Romance scam letter(s) from Anthony Hurst to Katherine (USA)
Letter 1

Hello baby,how ae you this morning and your night was fine and you rested well? I'm missing and thinking about you all day baby. I'm so happy to read from you this morning my love. Baby I understand your always busy and sometumes need time foe yourself to rest but all I'm saying is I wanna be part of your life and your everyday activities and vice versa. I just got back from church and it was so wonderful and I prayed for you my love. Baby I know we are miles apart but I want you to know this is the best kind of relationship cos we know one day and soonest we will be together tho its hard but true love is above all. Baby let me know when youe gona send the money and this is the information to send the money Full name:winifred ijeoma omenogor
State:Ogun State
City:Sango otta
Security question:Color
Answer:Blue Baby I'm on messenger and will be waiting for you to join me let's talk and I've been thinking about what I could give you to cherish until I get home lol,but I want you to know that there is nothing so special in giving you something to cherish even I give you te worlld its still gonna be small compared to my heart which I've given you already and will want you to treat it with so mucg care and love. Hope to read from you asap,love you muah Your love
Letter 2

Hello Dear,
Thanks for your warm hospitality towards me on the site. I Anthony Hurst,49 years old,single with one daughter and her name is Jenny. I have a black hair and blue eyes. I am a Native American and mixed with Spanish,I have a clever quick witted sense of humor. I am a Doctor and work as a missionary,i give help to the poor and less privilege and travel a lot cos of the nature of my job. I don't smoke,drink occasionally,I am a christian and am God fearing. I like dining,outdoor activities,reading,watching sports,playing sports,hiking,swimming,camping,fishing,cooking.I am looking for a woman that is tender hearted,kind,considerate of others needs,one that would appreciate having a man that would love her in a way that she's not been loved before. I want a woman that is not too hurt and not too hard to trust and love again and can give herself to her man to be loved and taken care of in a way that will bring joy of life and appreciation she will look forward to everyday. I am looking for that quality of woman are you? Well there's nothing so much about me lol,I am just a pretty normal guy with his own thoughts and ideas on life, following his own rules and no other and just trying to live life with my loved ones. I will like to read more about you aswell and also see a pic of you too...I will be looking forward to reading back from you asap.... Yours Truly,
Letter 3

Hello baby,how are you doing and hope work is going fine with you? Thanks for writing me this morning and I feel so glad reading from you. I am missing and thinking about you so much. I am feeling so stressed cos we had to walk on the street looking for donations but I'm fine tho lol... Baby I hope your not working so hard today and thoughts of you in my mind my love. Hope to read from you asap. Love you muah Tony
Letter 4

Hello baby,how are you doing and hope work was fine? Thanks for your email and your concern. Yes there are connections for fund raising and that's what I am working on for now. Baby its 5:48am as I am writing this message to you. I am missing and thinking about you my love and had dream of us together that was so beautiful. I would like to know when you wanna help with the donation baby cos its getting late and we need to donate for them,if your still willing to join me in the donation baby then you can join me with 500$ and i will join with 1000$ cos I am supposed to donate 1500$ and I promise to pay you back once I get my salary okay. Baby I will be very happy if you can consider this and join me in helping this poor ones here. Baby pls write me back asap and tell me if your capable to join me and how much you can afford,so I can tell you how to send the money okay. I would be very delighted of you consider my request my love. Hope to read from you
asap,muah.. Love you so much baby... Tony...
Letter 5

Hello baby,how are you doing and hope your night went well? I am missing and thinking about you and been waiting to read from you but I have checked my inbox so many times and didn't see any message from you,I hope all is well my love. I hope its not cos of the donation I asked that made you not to have written me or replied my email all day cos its very much unusual of you my love. Baby I want you to know that I love and care a lot about you and wanna spend eternity with you. Pls reply my emails and I look forward to reading from you asap and as you get this okay. Love you muah.. Tony...
Letter 6

Hello Mary,what's going on and why have you replied all my emails today? I must confess I am so worried and been thinking all day as I haven't heard from you baby. If its cos of the donationation I asked you that's made you not to write nor reply my emails then you don't worry about that and talk to me cos I need to hear from you so badly. And if you don't wanna talk to me anymore then write me to let me know what your up to okay. But if it happens that you don't wanna talk to me anymore then I want you to know that I will always love and care for you till the end okay. Love you,muah Tony...
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