Romance scam letter(s) from David Lankford to Constance (USA)
Letter 1

My dear, I can not believe this, you called me a scam, a name for those with low life and men without rational conscience, this is the greatest insolence i have ever taken or swallowed in my several decades of existence, i understand your grievances and your psychological orientation about me right now, but all i know that i am a believer in the law of retributive justice, and in the law of Kama, i have never built a mind of scamming you ever since i knew you, i will not be that cruel and also you are too intelligent a woman to think that way, is this how you expect us to create a bond?, is this what you term Relationship and companionship?, is this what you call camaraderie?, relationship you build on the premise of daily suspicion?, Relationship you build on the premise of criticism you can not even substantiate or Relationship you have not even a glitter of hope for that it can grow?, on what premise do you call me a scammer?, when i have genuine feelings for you, why do you suddenly turn cold and started foot-dragging on this relationship of ours? is it because i asked you for a favor in which you turn me down, i guess you should have a rethink, you know why?, if you decide to close your eyes for bad people to pass by, good people will also follow suit as a pedestrian and it will be too late for you to realize that. I guess you still remember what the good book says about hypocrisy, all hypocrite shall not inherit the kingdom of GOD, have you been toying with me hypocritically?, i guess the answer is best known to you, how could you accuse a heart that truly and sincerely love you, is this what you call awakening?, then you are still slumbering because you do not know the definition of who a Scammer is?, Scammer's have a rudiments with which they follow, they all have one similarities and they all act in accordance to one professional criminal ethics, since we have been chatting, have i demonstrated any of this traits?, you should answer for yourself in a sincere manner, only then will GOD forgive you, for calling me a name which i am not. I consider it that you were sleeping whilst sending me that, you should go and rethink, because should you lose me, you can never get another man who will be a prodigy like me again, i do not blow my own trumpet, i only make reference from a candid observation from the general women populace, i cherish you so much, and i know that my heart can never be wrong, your reason for wanting to throw this away, then i do not know, please rethink, because when i also change my mind, i can easily send what i feel for you into abyss and i guess you wouldn't want that. Stop calling me names and let us reason like two matured adult who want to start a meaningful relationship and pretend that we never opened a Pandora's box like this before. I love you sweetheart, come back to me and let us remain as we are, do not listen to distraction from people, it is an attempt to cut short or short live our worthwhile relationship, you are killing me emotionally and putting me through excruciating psychological trauma and disorientation my love, just come back to daddy's arms. Remember that this is the time i truly need..This all i can say for now...Stay blessed and always be good for me..Hugs and Kisses Michael
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