Romance scam letter(s) from Bradley Nolan to Lola (Romania)
Letter 1

Hello Lola, Thanks so much for getting in touch with me and I cherished you, You are appreciated and I am hoping we have started from somewhere and with time we will get to know each other better. Here are just little about me as promised, have it safe in your email box. To tell you more about me, I would not have divorced but after several years of lovely activities with wife, things started changing negatively, she started having an ex marital affairs sleeping with men around. After begging her several times to stop the bad character, she will not stop and I asked her to move on with her life and we both file a divorce. To my surprise, she did not even have any feeling for our kids and I took up to the task and take good care of my kids. I heard she is still going all about sleeping with men. I tried not to divorce but she will not change so I divorced to let her go out of my life and the kids forever. To tell you about my job,I may only tell you few for security reasons, I am an Engineer in an Army unit. I repair and supply heavy machines. I am presently in AFGHANISTAN attached to a special unit, but soon I will be back home, but early to say now and I hope we can surely meet in person. I am planning of establishing my own company when finally settled down back home with my dream woman and I am ready to relocate for the right woman to start a NEW wonderful life.
I so much believe in God though I may not be religious. My hobbies are cooking, dancing, sports especially football. I like reading when having free time, I like swimming too, I always do that when I am at home. My favorite color is blue. I love listening to music, good ones, not picky. Let me know yours too as I will like to know everything about you and I am ready to relocate for the right woman. Let me know what other things you want to know and I will always be glad to answer you...what exactly are you doing for a living? what is your hobbies? and what are you looking for in a man?....for me, I am looking for a woman to treat with love and respect. looking for that woman that will be very honest with me, a woman that believes in helping each other in a relationship, a woman to travel together, do things and be loved. A woman I can trust with anything in my life..I'll be glad and be happy. I have attached few of my photos as promised, hope you like me and my kids.
Take good care and have a nice day. I care..Cheers
Hugs. Mark
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