Romance scam letter(s) from Bradley Thompson to Mercy (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Mercy! First i want to apologize for just responding to your email. I had a really busy day yesterday, and when i got home i was too tired.
It is so nice to hear from you again, and it’s good to know that you can write very well… I still enjoy reading/writing letters because to me, I can see the true personality of the person on how the letter is written. You have a good sense of humor which also allows me to feel comfortable to share more about myself to you. Or isn’t what communication is about? — being able to connect on mutual benefits and trusting one another. I’m really sorry about the death of your husband. You are a brave woman, and I’m glad you can talk about him, but i hope it doesn’t make you feel sad.
It is an understatement to talk about the challenges that i went through during those years my wife was sick. She suffered with brain cancer for 6 years, and I was always there for her, loved, cared and remained faithful to her till she passed away.
But I thank God for my life. I am a happy person that enjoys life and tries to make the best out of any situation given to me. For Every closed door opens a new one…Things are meant to happen for a reason and always look to the next opportunity.
I haven’t dated since the death of my wife but I am emotionally ready to give my heart completely to someone again. Not just to anybody, but someone who makes me feel special, wanted, loved and appreciated… I need a woman that is not too hurt and not too hard to trust again so we will be able to meet half way and find true happiness and fulfillment within one another. MOVING ON... You are a hardworking woman, and I’m impressed.
I am a successful independent contractor into commercial buildings, and supply of building/industrial materials. As a self-employed contractor I give services to construction/private companies, and sometimes to individuals who would rather hire a contractor to take care of their building plan.
Currently, I’m working on two projects in South Africa and Trinidad & Tobago… I’m building a company complex in South Africa. And a shopping building complex in Tobago…I have been working on the project in South Africa for about 7 months now, and I’ll be leaving for South Africa next week to finish/close the contract, and should be back in 3 weeks. I have a 18 years old daughter. She just finished high school and getting ready for college… She is currently visiting her mom’s cousin in Philippines . She was very close to my wife before she died. So she wanted my daughter to go visit her and her kids before she starts college… She has two beautiful daughters and a boy. Tell me more about your background… Where are you Originally from. Do you have any family members living close to you… Are you close to any of your husband’s family members?
Also feel free to ask me anything you’d like to know. I wish you a wonderful day! :-) Bradley
Letter 2

Dear Mercy, Honestly, I am really glad that you can talk about what you want. I enjoy reading your emails and I want to continue to talk further and see where this leads us to in the future. Just want you to know that i’m so happy we cross path, and you are the only woman i am communicating with at this moment. I’m a one woman man and I don’t like games or play games neither. I'm a very tender heart and try very hard never to hurt anyone's feelings. We never know what other people are going through. They probably need a friend as much as we do. I will always be honest and will defer to another person's needs before mine. It is in the sacrifice of giving that I am happy.
It is good to know that you are a kind-hearted woman who appreciates others. That’s sweet of you to want to take your friends on a vacation. I am sure they are going to love it, and they will cherish and appreciate you even more.
So where are your friends talking about going in February?.. Maybe you shouldn’t think about going solo this time… I would love to be your acquaintance, if I am invited. :-) I appreciate everything you’ve said you are looking for, but I want someone we can both do things together. I want someone who I will be able to give my all to, and share everything with… Life is short and too wonderful to squander away by limiting new experiences to enjoy, learn from, and share with someone special.
I’m not controlling or very needy, but I want to feel like I am a big part of her life. She can be independent but I still want to feel that she needs me everyday of her life.
Having a man shouldn’t deprive you from having girls times. I don’t have any insecurity or trust issues. I’m not a jealous person except I am given a reason to be… I want someone who will always love and cherish me. Someone who’s worth given my heart to. Someone who knows how to love a man and make him feel appreciated. I want us to be able to enjoy life together… and when she needs someone to talk to, I want to be the first person she will think of. Someone we can both enjoy doing things for. I am extremely romantic, very passionate and affectionate… I love holding hands at the movies, and even while watching movies at home I enjoy cuddling and having my woman’s head on my chest. Holding hands, take walking side by side and take a walk on the beach is something I love doing. Opening door for my lady when she comes out of her car or before she goes into our room seem to be lot of fun. I’m glad you like the photos i sent to you. Those photos were taken in Russia. Like I mentioned, I was there for business but it was my birthday season, so i decided to go on a boat cruise. I had a great time, I only wish i didn’t have a celebrate alone. :-)
When is your birthday? Mine is June 13th, 1967. My pet peeves.. Being inconsiderate, selfishness. Bad odor, arrogant and egotistical people, lies. I’m a very neat person and I like things to be in order… I don’t think I’ll have any problem with traveling. I want to travel more, and have exciting trips with my partner.
In addition, I don’t like any “third” party… I can make spontaneous decisions…I consider myself a good leader, father, friend, companion, guide, and a great supporter… I want a woman who feels financially secured, but I still want to feel like we can both support each other financially if needed to…I want a relationship that will be able to withstand any issues or conflict that may arise. Love and care for each other, enjoy mutual support and companionship. I believe love is what you can offer and I come with a full package to give to that special woman that deserves my love and trust. Could this special someone be you? Hope you had a great weekend! I’d love to put a voice to our emails. To be sincere with you, you have been on my thoughts lately and I enjoy the feeling it brings. My number is 904.800.8329. You can leave me a text and I’ll call you. Yours sincerely,
Letter 3

