Romance scam letter(s) from Cino Crocetta to Martine (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Dear, I enjoyed reading your profile and you truly have a lovely smile. Do you mind if we get to know each other and maybe arrange to meet up?
Letter 2

Hi. Thanks for getting back to me.I'm 63 yrs, presently living in Hill Street, Greenbush, MN 56726, I feel very strong and healthy, I'm a very romantic man and I crave to be in love again after being lonely for nearly 10yrs. People say that I play with everything except my work. But what they don’t know is that I can play with my work but not with my love for someone. This is why I prefer people that will appreciate my humorous attitude. I am fun to be with and believe in the saying, "the older the wine, the better" I like seeing soccer, movies, playing golf and tenning, I like dancing and listening to music. I like going to the beach and climbing mountains thou I have only climbed once in Dublin. I am currently attached to Vanguard Investment international as a Senior Consultant Fund Manager, but would want to be self-employed in near future. I have a daughter but she is living with my mum in Italy. I will suggest we communicate better through our private email as my company does not allow us to access dating sites during week days and I find my self very tired and lazy each time I get home after a very busy day. I suggest we exchange emails to enable us talk and write daily and arrange for our first meeting. Guess you had a wonderful weekend? Wishing you a splendid week ahead Cino
Letter 3

Hello, How are you Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get to know you, It is my pleasure to write you this note and tell you a little bit about myself. First of all, I want to let you know that I have been lonely for nearly 10 years and have yet to go on a date ever since I lost my ex wife. We share one daughter who I have a close relationship with and I keep in touch as much as possible as she moved to Italy. I am a senior consultant fund manager with Vanguard investment international. I have been career focused since I lost my wife and now feel it's the right time to look for someone special to share my life with. I am a man who understands the need for love, trust, loyalty, sensuality, commitment, kindness, support and togetherness. I miss these things, and I'm searching for a new chapter in my life with a caring, understanding, trusting, loving and faithful woman. Could this be you??? After reading through your profile for almost an hour, I could not help but write to you and thought to myself you seem like a fiery haired lady I just need to know more about!!! I have attached some of my pictures which I uploaded on the dating site but since I seldom go there, I thought you might like to see them first. I took the pictures three months ago when my daughter came to visit me. I would love to see some more photos of you if you wouldn't mind sharing and perhaps you could share a little bit of your story with me. Which name do I call you? Waiting anxiously
Letter 4

Hi Martine,
Thank you for the email. I thought I had lost you because of my delay in replying your email. I will say that I appreciate the fact that you created the time out of your very busy schedule to read my long email and respond to it. I was trying to fulfill my promise of telling you all about me and nearly wrote a book. I want to be open and hope that you will not misinterpret is that I say a lot. Men with no hidden skeleton say all about them without being asked. I have nothing to hide in life, no criminal record. I am just a simple man living a good life with a good work and good pay. All I need is a woman to make it complete and I will have my dream life because every other thing I need for my dream life has been achieved. I registered with the site when I was in the UK and only returned back to the states about 9 days ago.

May be I am sort of old fashion that I don't know the ethics’ of starting a new relationship, Lol .I have not been in any form of relationship for the past ten years so you will understand what I mean by being old fashion. I would be the happiest man on the planet earth to be in a relationship again. I actually took the Vanguard Portfolio managers job the second time when my wife died mainly out of loneliness. I thought it was over for me in this life but at long run I felt that I should give life another try when my daughter registered me on the site. Today I am happy that I did because it has given me the opportunity to meet you. I told myself the moment I got your response that I do not need the site anymore for I have found what I seek. I don't live a confused life. I know what I seek in life and I know when I have it. I think at this stage I should tell you more about me so that you will know me better. One of the things that make me feel so happy is to visit the beach. I love to watch the sun set and play many games at the beach side. I love to Parasail and other activities in the beach. Do you know that water can speak to a soul? I will interpret it for you when we go to the beach together

I was born in, Palermo, Italy but came back to the US with my parents at the age of 6.My family have always lived in Fresno California until my mum moved back to Italy after we lost dad and my wife. I moved out of Fresno because it was lonely for me and the memories it bring to me of my family and my loved but lost ones. Anyway, let me not bore you with things that I don't wish to remember

I left United State at the age of 16 to attend school in Hamburg Germany. I lived in Germany for 6 years before relocating to Robert Gordon University Aberdeen Scotland where I had my Masters. My long stay abroad makes people to say I have German accent; whether German, Italian, British or Irish accent, all I know is that I speak English fluently. Lol

I feel very young both physically and mentally. I understand we have both may have had some good and worst experiences in our previous relationship but we should try to let the past go and focus on the future because there is hope only in the future. Like I always say, Life isn't as complicated as some people make it. I don't like to dramatize situations. I'm a bit of a clown and playful and appreciate people that are sincere. I don't like games or lies and will appreciate that from my partner.

