Romance scam letter(s) from Matthew Browder to Sam (Canada)
Letter 1

I'm sorry for the late response, I was pretty tired on return from patrol. You know I'm in Kabul right now? So just to give you an insight about me; As a person in all honesty I'll admit I'm not The easiest guy to deal with, I'm very sarcastic, dry, and slightly cynical when it comes to view on life. Yet for some odd reason am at heart a nice guy with romantic notions but takes time to see the real me. I was born in the UK but moved to the States with my mom at the age of eight after my dad passed away.
She didn't really recover from the shock of losing my dad and reeled into drug use as such she barely noticed me and it led to a lot of abuse from her male acquaintances on me. She eventually died of a drug overdose. I was taken to an SOS village where I was taken care of and brought up. I made up my mind I was going to do something with my life and not get caught in the Vicious cycle that people in my circumstance get tangled in. I joined the the Army and gave my life a solid direction. I feel fulfilled, to be candid with you. I'm sorry if I appear loquacious, but I thinks it's important you know me before anything. I will be glad to know about you as well;
Your relationship status, work, career, family, whatever you feel comfortable to share with me.
I have attached few more of my pictures, I will appreciate same from you. I will await your message. Matthew PS: We are not allowed to use any form of voice communication for security reasons and may delay sometimes in responding to your message, but will surely do when I get online
Letter 2

Your email brightened up my day. Please bear with me as sometimes I only have very little time to check emails and respond. I would have loved to tell you what I was busy doing but you know the nature of my jobs doesn't allow me speak much of what I do considering the security implications. With that said, I couldn't wait to get a response from you and my face lightened up instantly I saw there was an unread email from you(Would you mind me giving you a special name although I haven't come up with one yet. I'll brood on that). I'm very glad this is progressing and I must say that I am enshrouded in excitement and anxiety. I am trying to take things in strides and be careful so as not to give the wrong impression about me. No form of communication can match a face to face conversation as emailing back and forth could be cumbersome and laden with misinterpretations, but right now it's the only option I have and I am willing to make out the best of it. I have had two tours of Afghanistan, the first ended in a tumultuous fashion as I was involved in an IED explosion. I was luck to escape with a back injury but unfortunately I lost two colleagues, very close friends. I came to realization that this was my job and wasn't going to let it unnerve me. I swore to myself that their loss would never be in vain. I got well and voluntarily enlisted for a second tour. That is how loyal and determined I can be and it pretty much transfers to other aspects of my life. I have been involved in only one relationship in my life but we didn't have a lot in common and he cheated a lot. He used my faithfulness and honesty against me. I never cheated for once, not once but he was a serial cheat. We are still friends though, he's apologized and asked for a second chance but I've moved on and need a fresh start. I have to go now before my superiors show up. I will appreciate prayers from you every night to ensure my safe return. Matthew
Letter 3

Hello honey,
Thank you for the beautiful
I don't know how to explain this, you remember I told you how I want to relocate to be with you and the NGO, I'm sure you must have been wondering what my plan for the future was because I didn't basically outline my plans.
In 2008 at the peak of the credit crunch, I had my late mum's estate, basically two properties , hence I decided to sell them. Why put it in the bank? Not after the freddie mac and fannie mae take over or the liquidation of BOA's assets, naaaa. I thought, what's the thing that will never lose value with time? Hmmmm,paintings and viola! That was how I became a collector of fine works and artifacts. I was pretty much comfortable with my decision than have my money get lost in the apparent American empire's collapse... So it seemed.
The problem at the moment is that I put my paintings in a storage facility in China because it was cheaper to store than any other secured place I could think, and the contract expires on the 15th of this month which is in 11 days time. I have no option but to ship it and if I don't the policy is that my valuable paintings will be sold at a non competitive price at an auction, now this is monumentally vital to my future, our future in the grand scheme of things, because it will scuttle my plans.
Would you be able to help me receive it and hold on to it for me before I come home? I would have asked for it to be sent here to base but it's outright impossible from the logistical sense. I need you at this time as I'm stressed over this,let me know you thoughts.
Letter 4