My Beloved Mercy, No matter how much I try, these words are not enough to express my feelings for you— how much I love you. You truly are the one God meant for me… Your love for me is all that I need, and to have you in my life forever. I too, want us to do things together and support each other…I want to fulfill your fantasies and be your fantasy. I love you baby, you’re the only woman for me and I promise to make you happy and proud. Thanks you for your words of support, I appreciate you showing empathy about the situation with my project…Like I told you in our chat, I’m really worried now because I don’t have enough money to pay my workers salary for next week. After I hire the 2 Crane machines on Monday I won’t have enough money left on me to pay my workers salary. I don’t know how I am going to do this because now my bank didn’t approve the loan I applied for… I smile every time I talk to you on the phone. You make me smile. Your sweet voice that sounds like melody in my ears… I love talking to you, and I always enjoy our conversations. I’m very sure about having a wonderful life with you. I'm very grateful we found love. You are my angel, you have saved me from loneliness. More than anything else, I thank you for YOU. Your intelligence, your compassion, your love, and your wonderful sense of humor… The way you make me look forward to waking up to message you in the mornings, the way you make me sleep with a smile on my face… I feel complete to have you in my life. Mercy, you’re everything to me, and I love you so much… You are my woman, and I adore you so much… I have to complete this project before my associates come to South Africa 2 weeks from now. I have never been in such situation before, and I can’t offer to delay in completing this job. I’m really not happy right now… But I love you baby, with all my heart… Yours forever,
Letter 4

