Romance scam letter(s) from Lewis Britz Kartel to Kethiwe (Zimbabwe)
Letter 1's been nice to hear from you.... i hope you are doing great.. Well i must give thanks to the All mighty God for answer my question in bringing you back to tell me the reason why you stoptalking to me... Wel i don't really blame you for the actions you took..... One thing you need to know is that.. Am a mn of my words... a man if integrity.... i on't just came online to play with people's heart nor joke with ther felings... i came online seriously in the search of a woman to love and to care for.... A woman whom i will make her happy and also to make her feel like a Queen.... So why being scared.. why runing away from your feelings... fac your feelings.. take risk to feel happy and also experince true love in life.. because i know from what you have told me that you really deserve love and happiness in life.. It's true we dont know each other. well...dont the main reason why we came online know each other.. see each other in web cam talk on phone.... Build love and trust.. the nex thing is to meet and continue the relationship we started building online... Actually. i contact you on that website not based on your outter beauty but the inner beauty.. I know from your profile out there that you are a nice and kind at heart.... and that's the main reason why i contact you... Beauty is not based on how attractive we are to everybody else, but how attractive we are to ourselves, for one cannot think other people think they are full of beauty unless they know they are beautiful too....And to tell you again Kathiwe... that I believe the personality and the soul is what makes a person beautiful, it does not always have to be the physical appearance... they have a saying that A BEAUTY OF A WOMAN LIES IN THE EYES OF HIS BEHOLDER.. HIS LOVE ONE.. THE ONE IN HER HEART.. THE RIGHT MAN FOR YOUR LIFE AD HEART.... so you don't need to say that you are not cute nor beauty... Look The only ugly faces, are the ones we make by our hands... and not the creatures of God... all creation of God is cute and lovely.. And so do you.... In love and relationship there is no class... if you are rich you are rich at your end... but when it comes to love and relationship... we will be the same.. and we will carry our responsibilities in the relationship... think about this dear one.. and know that am not here to heat you nor play with your heart.. instead.. am here to love and care for you... To make you happy and also make you feel like a Queen... Queen of England.. if you care to know... :) only i you will give me the chance to... I will so love to hear from you again.. and soon.. :) till then do take care of yourself and stay bless for me.. and know that am here thinking about you and will always think about you.... Love Lewis
Letter 2

How are you doing today....I have really missed talking to you and missed your sweet words my dear,I hope you had a very great day and not a bad day..Well i want to know how you and the kids are doing..And why you haven't been coming online..I love you so much and i do want you to know my love is real and its from my hearth..i do need you in my life,i cant wait to be with you there ..well am planing when i get there we can move to the State together and lived happy together..But i still have one week here in the Ghana ... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH .. I hope to hear from you soon
Lewis Gregg.....
Letter 3

Hi babe...Am really sorry for not been on online for some few weeks now and i will like you to extend my greetings to the kids..Well am having a very difficult time here because am down of money here..and that really making my project slow over here.I never knew i cant use my credit here in Ghana... Well am not trying to ask you for money but i will really appreciate it if you can lend some funds to take care of some little bills here..till when i come to you ok and i promise to pay you back the money ok...I will like to know if you can give me the money or not ok..I cant wait to hold you my hands and kissing you all over your body and making you feel so happy ok I hope to hear from you soon
Your Love
Lewis Gregg
Letter 4

I am sorry I cannot fall for that one, I knew this was coming. Bye Bye Lewis
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