, showed me the values of the heart and life and being respectful yet free, honest and loving, forgiving and thoughtful, they taught me to love life and myself and find the positive in everything in order to get through the dark days. My parents passed away close in time periods from each other because they were so connected and I am blessed to have had them in my life. One of the reasons I am so close to my in laws I call them that outta respect, is what I was brought up to be. If we ended up together I would do anything to keep you and family safe, and I would never walk away from you, just something I wanted to share. I will be thinking of you so much more.. I want to thank you for your sweet words and for so far being soooo wonderful. You look amazing if I may say so.
You make me happy thinking of you and I am smiling more n more....
I hope everything was good with you at work and it continues to be good. I look forward to hearing your news eagerly.
My best hugs n smiles
Letter 3

My skype ID is rosnel08.. I hate when people judge others without evening knowing them for real.. anyway what is your country calling code? I can't call this number
Letter 4

Alright...thanks for explaining a bit.. I hope you could download skype so we can talk more and see each other live
Letter 5

Good Evening Honey, How are you feeling this evening? I hope slept good last as I did sleep good with a smile on my face wanting you here with me :) :) :) I just have to tell you, Baby, to share with you that secret part of my inner, secret life, the thoughts I think that everyone has but does not always say. I know that sometimes pride gets in the way of expressing emotions. I believe that is the cause of my reticence in telling you how I feel about you,I think of my feelings, my love for you not with craving or with hope or even desire, but just with a kind of wonder that such things could be. You have opened my eyes to how love should feel. I can promise you this,I will always love you with all my heart. I know that we haven’t met yet and we are “a few miles” apart, but I can't help the way I am feeling…..“chatting” with you has given me so much happiness and filled my heart completely, like I haven’t felt in a very long time……It has been many years since I allowed anyone to “see” me and open up about so many private things from my life, but I just feel so comfortable as if we were meant to meet and be together.. It is as though I was meant to “fall” for you and give you everything I have to make you happy and complete the cycle of life with you….
Everything you shared with me has made me adore you, everything you said, your beautiful face, your beautiful smile and loving eyes have captured me completely.
I like everything about you, you are the perfect woman to me, and I feel so blessed to have met you online…..
I know we meant online, but my thoughts were that when we do meet and realize if we both feel this strongly about each other and everything goes as well as I know it will, I would not hesitate to move close to you until we realize we can’t be apart….I would not miss the opportunity for a second chance in love and life,I would do anything to make you happy complete and to see you smiling always…. You are my angel that I have been waiting for, for a very long time….
I am afraid I may scare you with this, but I feel so strongly for you, that I feel I am falling in love with you and there is no turning back for me….My only fear is not getting the chance to hold you in my arms and kiss you sweetly and love you with all that I am, with all that I have to give…..
I am not one to hesitate with what I want and feel especially if I know in my heart it is real, true and just wonderful, and I do feel that way….I hope I have not said much more than you can handle, I hope you feel something for me and this is not completely one sided….If I have stepped over the line, I am sorry, I felt I wanted to open my heart to you….No matter what the outcome, I will not stop thinking about you
I adore you my sweet wonderful precious Katleen, and I hope that I haven’t rushed to open my heart, I hope I have not lost you Honey… I think I will mail it now, before I consider what you might think of it.I love you and am waiting for the day when I can feel your arms around me
You have my heart from now on……
Letter 6