My beloved Mercy, Honey, while reading your email, I felt my heart was going to jump out of my chest… Tears literally ran down my face while I was reading your email. You’ve kept me speechless since last night… And yes, I feel GREAT this morning. :-)
You are the essence and charm of my life. You add value to my life. You are worthy of all love and praise from the bottom of my heart. You think I am too good to be true because this is our FATE…We were destined to meet and be each others soul mates for life. It wasn’t just a coincidence we crossed each other’s path through on a online dating website, I believe God made it so.. This is our own fairytale, baby…I want and need your love forever. And please, don’t ever think of losing me because I also don’t want to lose you. Do you know how much I cherish you? I cherish you like the ripening plum must cherish the sun; like the dry fields must cherish the rain. I am constantly amazed by the delight I feel being close to you. I am so grateful to have you in my life. your presence has brought fragrance to my life and I have started loving life as never before. You have added a meaning to my life.
Thank you so much for your love and care. I appreciate your worries and concern— for wanting to help and support through this storm. It is a privilege to receive such amount of unconditional love from a woman like you… And I realize you’re the kind of person that will give up everything she has just to see the people she loves happy… With no doubt, you’re everything that I want and need in a soul-mate, in a friend and a partner… I believe we are going to be a GREAT couple together, and honestly I can’t wait to start our forever together. I want us to grow very old together, and still be in love with each other. I want us to still have this deep bond and connection when we are finally together.
I have never thought of living up to a 100 years on earth (Lol), but if you promise to be with me 50 years from now, and still love me even more than you do right now. Life will still be enjoyable and fun when I turn 100 years… You’re my dream come true, baby!! I don’t have any fear about us… Like I said before, my only fear is not to ever disappoint you, not because I think I will but because I love and cherish so much, and that makes me worry about not disappointing you… I am very confident in what I am doing, and I know I can successfully complete this project if I don’t have to worry about the financing…
I have to call my team in Trinidad tomorrow to stop all operations because I wont be able to fund that project right now. I’m really looking forward to the closure of this project i’m working on. Hopefully, after I get paid I can sort out everything, and also pay you back your money… I know you’re just loaning me this money, but honestly, I won’t stop telling you how grateful I am that you’re offering to be help me through. I can only promise you that I will never disappoint you, and you will never have any reason to regret whatsoever. Through trials and tribulations my love will be true. Again, I have told you that you’re not over presumptuous with your plans for us. I’m happy you looked up for job opportunities in Florida. I’m only amazed how much you are willing to compromise just to make our relationship work, just the same way I want us to have a perfect life together. I am so so happy to hear that they are lots of good job opportunities for you in Florida, and there is a great possibility of you living with me in Florida. But we still need to talk about this when we meet, because I am concerned about your family. I know your plans was to move closer to your family, and I want to know that you’re completely fine living with me in Florida. And I also want you to have it at the back of your mind that I’m also open to relocate to Chicago. Whatever we decide together will be what I want… You’re everything that I could ever ask for… You mean absolutely everything to me… You are the one who can understand me, know me, be with me, support me, and love me unconditionally. I want my forever to be with you. I’m confident that I can be everything you will ever want and need. I will always be honest, true and loving to you. Your happiness will always be my priority. I too, feel that the love we feel for each other will help us overcome any obstacles that we are presented with. I too, will always be there for you when you need any support or help. Together, we will achieve everything that we soul desire. I strongly believe in us, and the power of our love.
And I want you to know that I am proud of the woman that you are… I love your outlook on life, and the confidence you have in yourself. I have realize why people around you love and cherish you the way you talk about them because you’re a good person, and you have the heart of an ANGEL… And you are my Angel. You make me feel so special and truly loved, and I will forever be yours! It’s only been a month since you came into my life, and it has been a different story since then. I’m so lucky and happy to be the man you’ve chosen to give your all too. I love you, Mercy. For the way you help all my dreams to come true and for filling my world with your love and care. Thank you for everything! Yours forever, Bradley xoxo
Letter 5

