Romance scam letter(s) from John Banks to Twyla (Canada)
Letter 1

I dont have problems paying that if you want and it makes no meaning if we just knew or not . Am not asking for money. I will buy here if i see but they dont have my mode and i got no body to ask then you that was why i asked. Other man gave scammed you dont mean am here too. I work hard for my money and i will steal from anyone else. I will rather die then to steal from someone not to talk of a woman. I spend the whole of today looking for a way out then asking you when i could not get one that was when i asked you. All didn't work because am not in town and they said i never told them before i left. I will give you my company account and you can call and check my account balance and see how much i have inside. Below is the info you need yo check. Toll Free 877-242-7372
Tax Number 13-3446488
Acct - 699278289
Letter 2

That is the woman with most woman they dont know when to trust because of their past so you think i will want to scam you over a computer am really disappointed in you that you can ever think that way. So you think i will write you all this email because i wanted a laptop ? I can buy 4,000,000 pieces of it the last time i checked
Letter 3

Okay go to the store first they should be able to finance it for you then i pay off when am home.
Letter 4

They have to change my hard drive into the new one. Honey i need you to really help me out on this because i cant be coming back to Canada because of this them returning back again. I will pay it off anywhere you get the money from when am home .
Letter 5

I got it around 2500 dollars in New York i dont know how much they will sell in Canada store
Letter 6

It can work because am not in the country. I need to open an account and they wont open.
Letter 7

I dont have any of that. And sending a check from here will take some few days and it will only keep me here for long. Going into the store and see if you can get them to finance it and i pray it off when am home. I just need to get the document out and submit and leave here am done with other works.
Letter 8

Pls think of something because the document i need for my business here are on it
Letter 9

I have tried that but it wont work because am not in country right now. The lady said someone as to come in person
Letter 10

I will need you to go to an apple store with the mode of mine and buy and send it down here

Letter 11

Maxx pour coffe on my apple laptop an i have been looking for how to fix it but they cant and the man said the only way is for me to buy another one and they will change the old hard drive to the new one and i have been looking for my mode but they dont have it here
Letter 12

Hi , How are you doing ? I got a big problem here and i will be needing your help pls
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