I had to wake up this early to send you this email because I will be traveling to Henrietta, Texas this morning.I will leave here by 8am. I have an urgent meeting with one of my company investor today against our meeting with directors from Fidelity Investment tomorrow. I will be traveling with my laptop so will always be in touch so the next response you will get from me will be from Henrietta. I will be returning by the weekend. I believe that communicating here will help us know little about each other before we can meet anytime you want us to or choose for us to meet. Our meeting is for you to decided where and when a and I will be there controlling the traffic that you before your arrival .Lol

I will stop here till I hear from you to avoid boring you with another long email
Letter 5

Hi Martine,
Guess you are having a wonderful week?Thanks so much for your well detailed email, I read it in between the day but was not free to respond so I had to wait until I got home. I feel sorry about your car but I'm glad you were not hurt because life is more important than material things. I will be having a busy day tomorrow so I decided to write now before I can sleep tonight.Thanks so much for advising me not to put my whole eggs in one basket but I had already cancelled my account and there is no going is obvious that this past week was one of the crazy weeks in my profession when 24 hours is not enough to complete my duty .After my last email to you. I got a call from my head office in UK telling me that the confirmation and signing of the fidelity contract has been confirmed for today in Dallas here in Texas so I left Henrietta to Dallas yesterday.. That is what they call a complete crazy week .It started with relocating our office after which I was notified about the meeting in Henrietta and now Dallas. Anyway, let me not bore you with my business engagements. There is no doubt that I enjoy our communication because the very first thing I do every day since we met is to check my email to know if there is an email from you. Every strong relationship started one day and became stronger as each new day comes. Let us hope that each passing day makes ours stronger. I am a man that has been without any form of relationship; serious or casual for the past ten years .When I lost my wife, it became obvious to me that the world was nothing. She was my friend, my partner, my pet, my angel, my soldier and my pillar. She was everything to me and all that I owe her was to make her happy at any time and she was happy.

May her gentle soul rest in peace; AMEN, Sorry if I have said so much but it’s my nature to love strongly when I am in love because I believe in one man one woman. The last word she said that broke my heart and made me think that no woman could ever be like her was what she said on her sick bed before she died. I will pray and want you to be better than her and for me, to love you more than I loved her because that was her wish for me; that I should do things that will make me happy.

She said and I quote “I am dying a happy woman mi amore (My love) so be happy yourself, why is your face sad when I am happy. Listen, if you keep your face that way again then I will stand up from this bed now and give you red meat (because I don’t eat red meat) be happy my dear and promise me that you will always bring thing that will make you happy to yourself so that you will die a happy man like me” and she closed her eyes and died. We were married for 26 years and were blessed with a boy and a girl. In My last email to you, I requested that we speak on phone this weekend. I think this is the time to tell you more about this man that you have been communicating with via email and wants to hear your voice. My Full name is Cino Crocetta, I was married to Angela Crocetta for 26 years and had a daughter Appolonia and my son Lucas Crocetta who died in an auto accident with my father. My mother is Italian while my father has Spanish ancestry. My father is late while my mother and my daughter live with my mum sister (My Aunt) in Italy. My mum relocated back to Italy after the death of my father in a car accident with my only son. My daughter is now in an Aeronautical school in Milan. Appolonia wants to be pilot which has been her dream since she was 7 years old I had my education in Germany and Scotland but later came back to United State to work with Robert Kiyosaky before I was employed by Vanguard Investment International. I relocated to Kent United Kingdom when I secured the Job but only worked with them for 9 years before resigning from the job.

Thirteen Months later, They called me again and asked me if I can work with them as a Consultant Fund Manager from my home that it will only require me to work with them for 3 months, return to US and spend 3 months before coming back to work for another three and that will be all for the year .I realized that the arrangement was not time consuming and besides, I was not enjoying it again staying at home. I took the job and got myself into the fund management activities with major investors again. It was then that I discovered that this business is just part of me.. I am a man with no criminal records or hidden skeleton. People say that I have German accent which you will notice when we speak on phone. I believe that it was my long stay was the main reason why I have the accent. I am a simple man that is comfortable with what I have and okay with what I have achieved in life. I love dancing, listening to country music, RnB, Jazz, Rock n Roll, and I also like riding my horse and playing golf too. I enjoy going to the beach, taking a long walk, driving across border with a partner and being in love. I am a man that has all that I need in life but lacks just one essential thing which is a woman to love.

I have decided to find love and found you and will plead with you to open your heart and accept me the way you see me .I am one man that will never hurt a woman. I will not like to sing my own praises but only time will tell if you open your heart and let it flow naturally. Like I said earlier and always, I want to be positive!! Let me not write another long email. I will tell you more when we speak on phone today. My Number here is: +1 940 618 5897 at least you will recognize my number when I call. I realised you did not give me your number so feel free to call me probably tomorrow my time as I will be sleeping ones I send this email Cino
Letter 6

My Dearest Martine,
Guess you are having a wonderful Sunday? I want use this email with content that make my whole being tingle with anticipation to welcome you to a wonderful day. The words are carried on the soft breeze that rustle the leaves in the trees and echo with the bluebirds’ song in the morning. I seem to be "star gazing" and really do not belong to this world because receiving your email alone make me feel good not minding the content. All I want is to open my mail and there is an email from you. This morning is very different because it is not only receiving the email from you that is making me excited but the joy of coming online to share the good news with you. YES, I DID IT!!!!