My beloved Mercy, Baby, Words just can't express how much you are making the love that I have for you grow stronger and stronger each and every day. I can't stop loving you because you are the one person who knows just how to make me laugh and always knows how to put a smile on my face. You know just how to make me happy and for that loving you seems so enjoyable. I can’t even begin to imagine what my life would have been without you right now… Thank you for your love. Thank you for your care and support. Thank you for rescuing me. Like i told you i was really impressed when i got the receipt of the wire confirmation. Not that I ever doubted you, but I just didn’t believe you were actually going to help me. Then I realized that it wasn’t a dream. I am very grateful baby… I see it as a privilege for us to help each other, and that’s the way it should be. I want us to be great partners, and I also want us to be the greatest couple of our time… There’s nothing I won’t do for you. You have given everything me, even trusting me with your money. I will never betray your trust or make you regret loving me. I actually want to be the best thing that has ever happened to you. You are very special to me, and sometimes I feel just writing you isn’t enough for me to express myself. I wish I could hold you right now. I wish I could kiss your pretty lips, look into your eyes and tell you how perfect you’ve made my life become. Baby, you will never lose me, except you don’t want me anymore. And the honest truth is, right now, I don’t think it will be easy for you to get rid of me because I’m stuck with you for a very long time, and God knows my love for you is endless…I also want you to know these are not just words, but they are from my heart and I mean every word I say to you… I promise to always be your friend and your great lover. I always want you beside me and I never want to be this far from you again. It sucks sometimes, but enjoyable at the same time because I miss you every minute and I can’t wait to be with you. Everyday my love for you grows deeper and uncontrollable… And you make it so easy for me to fall deeper in love with you. You’re my destiny. I’m glad we have an understanding with my concern about your family, but on the brighter side they should be happy that you’ve found someone who makes you happy again… but for now i’m not putting any pressure, so we can take our time to decide where we want to be. We are both open to relocating, so that's something we can hold on to.
Good you have been to Florida before. We can always spend time together in Jacksonville, and I can take you places that I enjoy going to, and the beaches too :-) , but if you don’t like Jacksonville we can visit other cities in Florida and choose to live somewhere else. My daughter should return from the Philippines by December… I always spend the Christmas with my daughter, but my initially plan was to travel to Philippines for thanksgiving since I wont have anyone to celebrate thanksgiving with in the states… Baby, I’m totally okay with me coming to spend time with you before you leave for Chicago. You said you will be in Chicago on the 19-21th? We can be together before you leave for Chicago, besides there is nothing I will be doing in Jacksonville, except you want to come see where I live, and also since you’ve never been to Jacksonville before. ;-)
As the day goes I’ll be able to give a date so we can both plan together where we want to meet… It is so amazing that we are both open to anything! You asked me if I’ve been to any concert? No I haven’t, but I’d love to someday…My favorite band— The Rolling Stones. I think it is a good idea that you want to get rib of everything that concerns your house. At least to reduce the memories of the past. They can’t be forgotten but it’s best to make way for the light to shine through ever angle of your heart, and that’s the advice i’ve also been giving to myself.
Hopefully before your house get sold out, I should be back home. Honey, honestly I want to be part of everything that is happening in your life. I want us to do things for each other. If you don’t want to move in with your best friend after selling your house, we can make a plan together… I’m just trying to be too selfish, but it will be more fun together. Or don’t you think? (Big Grins) I love you so much baby… and thank you for making my dream of finding someone special again a reality. I’m grateful to God for sending such a wonderful woman like you to me. You’re everything I could ever ask for in a woman, and I can’t wait to go to bed kissing you “good night” and waking up in the morning with an amazing sex with you… Having crazy orgasms. Yes! I think about it every time I go to bed and when i wake up in the morning, wishing for the day all these desires will come to a reality. I know we are going to have a wonderful life together, and the excitement is killing because we are far apart from one another right now… My love, my everything, I need you baby! Mercy, I thank you for everything you’ve done for me…I know you love me so much, and I love you too! Yours forever, Bradley xoxo
Letter 6

Baby, Here is the account details you will need to make the wire transfer; STANDARD BANK
Bank Address: shop U01, benmore shopping centre. Cnr grayston and benmore road, benmore, Johannesburg, 2196. South Africa.
BRANCH Code: 019205
Account Number: 332658112
Account Name: J. Bolarinwa
Purpose for Transfer: Personal (Others). Thank you baby! Love you Bradley xoxo
Letter 7

