Romance scam letter(s) from Richard Martin to Karin (Finland)
Letter 1

Hi Karin, How are you doing? I hope you had a lovely day. it was nice chatting with you today on the site and I think it would be a great start learning about each other. , I want to give you a better idea of who I am, what I enjoy doing, and who might be a good fit for me. Among other things, I travel frequently, play tennis and golf, ski, run road races, cook and entertain, enjoy dining out and fine wines, love music, attend sporting events and concerts, take road trips, exercise daily, and do seek to live life to its fullest. But I am much more than that, including having sense of humor and trying to make everyday filled with fun and happiness, I respect relationship and communication, continuing to be intellectually curious, volunteering my time, occasionally helping in the community, and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I am successful in my career, and truly enjoy what I do. However, my life is more than just work, so every year I try to travel somewhere fun, or do some fun activities. Over the last few years I have really visited a lot of places around the world, e.g., watched the Grand Prix of Monaco, played golf in Bermuda, skydived, went scuba diving, raced around the Nurburgring, attended the Ryder Cup, went down the Olympic skeleton run in Lake Placid, attended tennis camp in Abu Dhabi, skied out West and in the East, ran in the Central Park New Year's Eve race, etc. I mention the above not to boast, but to give you a better sense of what I enjoy doing in my free time. The type of woman I am drawn to is smart and respect a relationship and believe it takes two to make it work. Enjoys the outdoors, has a zest for life in their eyes, and not afraid of being in a lasting relationship. Some of the traits and qualities I highly value, and that I also bring to the table, are intelligence, loyalty, honesty, and an adventurous and can-do spirit. I am very fortunate to have been raised in a stable and loving family, which has helped keep me grounded and positive my whole life, given me a strong sense of right or wrong, and has taught me to have good manners. I have been officially married ones, I was committed to lasting relationship, and the only reason I am now looking to date is that my wife passed away a few years ago. Lightning already stuck once, and I remain hopeful it will a second time, so that I again find my best friend, teammate, confidante, travel companion, and all-around partner in life. I will be looking forward to read more about you soon, enjoy every bit of tonight. Warm Regards, Richard.
Letter 2

Good Morning Dear, How are you doing? I hope fine, I will be looking forward to read from you soon if you still interested in getting to know me, enjoy the rest of your day. Richard.
Letter 3

How are you doing? I miss hearing from you and am looking forward to chat with you more. I hope you had a lovely time with your daughter and you were able to accomplished all what you set out to do. Today was another fun day with me as I was a taking a walk at the beach you came in to my mind several times and I think about you. Please get back at me on Hangout because am interested in getting to know more about you and I've enjoyed the time we've spend to know each other. I will be peeking for your reply soon. Richard.
Letter 4

Hello Angel, Hello My Karin, how dear you are to me and have touch me with so much happiness to write and think about. I think i have been having a great day and so far the lord has been so wonderful to me, I finish my Contract proposal today and 70% of chance stand me lucky with the Sasol oil and Gas and 100% from the Bridas Oil and gas companies. I am just waiting to hear from them if they accept my terms and that would be a breakthrough for me and my crew and I want you to know i am going to be away from home to execute the job, but i will not be gone for more than 3weeks, but i will always have my computer around with me so there is no problem about me going away. ( Smiles)

While taking a walk this morning, you came to my mind several times when I had time to breath - mostly after each step, you have been a great addition to my life and each day is a blessing to read from you, I don't know how you feel or what you think, but i think for many years you have been the best that has really happen to me. Before i write you this email i was re-reading a past note from my ipad. Came home, turned on the laptop and you know what, there is always something to write about my Love that makes you so special and beautiful in the outside and in the Inside.

I will have to start to bag pack until i hear from the company then i can know what day am actually leaving to execute my job. I've much work ahead of me but I've done it before and I can do it again. Especially now that I have a nice and Gorgeous woman I can talk to. I was thinking earlier how nice it was to look forward to writing to you. It has been quite some time since I've had something so nice to look forward to. To anticipate and be so pleasantly surprised. Thank you. I mean that. Thank you for taking so much of your valuable time to write to me - taking the time to get to know me. To share your sense of humor. To paint a picture of your day and what you do. To inquire with such honesty. Thank you. I grow to believe in having a soul mate and a life-long loving relationship. I really do want that and know it is possible. I just thought it was not available to me. You are a very special woman, very caring, very romantic. We share so many of the same values and dreams in life. I don’t ever want to hurt you or be hurt by you. I only want to experience the kind of sacrificial, unconditional love with you that it's meant for a man and a woman who love each other and trust and honesty first in their lives. I believe love should grow and we should love each other more with each passing day. I don't have a very big family, I have just half sister, but she is my very best friend and she is older than me a whole lot.. Hehehehe she reside over in Spain and she was supposed to be the Director of Fp-fieldmarine but because of an Accident she incurred i have to run the company , that is how i become an Independent Drilling Engineer, I took over the company and i have really tried to make it what is today.. is not a big firm is just like a private engineering firm that get contracts from other big private companies, like Kcadeutag and Bridas. My firm can only fix smaller oil well and platform. I have been bless having this family members around me and my crew are just like my family, I mostly work with 12 people who i call crew members and staff, this people are all from Spain and just one British who has been a friend for a while. I will be looking forward to hear from you again, It's was so nice to see you smile though it was frozen but I'm happy I saw you pretty smile. How was your meeting today? I hope it was well and every work as plan, have a wonderful evening my love and know am thinking about you with love from my heart. I will let you have my rose, You can always send me a message on hangout and I will be looking forward to chat with you soon. Hugs and Kisses,
Letter 5

