Romance scam letter(s) from Martin James to Filomena (USA)
Letter 1

Hi I'm James Mason,how are you doing?you are the most attractive full figured woman I have ever laid my eyes on.Am new here on this site ,Honestly you look so charming and pretty good and your beauty really caught my attention, please i want you to give us a chance to know more about each other better and then we pray for the best for us from God,we can know more about each other via email address ( or drop me yours to email,God bless you and hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 2

Good morning Filomena,You are welcome ,how are you doing?i hope you have a wonderful night rest?I was very impressed and honored hearing from a nice and lovely woman like you and for giving me some of her time,i really do appreciate my dear.honestly you look so charming and beautiful,if i may ask what is the secret of your beauty lol?well as you can see am new here on this site it was introduce to me by a good friend of mine who came across his life partner here on this site and he Advice me to give it a tier if i could be lucky and i decided to give it a tier when i came across your charming profile that really caught my heart and feelings the way no other ladies have never done since i lost my late wife my dear. I`m Gen Mason James in the US army presently station here in Afghanistan Kabul as the current senior marksmanship of international security force (ISAF) , here in Kabul regarding the ongoing war here , am an easy going professional man with good sense of humor ....Am from Boston, Massachusetts but currently living in Massachusetts Avenue Heights, District Of Columbia.Am a widow,i lost my wife few years back and I am currently single never married since i lost my late wife,i feel am the most lonely man on earth living all alone with my only Daughter in this world without the love or care of a woman,i want to start a new family again,all i desire and hope for is a honest, decent, self respected woman, kind, simple woman that understand what relationship and family is all about because i will be retiring soon..i think i have been coming a talkative i have to stop here till you tell me little more about yourself okay
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