Romance scam letter(s) from Larry Woods to Maria (Holland)
Letter 1

the MD of the company told me to to present a document to guarantee my work, its called project guarantee order so I have emailed the Agency in new york that will arrange it and send to me by email so I'm waiting for their responds
Letter 2

I received a reply on my email from the Agency in america that is supposed to get me the document that I need to get my check signed but they said that they can't help me, that they do not UK I among the six. Countries that their services will not go
Letter 3

It means that because I'm in UK I can not use their services unless I'm in america or maybe in a country that is in their list
Letter 4

I don't have numbers of my friends or business partners, if I did I will simply call them to ask them to help me email the Agency on my behalf so they will get it ready and email it to me
Letter 5

Ok honey I will send u the email and a massage that u will forward to them, thanks my love
Letter 6

Honey here is the massage u will send to them
Dear ma\sir A request on behalf Of Mr Larry woods. The document: PROJECT GUARANTEE ODER to guarantee finished project in London Uk. We would appreciate a quick response as the document is needed Urgently
This is the email:
Letter 7

My sweetheart sorry that I'm going to ask you that , but where I think is, , why do you not ask your ,,, daughter that they would send the email for you, she lives with her aunt in America, anyway, and why do you ask me to do that,,, it's not that I want you not help, but it gives me not so good feeling ,,,,,, sorry really but it happens so many weird things on the internet, and every time I get warnings from others about scammers, and thus that I've become very careful,,,,,,, maybe if I were you could see if on skyp or face-time from iPhone then I would really know that you really are and then I can you help .
sorry my love be not angry of me for that ,,,, love you ..
Letter 8

Honey my daughter lives in school hostel and she only can go home on vacation... I want u to understand that I'm a busy man and I have no time to come to the internet to lie to any woman, I really don't come on facebook to chat, I only come here to chat with u when I'm not busy with my work
Letter 9

If I don't love and trust u I will not ask u to help me
I lost my iphone and all my phone numbers where in that phone, I would have just called my friend and he will just help me but I do not have his number on this phone Anymore
Letter 10

But u can forget about helping me if u do not fill comfortable about it

Letter 11

hello my sweetie sorry but I was eating downstairs and my pc is above
Letter 12

Honey I can't believe u just abandoned me because I asked u for just a simple favour... I thought we had love for each other, why did u treat me this way Maria?
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