Hi Karin, How are you doing? I hope you are well, I've miss hearing from you my dear.
Letter 6

Wish you all a pleasant morning It’s time to start afresh, As the day is so new. Lovely blue sky, And fresh morning dew, Its time to start afresh, As the new day unfolds, To play your part with dedication, To know your role, Morning is good, as you can start new, Good Morning Love I wish you all the best in your day. Richard.
Letter 6

Hello My Dear Karin, How are you doing? I am very sorry not able to write you earlier, I got to the rig late yesterday sweetie and i did not have to rest, because i have all my crew there already a day before me and some where like 48hours here before my arrival so it was a big too busy, because i have to join the team working. I hope your day was awesome yesterday and know my wish for you today is to be happy and more happier than you have ever been. Working has been fine since I started with them late yesterday and we have had a lot of repairs to make to some of the major drilling machines, you know most of this machine are store up some where until they need them for a Job like this, so they are mostly Rusty and you need grease and oil to remove some of the corrosion and friction, all this machine were shipped down from Germany and China, because i cannot afford to buy any of this machine it is not owed by just one person, it is always an organization like a big Independent company Like Kcadeutag and Bridas and one's they don't have contract they give out their machines for hire but basically the bigger machines is been provided by the company and some other machines has to be provide by me, that is the work on an Independent Drilling/Refinery engineer. you are like an Investor and after the Job is done the terms you agree will be given to you. Some say is very risky, but this work is full with risk and God has is own perfect way of making everything alright my angel. I have miss you even without meeting you, my heart ache to be touch by your kiss. My geologists Expert just came out from the deep of the ocean not too long ago and now we have the exact place to start working from you cannot just put in your drilling bit and drilling pile into the sea, you must know where there is enough of oil to be drill that will not cause the country damage and you have to be careful for the Aquatic life, mostly countries don't take it easy with you when you kill the sea animal's. this Job is really a lot of process to get started but we all have the right to choose profession and i think i am happy with this Job i do, cause it make's you wonder about how the world go around, Geologist their task is to find the right conditions for an oil trap -- the right source rock, reservoir rock and entrapment. geologists also examine surface rocks and terrain, with the additional help of satellite images. However, they also use a variety of other methods to find oil. They can use sensitive gravity meters to measure tiny changes in the Earth's gravitational field that could indicate flowing oil, as well as sensitive magnetometers to measure tiny changes in the Earth's magnetic field caused by flowing oil. They can detect the smell of hydrocarbons using sensitive electronic noses called sniffers. and most commonly, they use seismology, creating shock waves that pass through hidden rock layers and interpreting the waves that are reflected back to the surface. so without a Geologist there is no way we can start working. Working down here need's a lot of experiences and join effort from the boss man to the service man to avoid troubles and disaster but all well so good we have been able to start the basic today and i am very sure the night shift/crew will start on the drilling tonight and then it will be for my turn each morning, until we decided to change crew again. I see this job like a relationship, Is all about division of labor, and i believe so very well it takes two to work it out. everyone both of the couples strength is needed for a relationship to be fruitful and filled with happy memories. I want to make memories for everyone to understand how love will not even change even after we are old and gone. I want a relationship my kid's and friends and family would want to be jealous about and talk about how sweet and happy we were, there can be some of our bad times, but let laugh it out and make ourself fight over little things and laugh about it. I just wish for one thing and that is to make you happy for the rest of your life. I just want you to know I arrive safely here and peaceful and everyone was already worried, because we have a whole lot of storm while coming on the ocean, finally we got into the helicopter and we got here 1hour late so i was not able to write to you, because i have to join the crew and see what the problem and success is and i am very happy they were really working hard to make things go faster for us. The weather here is kind of really great for me and my men and most of all I am really enjoying the little time i have spend on here, it is kind of different when you go down to work for the Arabs Company. I want you to know I think of you before I go to bed last night and I wake up thinking of you too. i never thought i'll find someone like you you have really shower my heart with so much to think about and to dream about. I will be sending you an email soon. I just want you to know I am thinking about you and my work has been just fine and great. I will leave you for now with something to read and i will come back and write to you. Take good care of yourself and know someone out there is wishing you to be always happy and keep smiling. Lot's of love to you sweetie. I'm on hangout feel free to drop me a message when you have the time, I can't wait to read from you, Blessing Sweetheart,
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