Romance scam letter(s) from Greg Miller to June (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hello my beautiful lady. I'm doing great over here , and all is well with me just missing you, and how are you doing too hope all is well with you over there ? Well i'm really searching for a good wife and i think you are the special one for me, I want to devote myself to you always; I want to see you this happy all the time. I could never neglect this beautiful love we about to share, because I can’t imagine one day looking into your eyes and not finding that bright flame of affection and happiness in your face. you are the apple of my eyes,the lover belt of my soul and i will never step my eyes from beauty like you, a few minutes spent with you was like a decade in paradise, Am very happy you really have a caring and nice words which melt down into my soul and body,well i am a very honest and God fearing man,i love being with honest people,i love going to the beach,dancing,ridding on horse and traveling.What i really have about life is cheaters and lies it pains me so much when ever someone fails me. Honey i promise you from the bottom of my heart that i will never let you down all i need from you is to open your heart for me so i can prove my love to you, and i know that God is going to make it possible for us because i believe that with God all things are possible. Now i need you in my life, because i will soon retire i want to be with you all the rest of my life, i want to look deep into your eyes and call you my wife, i want Handy to be proud of you as a Mother. I do feel you so much since i met you , i know be with you will give me more life and happiness. hope to hear from you soon. From Greg.
Letter 2

GOOD DAY MY LOVELY ONE. How are you doing today , i hope all is fine ? Well my Gardner look after Handy when he came back from the School. but i just got a mail from him that he will be going to CANADA for Tourism very soon. for his School project, and i told him so many nice things about you, and he was very happy when he reply my mail this morning. he said he can't wait to hear from you too. i do love him so much because his all i have , and he is the reason why am working as well. Well about my family i'm the only child of my parents and my mom died when i was young, and my Dad past away 10 years ago, i'm all alone with with my son his the only family i have, it hot me whenever i remember the past , how things happen to me as well, But with God all things are possible and i'm happy that i have a son today who do makes me feel happy whenever i see him and be with him as well. About my retirement and go into my investment, well as i told you am planning for Real Estate Business Buying of property , House, and building of Houses and sell them back as well, to earn more money, And i chose to set my business there in your country because i had about it that your Country is very good for investment and with you i will know more about things there , check the Attach file to see my Son picture i know you will like it , hope to hear from you soon. love you. From your love Greg.
Letter 3

Okay my Queen, Hope to hear from you soon love you.
Letter 4

Hello dear, i'm fine and am glad that you are okay there as well, i do read your mail and understand you very well, is okay with me all you said as well, thanks for your advice and your friendship i hope to hear from you soon, bye for now
Letter 5

Hello dear, how are you doing today hope all is well with you over there , i got your mail and i'm very happy to read from you , and i will be happy if you send me the Photo of these building over there as well, click on the Attach file to see my passport and my Photo i hope to get yours too. bye for now ,
Letter 6

Well i will tell you more about my past relationship after the death of my first wife,i got married to the second woman ,she cheated on me while i was at work,all she can say to me,is for my long absence for not coming home on time,my job really keeps me busy,am a Doctor working here in Libya Sea. and we can travel for more than 3 months,but this is how i keep my family happy,by not letting them begging i always recorded as one of the best father in my time. it do hot me a lot when i think about my past life, have been hot by women so much but i always pray for God to guard me and my son and protect us as well, and ever since i met you , you make me feel joy grace, happiness, in my heart it will be great to have you in my life till the End. because it feel great to have such as you, to enable my life move smoothly as you have started it as well. i blow you love and more kisssssssssssssssssssssss, hope to hear from you soon. From Greg.
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