My Beloved Mercy: Good morning baby! I hope you slept well, and excited reading my email again…I apologize for just responding to your emails. I felt bad last night while chatting with you and realized that I haven’t sent you an email for the past 3 days. I didn’t feel good with myself. Please don’t say that I don’t have to apologize. I love you so much and you are everything to me. I never want to feel far from you, or have poor communication with you…Ultimately, I want to be your everything and always be there for you. Not an hour goes by that I don't think about you. You have brought so much joy to my life and you give me so much to look forward to when I wake up every morning. I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate you and I can never tell you enough that I LOVE YOU! Thank you for keeping your promise, and for your wonderful emails. I love them all! Everything you do for me reassures me that I am appreciated. All that you’ve done for me this past week is enough prove for me to know how much you love and care for me. And I want you to know that I love you too, and I will do anything for you. I believe that God made us wait to be together for a reason. To help one another in our times of need. And if ever one of these days you are going to get sick of me but until then, you are stuck with me forever hahaha. Remember that I love you and I ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS will. I am sending you this to let you know that I have been sent an angel to be with me, and you are that angel and my inspiration.
I love you so much, those five words I tell you so much can't have more meaning than anything else ever possibly could. I love you with all that I am. I love you for who you are. You deserve nothing but the best!! And I want you to know that I want the best for you. I want all your dreams and fantasies to come true. I want to be your forever love… Falling in love with you is the second best thing in the world... Finding you is the first! I know that neither one of us had in mind that we would meet someone on the Internet and fall in love so quickly but it has happened. And for that I have no regrets. In fact, it is one of the best things that has ever happened. For this, and what has happened to us and between us I have you to thank. For the last month, you have brought so much joy to me that words can never explain. I never thought it would be this good, but it has. This is a clear indication that we have so much in common and we are building on something that is real! The past month has been a wonderful experience getting to know each other, and falling completely with each other… I told you before I’m not the type who is too proud to express his feelings to his woman, I only feel at this point words are just not enough anymore. I can’t wait to be with you. I want to kiss you, feel your body close to mine. I want to make sweet and passionate love to you. I want to tell you how I feel to be inside you. I want to leave my sperm inside of you…
It’s been a long time since I’ve had sex, and I’m excited that you are the woman I am giving myself to, because you’re what I’ve dreamt of in a woman— Loving, caring, sweet, romantic, beautiful, sexy, passionate, intelligent… I can keep going on and on! I am so sorry about the way your husband died. I was touched by his love for you. And I know how devastated you were. But we have each other now, right? Baby, I don’t feel apprehensive with you talking about me to your friends and family, honestly. If they are supportive of your happiness then I am cool with it. I just don’t want any negativity. Call it insecurity, but I love you so much that I don’t want anything to happen to our future together. Really??? I want you to throw your arms around me baby!! and I want you to give me a big kiss if possible you can come welcome me at the airport. I don’t care if people look at us crazy, but I will never fail to show my feelings and be affectionate with you in public. That’s just me… I’m comfortable with the plans that we made already of you coming to Jacksonville on the 13th, and i’m glad you booked your ticket already.
Honestly I don’t want to go to Philippines for thanksgiving. I have to travel to Belgium after spending much time with you in Jacksonville. We should have a warm temperature, if it ever gets too uncomfortable for you, we can go shopping… No worries about that!
Like I was saying I have to travel to Belgium to sort some important things with my bank— like the loans and my credit cards.. I should be there for only few days, and I’ll be back… We should spend thanksgiving together if Max will not be around. That was the sweetest thing ever for a girl to ask my opinion about her Bikini line, just to make herself desirable for me. Wow! I feel sooooo special and good about myself. I am the luckiest man in the world to have a woman like you. I can’t wait for you to explore my body and please me sexually. I was touched while reading how you spoke about your son’s passion, and how he desires to make you proud. That show how much he loves you… I want us to have the best family relationship ever. I want us to be a family— You, me, Max & Mercy… I want people to envy us and wonder what makes us so unique and perfect. I love you for being so caring and genuine. I love you for everything you've done for me. I love you for the happiness and joy you bring to my life. I love you for you! My love for you will never die,but rather, it will grow like a palm tree. I love you baby, and you are the woman of my dreams. I want us to be together forever… All of my love to you, Bradley Ps. I would love to bring you to South Africa sometime for you to see the project I’m working on. I don’t think you will see the beauty now in pictures… But I should have some more photos for you after I have completely finish the project.
Letter 8

Wire Transfer Info
First National Bank
Bank Address: Benmore shopping centre. Cnr grayston and benmore road, benmore, Johannesburg, 2196. South Africa.
BRANCH Code: 251-255
Account Number: 6237 876 5873
Account Name: Braham Trading
Purpose for Transfer: Personal (Others).
Letter 9

Hello baby, I received the $75k... and baby, I have GOOD NEWS, I've got a new passport!! So I decided to buy my ticket today. The attached file is my Itinerary for 11th Nov to Jacksonville. Thank you so much, baby, for everything. I can't wait to see you!! I love you so much!! Yours forever, Bradley xoxo
Letter 10