Hello my love,
I don't even know what to write as I am so filled with a zillion emotions that I only want to express in action, action. There are inestimable things I want to do to you right now and I just wish I had the power to fast forward time and I'd be in front of you at this moment, shazzaaaaaam! I wonder how you'd react. So, I have emailed the courier company but because I don't have access to funds right now, I asked them to sell one of my effects, a Chinese antique vase I bought a couple of years ago which is worth quite a good amount, it will cover for the cost of the shipping as well as insurance for some of my valuables.
I just want you to promise me one thing, I have given my heart out to you, you are the gatekeeper of it and please don't slam it on the floor. I have never felt this way for anyone in my life and although something in me tells me to be wary, doubts creep it but I have been able to dispel them. I love you now without inhibitions. I want us to live in health, wealth and love. I ask you for one thing, please don't question the authenticity of the affection that I have for you, I have never felt this way with anyone and I am not prepared to lose you in any way whatsoever. This isn't any kind of joke and I understand it's very hard when to matured people are dating with distance being a big barrier. Communication helps the reduce the gulf.. In closing, please make sure this is confidential as I don't want anybody knowing you are with a valuable in the house, just keep it to yourself until I'm home. love you so much
Letter 5

STATUS: Placed on Hold : Package arrived Abu Dhabi International Airport U.A.E and document requested:
LOCATION- U.A.E Customs Document Verification Department. Your package went through the U.A.E Customs document verification department for inspection and the Document below is required to be obtained; CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN
The requested above document must be attached to your consignment before shipment can proceed as stipulated by U.A.E Law. In order to obtain this document, CAPITAL COURIER WORLDWIDE LTD can apply on your behalf and have it notarized by the U.A.E Chamber of Commerce and legalized at the commercial section of the Canadian Consulate However, the U.A.E Chamber of Commerce require a processing fee of 5509.50 UAE Dirham($1500) to be paid for our legal personnel to be eligible to act on your behalf in obtaining this document.
FIND BELOW INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO SEND THE FEE Money Transfer Method : Western Union Money Transfer
Receiver's Name: Jerwin De Guzman Escleto
Amount to send : $1500 or it's equivalent 5509.50 UAE Dirham You can visit the website of western union or go to to find the nearest agent and western union offices around your location.
You will be required to provide the following details below after the transfer; 1.) Name of sender
2.) Name of receiver
3.) Amount
4.) 10 digit MTCN number Once, we receive the money transfer details, it shall be forwarded to the legal personnel and processing of the document begins immediately. IMPORTANT NOTICE: You are strongly advised to treat this message as with urgency to avoid confiscation of your consignment.
Letter 6

Kindly notify me if you have been receiving my emails so I know we are on the same page. Please be informed ;
Package arrived Indira Gandhi Airport India. Checked in for the following inspection;
I.) Anti Drug Screening
2.) Anti Explosive Screening
Letter 7

I just got the email from the shipper this morning. There was a little mishap yesterday while on patrol colleague got shot, I was stressed and only came here to get my only solace which are your emails because I was depressed, now I am even more depressed. I have responded to him that there is no way I can get money because I don't have access to it, remember i'm on tour. $1500 is a meager amount compared to the monetary worth of the consignment that is arriving and I am so livid right now and so confused because I am here in Afghanistan fighting a war that is useless and can't even send the funds because I have no dime on me given I cannot access funds from here. Please I hope you can have this done for me soonest.
Don't disappoint me. We have no choice but to quickly make this payment. No matter the situation, we will always need each other, in the good times and the bad times, we will always need each other and I promise to be there for you no matter what. You have made my life worthwhile, you have raised me to the position of Princes and Kings, you are the gatekeeper to my heart, you have given me hope, you have given my life meaning and I just hope that I am eliciting similar effects on you. I sometimes feel as if I am not equally reciprocating all the good things, love and attention that you have showered me, I only wish I wasn't constricted by distance, then we would be together and I would look into your eyes each day and tell you "I LOVE YOU" in words and see your eyes brighten.
I love you
Letter 8

I miss you and will not stop being patient. I will remain defiant.
Everyday my mind paints a picture of you... then of us, and suddenly we are the stars in a romantic movie made for two, our bodies entwined... and I cannot stop thinking about these fantasies, I don't even wish to.
For when my mind finds you, I fill in the missing pieces that the distance between us creates and nourish my heart with the image it craves.I can't stop these fantasies, what a fool I'd be to want to.
You bring out the best in me! Something about you always ignites the hottest, most sensual passion deep inside me.
Thank you for everything and I love you.
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