Romance scam letter(s) from Peter Asama to Jane (Australia)
Letter 1

Darling give me your skype ID so i can add you back again i really miss you so much ,i want to chat with you now but i can't darling please reply me if you got my mail okay
Letter 2

Darling this is my home address: 50 Martyn St
Ashford NSW 2361,
Letter 3

Hi Sweetheart Regarding to what i tell you on Skype that i have something important to discus with you, was that there is sometimes ago when they wanted to kill the chief only son and i save him and because of my kindness to the chief he give me a huge amount of money for my work well done i mean for saving his only son. the total amount is $1.2million and no one know about this money because where i am now is desert i don't have bank here to transfer the money i have to put it in Military warehouse for safe keeping and lock it with key code and no one know about it and is only you i am telling now and i want it to be secret. Honey i Really need your help in the case and the help that i need from you now is that, some of the Military will be leaving next week and they are bringing out all Good's in the Military warehouse and i need to get the package which put the money out of the ware house because i don't want anyone to find out and the only way i can get this package out is to give it to diplomatic carrier so that he can bring it to you as package. The money is a huge amount of money but if the king losses his son that money will not buy him back. so my love please i am telling you all this because of the love and trust that i have for you and i want this to be secret between both of us. you have help me a lots and i believe you and all i want is the best for us and our family, my love i have contact the diplomat and he his ready to come and get the package deliver to you so i wait to hear from you so that i can tell you how you can go about it my love please . Always Love James
Letter 4

Good Day Madam I have receieve your email ,i will like you to know that there are procedures that we need to follow to ensure a successfull delivery. meanwhile i will like you to get accross to me your direct mobile number that i can be able to reach you on anytime and your house address. Before i commence there is a delivery form that you will have to fill out and send accross so that i can proceed to pick up the package immedaitely

Diplomat Philip Winn
Letter 5

Madam i know 47.000 is alots of money but i am still trying to talk to the custom in italy if he can help in anyway but i have not gotten any good answer from him yet just try if you can get 35.000 pounds madam please i know is alots of money but we need to do this madam
Letter 6

Good Day Madam

I arrive Dubai airport and i just did some clearance your husband gave me $4500 in case of anything so i just spend $2000 for clearance so i have $2500 left on me now so i flying to Canada to make some delivery as soon as i am done i will fly to meet you tomorrow night.


Diplomat Philip Winn
Letter 7

Good Day Madam

all the documents are being ready right now i am sending you copy of the documents and also i have check for the flight and i have not see direct flight to UK i only have flight to italy and Germany i will prefare italy so that i can use train to UK when i arrive in italy aiport and please get back to me as soon as possible and please call me because i am trying to call you.

Diplomat Philip Winn
Letter 8

Good Day Madam

I am not happy at all you and your husband should have let me know that the package contains money so that i can know how to go about now they scan the package and they find out that it contains money and please read the notification letter very well and you will understand they are giving me 72 hours if not something else will might happen pleaes get back to em as soon as possible madam

Letter 9

You have to try and open the documents and read it so that you can understand very well, what they are saying now is that we have to pay 3% of the Estimated total value of the package as Tax issued and the documents will cost us 4700 euros , and i don't know how much we is in the package you have to tell me so that i can tell them then we can know how much is 3% and they said the money must be send as soon as possible because now they have put the package in their security and lock it that we must tell them how much is in the package then they can tell us how much is 3% and we will have to make things fast as soon as possible. Madam please you have to do something fast
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