We completed the transaction yesterday and the investors were very excited. I sat down on my seat motionless and let this tear of joy drop because I could not hold it. I was happy and so happy that at the end it was a success. The investors were really impressed that they had to take me out yesterday to celebrate while I should be the one to take them out. I returned back very late and tired and cold not email you to share the good news so I slept of and just got up now.

They have agreed that we sign the investment contract immediately since they will be joining their families that are on vacation from there. Since any Investment contracts can only be signed in our head office in Kent England. I called my office and they were very glad and made the preparation immediately which changed my plans completely. The new development which is related to the outcome of this meeting that I have been attending here in Dallas is that we will be traveling to UK on Tuesday evening for the Investment contract signing. In fact they have already had the flight reservation made which I can no turn down. It became important and urgent due to their program and if I don’t accept to travel now then I don’t know when they will have the opportunity again. Being something that I have been working on for almost 2 years now, I had no option.

It is obvious that I will now be traveling from here with these Investors and from our calculation; we will be spending 12 days in UK. The 12 days is to enable them process the fund movement for their investment .Secure the non-resident investment permit from the UK government and then have I an investment return business name required for such huge tax free investment in UK . From the calculation and flight reservations, we will leave Texas on Tuesday 14th October and I can visit you in Belgium on the 28 of Oct. I will be coming to you with the best bottle of Spanish wine or champagne for our own celebration. Now back to us; I want you to know that my day starts when I receive your wonderful e-mail, and ends with me sending you a reply. That is why I do wonder why you are in my thoughts all the time? The in between time is filled with romantic notions, breathless anticipation and a million and one thoughts of how our first meeting will go. Will there be fireworks - will there be balloons in the sky? I know I am fantasizing, like a foolish teenager, but it makes me feel young and so extraordinarily happy. I must confess that I have tried to suppress the feeling of calling you my love all this while to avoid looking like I am rushing everything but each time I want to email you, it keeps coming into my mind. It is a known fact that I am falling seriously in love with you and cannot stand not seeing you soon. You have brought this change and joy in me that I believe has attracted this lifetime business luck to me. Meeting you brought the breakthrough that I have been struggling to have with the investor for almost two years. All I want you is to understand my situation and take me the way you see me.

It's not that I fall in love easily but having been alone for over ten years makes me want you as soon as possible. All that I am sure is that this I not lust or a game of days but a life time relationship. I was married to my wife for 26 happy years and she was my first and only marriage. That alone will tell you more about me.

Please bear with me if I use those words so early. It’s due to the way I feel that make time write the way I do. You are an angel in have touched my heart thus making a difference in my life. Bringing more Joy and success than you will ever know that you have done. Thank you for all your support.I hope to speak with you tonight my time. I'm attaching another picture of me darling.
Letter 7

Good morning sweetheart,
I hope you are okay and preparing for another wonderful day. I know you will be surprise that my email is coming a bit late today unlike other days that I email you the moment I get a response from you? I have been working on my file that I need for my trip and also working with the investors to make sure that they have everything that they will need for the trip. I had to go out to get few clothes since I will need them there as i came with very few cloths when I left home. I will be traveling to UK this evening like I told you. Our flight is for 9:45pm.We will be landing in London Heathrow from where we will connect to Kent where we have our head office and where the contract signing will be. This is a 12 days trip like I said earlier after which I will be flying to Belgium direct as there will not be any need to come back to Dallas or Henrietta .The long awaited deal has been sealed so no more monthly trip to Henrietta. If it will be convenient for you, I hope to fly straight to meet you before returning back to the United states. I will be spending just 12 days in the UK and can meet you on the 13th day from today. What a day it will be.... I hope I am still not rushing things. Let me confess here that I feel so warm and delighted each time I read your e-mail. I am always glad to read your mail because I am sure they are from your heart. I must admit that our communication have changed my life completely. You are the one who makes me handsome and the one who makes me feel stronger. Your email to me makes me feel so important which is why you mean everything to me now. You show your love to me every day by making out time to write me. I thank God that I have found a woman like you. I understand we are very busy with our personal daily activities but we still try our very best to email and communicate to each other always. It shows how committed and serious we are. I believe we can make a perfect match. My trip to UK is official and urgent which was the outcome of the meeting I attended in here in Texas as I told you.I hope to maintain our email and phone communication while I am in UK as I will be traveling with my laptop. I really can't wait to see you soon, However; knowing that you appreciate me so much is enough for now till we meet.Honey I will try and call you before leaving for London tonight. My regards always
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