Scam Email(s) from David J. Miller to Rose (Czech Republic)


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Letter 1

Honey, I just create some time to scan my working permit now..I still do love you, please do not turn me down are all i have and you mean the whole world to me now, Here is my working ID.

Letter 2

Confidentialility Agreement Form

Dear (Rose with whom I have spoken)
This is to confirm our conversation on (September-29- 2014) in which we discussed a permanent reduction of 30% based on a legal and permissible transaction that worth the sum of $500,000 that I (Kelvin Miller) highly recommend you without no reservation to carried out on my behalf due to the lack of my availability .
As we discussed, 30% of the funds stated above shall be yours, if the transaction goes through successfully, without any form of problematic and time constraints.
As we had agreed in our conversation, I am fully obliged and aware of my decision, to give Miss Rose total sum of 30%.

If this is also your understanding, and very much ready to execute this transaction, be sure to keep a copy of this agreement form and please sign below.
I appreciate your willingness to work with me and your understanding throughout this transaction.

Very Truly Yours,
Kelvin Miller
Address: 14046 Aubrey Road, Beverly Hills LA
Telephone No: (+1313) 462-0032




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