Romance scam letter(s) from Derrick Randoll to Ida (South Africa)
Letter 1

As sleep seems to evade me somewhat...and all i think about is you ..i decided to write..
you have brought meaning to my life, .awakened feelings i thought were gone, and lost..
to know that someone out there loves you , and wants to spend their life with you , is the most wondrous feeling one can feel wanted and appreciated, these little things mean so much...we have come a long way love...we have trust and honesty between us which is so important,,,and we deserve some happiness in our lives... When we met, i never thought that i would ever love or trust again...but you showed me differently...
you unlocked my heart,and accepted me for i have accepted you ..we are not perfect, but...we are perfect for each other...we have much in common, and willing to share our lives with each other..our thoughts,our dreams, our reach heights we thought we never could...
and with the prospect of meeting you soon, warms my heart, to meet this gentle woman, with so much love to give, your thoughtfulness and honesty, your gentle manner, i could not ask for anyone better.. We probably will have differences of opinions from time to time..but nothing that communication won't solve... i am a very placid person, will give in to keep the peace...i dislike fights and previous life was not a bed of roses...a story to tell you another to time...i have come a long way these last 5 years, reflected on my life, and what i want out of it..i do easily get emotional.. not a bad trait as it shows i have feelings...and am human...when i love, i give my all and do not hold back..i am a very affectionate you will discover in time... All, i ask my love, is just to keep loving me the way you do , to care for me and be there when i need you to lean on you when i need a shoulder... to depend on you ...and i will love you till the be the best i can to make you proud of i am extremely proud of you, your achievements, your determination, and your have made me love again....and i thank you for this...Miracles do happen my love...we are the proof... Hope you have / had a good night rest, that what you needed to do, has been done successfully, so you can have that break you so richly deserve...that we can spend time together...i waited in anticipation on your arrival back home and am so happy that you are home now my love...can't wait to see you ...I LOVE YOU BABY...!!! TAKE CARE AND BE SAFE... All my love...hugs and kisses..
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