Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Meloney to Denise (USA)
Letter 1

Mark I'm a very energetic, passionate, fun loving person. Always a smile , love to laugh and joke around. Life is short, so I try to live life to the fullest always. I believe in what ever you do in life do it with true passion and ENTER EACH DAY WITH LOVE IN YOUR HEART. I am very strong willed, strong minded, passionate, independent man. But I also tend to wear my heart on my sleave. I am upfront, out spoken, ask me a question, be ready for a honest answer, my heart is true and loyal and once your my friend , your my friend for life. I dont let just anyone in my heart so if you get there. your stay there always...I ENJOY BEING WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS NO MATTER WHAT THE EVENT. ENJOY MARTIAL ARTS, BOATING, AND SPORTS, ESPECIALLY FOOTBALL:o)
Letter 2

Thank you so much for your taking your time to write back, i really appreciate it.. A little more about me, I am from Tabor city NC, I've been single for five years, its a sad story and i cant talk about it for now... It was really hard for i and my daughter but i did what i had to do... we took it to be one of the things you meet in life, sometimes life gives you the least of your expectations but your ability to handle it and make it a stepping stone for better things in future is what makes you whom you truly are. I'm glad its all in the past now. And I must add that my daughter was my ability to handle that situation as she tried to make me stronger and always reminded me of how much she loves me tho she could be a pain in the ass... I'm a single dad of a beautiful 14 year old girl (Kate) though would be 15 soon. She's very smart and intelligent, she wants to become a registered Nurse, she loves to read and plays the piano as well, we do have a lot in common, anyways what do you expect she's I'm an environmental consultant and work as an independent contractor, i work mostly offshore, i work on anything that affects human as well as the Aquatic, like gas flaring, oil spillage, pipe leakage, erosion, etc.. I work only on contracts so I can have enough time to spend with loved ones, I travel sometimes depending on the nature of the contract. I love my profession and the nature at which I work, cos it lets me choose a contract thats suitable with my schedule
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