My Beloved Mercy, Good afternoon from Dubai. Its 3:25 PM Wednesday noon here and I feel very sad baby. I am very unhappy to inform you that I was not allowed to fly out of Dubai today when our emirate airline flight transited in Dubai, because the Airport Security Officers at the airport in Dubai after doing their security checks, held my check and passport, and they said that I am not supposed to fly with this kind of check with such huge amount of money. The officers also informed me that I was supposed to cash the check and transfer the funds therein the check, via bank transfer to my account. I explained to them that I was unable to do that due to the fact that I am not a Citizen of Dubai and I do not have a bank account herein Dubai too and that I am only going to Jacksonville, United States to be with my fiancee and wife to be. They did not listen to all I said to them and they seized my check and my travel passport asking me to pay $430,500 to them before they will release back the check worth two million eight hundred thousand ($2,800,000.00) and my passport to me. $17,400 is for the release of my passport while $430,500 is for the release of my check. I have been asked to pay this amount as the penalty for trying to break their rules, which I wasn't aware of. They gave me their policy information rules and regulation to read as well. They were also accusing for Money Laundry and Terrorism and I have to tell them that I am not a terrorist and that I am traveling back home to United States and out of much pressure today in their detention office at airport earlier this morning, I gave them your contact number and your email address to contact you any time to confirm if they think I am lying. or if they want to verify; so let me know any time they get in contact with you. I am so frustrated my love, I pleaded with them to allow me contact you, that's why they gave me access to one of their general computer to use for me to email you now, with the help of one of their nice officer. I am so worried as I cannot think straight any more, because that check is my hard earn money, which I have suffered and worked for. I also received an email from one of my client whom I supplied building materials to in Uk, that he wired the balance money he owe me for the supply to my UK account. I have contacted my banker for help and I have just done that and I am waiting to hear from him by tomorrow before the end of today or by Thursday morning, because banks in UK opens from 9:30am/10am UK time. Another problem I am having is that I cannot access my account on-line here in Dubai and some other Asian countries like, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Singapore due to the current restrictions from my bank, from their Security Department . But no problem baby, I am already in contact with my banker and according to my last discussion with him on phone moments ago, he will get back to me before the end of today or by tomorrow with confirmation for me to get things done once he gets to the office by 10am UK time tomorrow; and I will keep you posted. In the meantime, I am safe and fine but under their detention room here and my movement is restricted, but when I need anything, I will simply ask some of the officers in charge and they will attend to me. By evening Dubai time today, I will be going personally to meet with the head custom officer in charge later today or tomorrow morning so that I can know what to do and as well get their bank account number to transfer the $447,400 to them; once I hear from my banker tomorrow and I will also email you again as well and keep you informed. The officers took my mobile phone and they said they will hand it over to me by tomorrow, I will let you know too once I get back my phone from them. I feel so down my dear and I will settle down to write you again when I am more relaxed hopefully by tomorrow morning and please let me know if you receive any email or phone call from the Dubai Customs officers because they will contact you anytime today or tomorrow Thursday to confirm from you if I am really coming to United States to meet you and that I am not into Money Laundry or Terrorism as they think. Baby, just calm down and relax, because I will resolve this issue with my banker hopefully by tomorrow and pay the custom, so they can release me immediately. I will keep you posted. I love you so much baby… Yours, Bradley xoxo

Letter 11

Dear Ms Mercy,

Greetings to you from Yorkshire Bank.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to you for visiting/contacting our Bank (Yorkshire Bank) founded in 1859 in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Yorkshire Bank has 188 retail branches, a strong personal customer base and an expanding business banking capability through a UK-wide network of 72 Financial Solutions Centres; Yorkshire Bank is a trading name of Clydesdale Bank PLC. Registered in Scotland, United Kingdom; a subsidiary of the National Australia Bank Group of companies. Yorkshire Bank joined the Group in 1990.

