Romance scam letter(s) from Thomas Andrew to Amanda (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Dear, Thanks for the nice mail and i thought you are cooking dinner now. I like you too Amanda and ready to take it slowly as long as you want. Am thinking about you so much that you have taken over all my mind and thoughts.. You have a very beautiful home and your son look so nice. Anyway, I will like to come over and i don't know if you are talking about this weekend or the next. Am sending you some pictures of me and i hope you will like it. Just want you to know that i really do care about you and always want to spend my moment with you.. Am sending you some pictures of me and i hope you will like them. Always keep the smiles for me. Kisses and hugs
Letter 2

Hi Dear, Good Morning. How was your night? I feel so happy talking to you all through the night dear and i wish you will understand how you make me feel when we talk. I got the picture you sent to me and i have that one already. I like the picture and the smiles on your face, You are looking so beautiful on it baby. Thanks so much for always giving me this smiles on my face.. Anyway, I want to tell you more about my Job.. Am an independent Contractor. I specialize on supply of building materials and also renovation of condos and mosques.. My job is a very risky and also has a lot of gain on it. I like my job cos it makes me do the best thing i like most which is traveling to other countries and learning their cultures. I write application to companies that needs a contractor and if the contract is awarded to me, I have to finance the contract till the end of it and after that the company will pay me for the contract done. Why i said is a very risky job is that sometimes there may be a change in market price of the materials you needed and maybe after the contract you will notice that you didn't make a enough profit or having some problems at the site which may lead to spending extra funds. I really don't know much to explain to you about it but is all about building and constructions. Am sorry if my English is poor in explaining this to you but i wish you will understand it until i can be able to have you with me and explain more to you. Just want you to know that i wake up and all i think about is you.. Thanks and always have the smiles.
Letter 3

Hi Baby, Good Evening. How are you today? Am glad i was able to talk to you almost all day. I feel so happy anytime am talking cos it makes me feel that am complete with you by my side. I have never felt this way in a long time and i have gotten use to you. A moment i didn't hear from you makes me feel there's something missing in my life. You are a part of me that i will never wish to take away from me. Sometimes i ask myself what's happening to me but i think and believe God has a reason for putting you through my way. From the day we started talking. i have been so attached to you that sometimes when i wake up i wish i was with you cos all through my dreams i had you so close to me. Thank you so much Amanda for giving me this beautiful feelings once again in my life. I want to let you know that i really do care about you and i will do everything within me to make this work out for us. I trust you so much Amanda and i believe in you. All i asked God this year is to give me a woman that will love and build a happy family together with me. You came my way and i promise never to let you go.. Thinking about you so much.. Kisses and hugs
Letter 4

Good Morning Beauty, How was your night baby? I just wake up and am thinking about you. I miss you so much. what are you doing and i hope you had a great night.
Letter 5

Here is the letter they gave to me today and i feel so happy about it.. I will always love you. Kisses
Letter 6

Baby, I know and understand how you feel. I have not told you weather am coming or not but i just told you that the company said i should submit some documents to them tomorrow and then i will know when i will be traveling. God knows i don't want to disappoint you but to be with you. I have dream about it and visualize that moment i will be with you. Am sorry you felt bad but just want to let you know that i love you so much with all my life. Sometimes is always nice when you people try to find out what's making you happy and cannot be able to find it until you present it to them. Remember i was the one who talked about coming to see you this weekend cos i want to be able to spend much time with you. The place i got mad is when you told me that you don't know me and that makes me feel so bad that tears has to drop from my eyes. God knows all i want in this life is to feel loved by someone and am glad i was able to get that from you. Thanks so much Amanda
Letter 7

Baby, Please don't think i will ever ignore you. i didn't get your messages and i was thinking the same here. i keep writing but i didn't know you are not getting it. Am sorry my baby. I will call you once i verify what's the problem. I love you more. kisses baby
Letter 8

Baby, How's your day going? Am just coming back from the interview and i thank God everything went on fine. I don't think i will be able to get to Arkansas by 5;30 pm on Friday baby cos you know i have an interview and don't know when it will end. Am expecting to be there latest 9;30 or 10. I will love to go with you baby but if i can't make it getting there early then you have to go with your sister. I would have loved to have such a wonderful moment with you baby but believe me i can't drive that fast to get there by 5:30. I love you so much baby. Love you so much baby.
Letter 9

My baby, I think about you everyday and night. When I write you, you light up my life. You are the best thing that has happened to me. The love that I hold for you in my soul is greater than an ocean or the sky above.

I will never go away from you both in sickness and in health. i love you so much Amanda and in you i have found my happiness and love. I will keep missing you until when i can have you so close to me. i feel so happy when you said that in my language. i feel yes she's a part of me and willing to know my language for us to live together as one. I love you so much baby and Thanks for the beautiful picture you sent to me. That face is the face i want to always wake up and find her beside me. i love you so much baby. Always
Letter 10

My love, I wrote you on a bright day and at that point I didn't know exactly what you meant to me... now I do. You are the light in my eyes, the happiness in my heart, and just the thought of you not been with me breaks me into small and countless pieces. So, on a day like today, do we promise to be nice to each other through good and bad, for better or worse, until death do us part. And though we have not yet met, I will never break this vow. Also, I know you won't because the day I met you here was the day my life began. I Love you so much Amanda and will forever do. Always
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