My sweet Angel
how happy I am every time I see your messages..... I feel like Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle, waiting anxiously for your news like a school boy!!! This really so wonderful a feeling.... Honey I'm so so so sorry for everything you have been through in past, I would love to change all that and make you happy all the time, you are my soul mate... It is not only how you are on the outside that has me so into you and taken by you, it is all of you, how you think, what you do, who you are, everything you have said and everything about you darling.......... I want spend holidays with you, and every moment there is to be together, travel with you, do fun things and everyday silly things and feel the connection and love and be a family one glorious day......You give me such hope and such wonderful feelings to look forward to darling..... I have a confession to make....I am a bit scared of being hurt .....It is not easy out there at all!!!! After I was "left" alone with my son I was hurt and scared and alone and I am not afraid to say that now, I felt that my life would go on without me ever feeling love or devotion from someone, that I wouldn't have that closeness and trust and passion ever again. I am not the kind of man who ever had one night stands because it would only make feel more empty the next morning, I mean a "simple release" (and sorry for being blunt) couldn't give me any true satisfaction closeness or make me feel!!!! What about afterwards I always thought to myself???? I always wanted the touch after, the smile, the kisses, the fluttering feelings and the true sense of satisfaction deeply, so even now as I am "feeling" something for you I fear that it can not be possible that something wonderful may happen as much as I need want and long for it!!!! Can it be, I only wish and pray!

Why am I saying all this Honey???? Because I am sooooo into you and I feel you are a good wonderful sweet amazing perfect woman whom I feel I can open parts of myself to show you myself as I am adoring getting to know you safely to see if my intuition and my feelings have cause to be so, I can't be wrong with what my mind and heart are feeling, I am so falling for you I can't be wrong with what I am feeling my darling, you have me under your spell and I never want to be released, don't ever release me darling....

I live in Flushing in Jasmine Avenue off Utopia in a beautiful area with family homes and lots of green and trees....
Believe me New York is not all that bad as they say sweetie, every place has its bad points but New York is an amazing place.Every holiday the city is dressed to celebrate.You can find anything you want, there all kinds of cafes n restaurants for every different taste, many different flavors, there are so many amazing sites I will love to take you to see, not only the major attractions but parts in the city like Brooklyn, Queens and Astoria park, the parks, Central park, Broadway in NYC, our great shopping malls, the neighborhood with ethnic divides, you will love it sincerely. I look forward to showing you around everything one day :)

Martin notice that am smiling every time we talk on the phone, then he asks me and he said "he likes it when I smile because I am talking to you and you make me happy, so he's happy too" He can't wait to meet you one day, I want to tell you how much it means to me everything you say about my son, my baby, and how much respect and love you already show for him, I am happy he will have you in his life, he will love you as his friend in the beginning and I know it will develop and he will one day on his own surprise with such affection and caring you will be happy so much...You know kids feel out the situation in their own way and weigh it out and the new person they meet, but I know in my heart he will adore you so truly very much.... I am glad you feel the same way honey, am glad I am not the only one feeling these feelings, which is why I wanted to give you a little more on me, I feel I am getting closer to you and it makes me happy......... Thinking of you sweet darling, and sending you many hugs, kisses and again all my best to you for everything wonderful life can give you.
You are always on my mind and I can't stop thinking of you and us together and everything the future holds for us...
Please be safe in anything you do...You have become very important to me already and as I do not fall in love easily or often at all, I know in my heart you are perhaps the one I can dream with my love
I will let go just for now looking forward to our next communication my one and only darling
yours only, now and always
Letter 7

Hi my sweet ANGEL sent from GOD himself is nice to know that someone worries about you, but I would say my message is not as good as yours at this moment, I couldn't write you sooner because I was having some problem with my workers..... I went to cash my check and the bank refuse to give me the money because they are having economic crisis and they can't give me that much money at the moment, so I went to talk to my worker about the situation that I would have to travel UK to cash the money so that I can transfer there share to them but some of them agree and 1 Albanian guys said he want me to pay him before I leave and it turn into a big fight....Am so mad right now, how are you doing ? I hope good.. I just wanted you to know the situation that I'm in at the moment...
My phone battery is dead, I will write you as soon as is fully charge...
Love you always
Letter 8

Good morning my love... Here is the info you need to send the money too if you can..
Western Union First name;Boubacar
Last Name: Cisse
Greece Athens
Thanks so much
Love you always
Letter 9

Hi babe, Come on skype when you have time so we can talk about this..Thanks
Letter 10

Good morning my love... Here is the new info you need to send the money too if you can.. Western Union First name; Tony Last Name: Thomas Greece Athens Thanks so much Love you always Ross
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