Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Russo to Jayne (USA)
Letter 1

How are you and how did your weekend go ? i have been rambling through your pictures and i must say that you have a lovely smile. My name is mike and i am really interested in getting to know you much more better, my subscription on the site will end in no time, maybe a day or two and i will like us to keep the communication going, who knows, you might be that special one :) I will really appreciate it if you can reach me through mikerussodec a t g m a i l d o t c o m
we can communicate on there and see where it leads to...once again you have a nice and lovely smile.
hope to hear from you soon on there.
Letter 2

Good Evening My love, How is your day going ? great i hope..i'm thankful for a successful job and i want you to know your love and support is what got me through this and i cant thank you enough for coming into my life because you changed it for the better and i want to spend the rest of my life with you trying to pay you back with the True love you deserve till the end baby. I just got back to the hotel, my assistant helped me booked the flight but i have a little setback i didn't expect...I am having issues with my flight fee difference, the amount i expected for the flight fee was way different, which is about $2750 but i have only little over $2000 left with me due to my expenses here with the hotel bills and laborers that worked with me, besides i got my paycheck but the board of directors said i wont be able to cash it here in turkey until i get back to the states, due to security reasons and also because of the amount on it. So i need some extra funds to complete the flight fee which is about $750. I contacted some of my colleagues here in turkey and they all have the same issues. I also got in touch with some of relatives in Rome if they could help me send some money down here through Moneygram but they dont have,I am like the bread winner of the family..I'm sure you know what that means baby ? :)I have tried all the options i could think of and nothing yet sweetie. My love i will really appreciate it if you can help me out with the remaining funds, I Will pay you back when i return to the States,i'm truly sorry and hope its not much of an inconvenience but i'm certain i will make it up to you when i get back home. I never knew they have a different payment policy here in Turkey because other countries that i have worked, i usually cash my check there. I emailed you my flight details as well, hope you go it?..i have faith in you and us baby because you have opened my heart to joy and happiness which i will always ensure you receive from me because you deserve to be loved by a real man unconditionally,fill your days with love and hope of a lifetime long lasting love.i will be that man in your life my love.
Sweetie text me on kik when you get this message. Cant wait to be out of here and to finally see the love of my life :) Mike.
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