Romance scam letter(s) from Martin James to Dave (UK)
Letter 1

Nice do you have the app called pinger?..we can chat there more.
Letter 2

Don't worry just try's all part of learning you know lol
Letter 3

Not really it was very risky as always but all the same it's cool...... what about you? phone is really disturbing so I had to reply here.
Letter 4

I am into Mechanical Engineering in there Army and i am a leader of 216 men out here..We get to deal with anything on the trucks here and drive men to the field for patrol to do our best to keep people around here safe and try to put a smile on their faces..
Letter 5

Dave I have been trying to reach you but you seem not to be replying or responding hope everything is okay with you.
Letter 6

Good Morning My Prince Charming, The greatest thing ever happened in my entire life is you sweetheart. Thinking of you day in day out. I can’t wait to finally hug you and make you proud. Today has really mark another journey in this wonderful relationship. Love and affection comes straight from the heart. To be honest sweetheart, You’re such a great man. How are you doing today? How is the weather treating you out there? I’m sure and hope everything is kicking alright. Mine wasn’t too bad. The only problem is the pressure of work which makes my reply little slow.It doesn’t mean I’m not showing so much concern. Well I’m having a great day and everything is okay. I’m so excited about meeting you soon after this final mission. My love, I want you to know I enjoy moment we share on the internet. I want to make this dream a reality. I want to be able to touch and feel you around me. I can’t stop thinking about you my love. We need each other in life. I’m falling so much for you in the shortest period of time and I guess that’s one of my weakness for you. I can feel so much love now ,unless you have a different view to it. I want you to be my king and rule my world someday. My main reason for this email today is I have found so much trust in you. I’m taking another step with you this time and please don’t let me down. This is very confidential my love. I want to be completely open to you this time because you’re part of me. On our past rescue patrol before we met on the dating site. We run into a terrorist hideout and there was a shoot out and massive bomb explosion few miles from the military base. I was at the rescue with my team.It was a dangerous attack launched by the terrorist. I practically save a life of a woman and her daughter . Lot of people got injured during the incidence.
We caught some of the rebels red handed with fire arms and I will reveal more about them later. The woman I saved belongs to a family of a sultan who is an oil baron here in Afghanistan. I had a surprise visit earlier this morning when I was busy working on some files with the senior commander. The sultan and his family came to show gratitude to me for risking my life to rescue his family from danger. His daughter was able to survive the operation and several body injury after sending few days at the military hospital. Guess what sweetheart. He freely gave me an amount of 2.5 million dollars and 25kg gold. I was shocked and trapped in the moment of surprise. I became out of words. The senior commander and other army colleagues were surprised too.I think they already getting jealous Lol. God is the reason for everything. This is to build myself after my retirement. I’m up for another mission next week and Please keep me in your prayers. The only problem I’ve encountered now. We are never allowed to handle money and such precious items at the base camp. The senior commander instructed me to send everything home for safety. You know I don’t have anybody out there. I live alone . The few I can trust work in the army. I want you to know I’m trusting you again and want to send all this over to you for safety until I’m back home. I need your assistance this time life a partner. Please hit me back as soon as you receive this email. Love ya my baby
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