Romance scam letter(s) from James Winston to Lynn (USA)
Letter 1

Good Morning Honey,
This is 8:12am here now in Ghana. Glory to God i arrived safely. I had a very good safe trip and i'm glad and so excited hon.. I checked into my hotel room an hour ago and i talked to the Secretary here already about how they can help me get the bucks if you send it. The secretary said we can only make use of Western Union or Moneygram offices at the border that linked Ghana and Nigeria together because that is where business and most transactions get done so he gave me the info below for you to send the bucks to for me honey. Name: OMOMEJI OLAWALE Address: 17, AIRPORT AVE City: ILORIN State: KWARA Zip: 240001 Country: NIGERIA Secret Q: Favorite Color Answer: Blue Amount: $500 Honey, I will need you to also send me the following details after you have sent the bucks.. REQUESTED DETAILS AFTER SENDING. Senders name.....
Senders full address....
Mtcn pin(10 digit #).......
Exact amount sent......

Just get back to me and let me know as soon as you get this email honey. I promise to make it up to you when i return baby. I'm so glad i made this trip and i wish you were here with me baby so i don't feel lonely. I am missing you so much baby and just wish you were here my Angel. We will talk more about it when we get to talk more on the IM later today baby. Missing you so much. I don't know the time difference yet but we will calculate that when we get to chat later today i believe. Kisses and Hugs baby. Love You so much Angel.. James Cares
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