Registered Number:. SC001111

Yorkshire Bank (S&P rating AA-) is part of National Canada Bank, a top 10 lender in the UK with a property loan book of approximately ?6bn. Yorkshire Bank is a stable business partner with property lending core to our long term strategy. Yorkshire Bank was named as “Best Regional Lender” for the 11th year running in the 2009 'Your Mortgage Awards'.

We recognize that members operate in a dynamic and competitive environment with speed of delivery being crucial. With local embedded credit we are equipped to respond to needs. Our results are built on the sound foundations of improved customer satisfaction along with employee and community engagement.

We are more than just a bank...connecting people, creating partnerships and delivering real value.

Prior to your email, I wish to introduce my self once again as Mr Paul Grace, Managing & Business Partner for Yorkshire Bank (Leeds Office); the account manager/officer designated for Mr Bradley Thompson's account and transactions with our esteemed bank. He has also informed me of your contact to my office as regards the transfer/transaction amounting to $447,900.00 USD online from his account with us to your provided transferring account in Dubai,UAE and another $300,000.00 USD also to your own personal account in United States.

More so, due to the present financial fraud in the globe, secured legal executions and restrictions (as this) have been put in place to monitor/detect and eradicate fraud/scams, thus you have nothing to worry about but to give me your unflinching trust in this process and I will also advise that you provide us any copy of your identification (either your drivers license, international passport or any other mode of your identity) containing your name (Ms Mercy) so I can identify you before I can be 100% assured to dis-close to you Bradley on line account access information and transfer instructions for you to carry out any transfer process successfully from his account through our bank system and instructions/information will be provide to you for you to carry out the transfer process.

Referring to Bradley last contact to my office, be rest assured that your self and the Dubai Customs will receive the transferred funds successfully in your two transferring accounts and we are also going to give you the very best 24 hours customer service. Be rest assured that everything is legal/legitimate and I will arrange every deeds with our Management to ensure that you complete the transfer successfully. Once again, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions as my office telephone and fax number is open during office hours and on appointment outside office hours, should you have any urgent query or need a second opinion in any case just e-mail me.

I await your swift response with your identification so that we can proceed further at the earliest.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Paul Grace
Re: Management
Letter 12

Attention Mercy, Assalamu Alaikum.

We hope this email finds you in good health.

Kindly check attachments for more information.


Dubai Customs
United Arab Emirates
Letter 13

Hello Baby, I’m so happy to hear from you, and thank you for your concern, care and willing to see me through this. We just have to be strong; because there is no problem without solution. Who ever is behind this will fail. I was at his office today; late evening Dubai time and I met with the head officer in charge Mr. Rajan Mathew and that was when he told me about his email contact to you, after much discussion with him. And yes I told them that I am your fiance. He said that I already break laws and must pay for the penalties being charged against me. I wish I had known, but I have no choice rather than to do the needful and get back my check and passport. $447,900 can't deprive me from getting back my travel passport and check; so I rather pay them, than to allow my hard earn money and passport be confiscated by the Dubai Government. I also contacted the Embassy here and I was told that my passport is still valid and I was also advised that I have to do my best and do the needful provide them their demand, so that I can have my passport and check released to me; the embassy can only help me if they refuse to give me back my passport and check after paying the total charged $447,900 ; so for now, the concluded solution is to pay them the amount.
I am still trying to plead/appeal with them to reduce the charged amount and I hope they keep me posted on that too. Gosh these Muslims here are so wicked and heartless I have also contacted my UK banker and he told me that my account can be accessible any where else except Dubai, Iraq, Syria and some other Asian countries due to current restrictions from my bank security department.
I have also confirmed from my banker again moments ago, if you can help me make the transfer of the money I need online from my account to the Officers account below, from the States; for Customs to release my documents back to me, and his answer was YES. Account Name: Dubai Customs
Account Number: 1170652752088
Bank Name: Emirate NBD
Bank Address: Union Square Branch, Dubai – United Arab Emirates
IBAN: AE540260001170652752088
Swift code: EBILAEAD I know you can do this transfer for me. All you need to do is to transfer $447,900 from my account to their above account and transfer another $300,000 to your own account in the States too cover up for all the money you have helped me with so far and you keep the rest for now, so I can use for my own personal expenses when I come.

My banker also sent me his direct office details today and I need this to get done as quickly as possible, so I can come home and we can complete our plans for our future together.
My banker can also not assist me with this because he said it's also against the bank policy, I hope you understand? Find below the contact details of the bank and the banker (Paul Grace).

Yorkshire Bank
Leeds Financial Solutions Centre
#4 Victoria Place,
Manor Road.
West Yorkshire,
United Kingdom.

Tel: +447700094611
Fax: +448704795053

Contact Person.: Mr Paul Grace (My Banker)

I want you to email Mr Paul Grace, and inform him that I ( Bradley Thompson ) your fiance an account holder with them has authorized you to contact him so that you can be able to access my account and transfer some funds amounting to $447,900 to the account above, and another $300,000 to your US account , because I am in a very bad shape at the moment and I need this transfer to be done on time so that I can get things done and leave here as quickly as possible.

Please baby, do email/contact him immediately and keep me posted after that, so that I can inform the officers when exactly I will bring their money for the release of my documents. But I will also go see Mr. Rajan by tomorrow Thursday and inform him to be a little bit patient with me to remit their funds to them , I will keep you posted on that too when I return from his office tomorrow.

Let me know once you email my banker, because I have told him that you will contact him and he is already waiting for your contact to enable him proceed with the transfer process with you, I will advise that you email him immediately, due to time difference so he can respond to you on time by tomorrow morning UK time once he gets your email.. I have to get some sleep now. It is past midnight here in Dubai. I will check my email again in the morning. Baby, please I also want you to do something for me, and I promise that I will make it up to you. I want you to cancel your trip to Jax for now. The cost of you staying in a hotel before I get out of this mess does not make any sense to me. That's a waste of money, I wish I could send you my keys…The most important thing is that we get things sorted out on time. I hope you understand my point? But I am doing okay here, just that my movement is restricted.

Mercy, my love for you knows no bounds… I blew millions of kisses in the air for you… Love you baby! Bradley xoxoxoxo
Letter 14

Attention Mercy, Assalamu Alaikum and thank you for your email messages which was well noted. I hope my email also finds you in good health. I did received your email confirmation and we look forward to receiving the charged $447,900.00 USD from Mr Bradley Thompson at the earliest to enable us release his passport and cheque to him immediately. I would also like to inform you that as soon as we receive our Management required charged fee, we shall as well issue a signed and endorsed CONFIRMATION LETTER from our Management, which will enable (Mr Bradley Thompson) fly safely out of Dubai to his final destination (Jacksonville - United States). I hope you/Bradley resolve this situation soon with his bank so as for us to receive the charged fine on time and release him to fly out of Dubai immediately; Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this email with a swift response. Thank you for your understanding. Regards,
Rajan Mathew.
Dubai Customs
United Arab Emirates.
Letter 15

Dear Ms Mercy, I write to confirm the receipt of your email with your identification (Driving Licence). Our branch contact number is +447011133815 My desk/office contact number is +447700094611

Prior to this information, I would like to also use to medium to assure you that every information you have provided to us will be kept safe and confidential as long as you deal with our esteemed bank, we are ready to give you the very best of 24 hours customer service.
Be informed that your transfer / transaction has also been registered, confirmed and approved by our Securities / Registrars to be completed by our Money Transfer Unit. We shall have Mr Bradley Thompson's account access information and transfer instructions sent to you within the next few hours for you to carry out the transfer process from our bank system on-line from his account with us to your two designated transferring bank accounts in Dubai and in United States; Kindly confirm that you received this message.

Thank you for your patient and co-operation.

Paul Grace
Re: Management
Letter 16

Attention Mercy, Assalamu Alaikum! I hereby acknowledge receipt of your emails.
Herewith I provide you our office contact number again for your perusal. +971552885624 I will also try to ring you when less busy at the office. Thanking you in anticipation. Regards,
Rajan Mathew.
Dubai Customs
United Arab Emirates.
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