Romance scam letter(s) from Kelvin Benjamin to Ana (Mexico)
Letter 1

Hey Honey, I have been checking my email maybe i got a picture from you but i didnt get a mail anyway..i hope this new promotion will not keep you away from me honey? i miss you so much, here is the new cell phone number +234-706-632-2641 i will wait for you to be the first person i hear on this new cell phone honey... I love you and just can't wait to be with you soon. How was work today? Africa is really hot honey....i guess i have to be fast about my job here so i get back home. Hope to hear from you soon Take good care of yourself for me honey..... Kelvin B
Letter 2

Honey how was your night?, i am happy you liked the movie link i gave you last night... i loved your pictures too, i did go see more on face book as you said yesterday. After our conversation last night i couldn't sleep, i was thinking all night about us and my past years of loneliness. I don't know where to start with you, You came into my life and changed everything. I have never been this happy before its unbelievable, You took all the pain, suffering and hurt away i have been holding inside me for so long. I don't know how to explain how happy you make me, We may be miles apart, but that doesn't change a thing. The way I feel about you is incredible. We haven't been together, But oh my gosh girl I'm crazy about you and I fell for you pretty hard. I see a future with you and having your kids. I love you with my life, heart and soul. I can spend my whole entire life just telling you how much i love you, Words can't express, Life without you is unimaginable. When you smile that beautiful smile on the phone and on your pictures, you make me just want to stare at you for real. I don't have a clue how i managed to meet such an amazing woman that treats me wonderful. You've shown me how to love again, You made my fear of loving someone disappear, Cause i know you won't hurt me. I can see it in your eyes and when you smile, when you say i love you. I know every single word that you say is true. I love hearing you say how much you wanna marry me and talking about our future together. I do wanna marry you girl, more than anything. I fall for you harder everyday and i'm glad your in my life now. i'm never letting you go, not without a fight, baby i'm in love with you and i wanna be with you forever. Your the best thing that's ever happened to me, Your not my first but your the best of all. I hope you realize that i'm not going anywhere baby and realize how much i truly do love you. By reading this, I hope you understand that your the only one for me and always will be. I want to be able to hold you until my arms are numb, to be able to kiss you whenever i want just cause i can, lay in bed with you for hours starring into each others eyes, i want nothing more than to be there with you, your the light on my darkest days. you know exactly how to cheer me up. Baby, did i mention that i love you oh so very much and I would do anything in my power to see you. I want to make all your pain disappear, and be there for you when your down and not in the best mood. I want to wipe your tears away and hold you tight. I never thought i could love anyone this much. I never thought anyone could put my heart back together again, I never thought i could meet anyone as special as you. I guess i never thought of a lot of things, I'm so happy i can call you mine and the thought of us being together soon, brings happy tears to my eyes. Your the treasure I've been searching for, your everything I've ever dreamed of having. Your beautiful in my eyes baby. Stay with me and our love will grow, Your perfect for me, I'd do anything for you because i love you and your totally worth it. I wanna give you the world. Cause you gave me everything I've ever wanted. You gave me the woman of my dreams, and your love is all i need to keep me going. I promise i will never ever give up on us, I'd be giving up on my life. Your my world, my life, my everything, my best friend, my lover, my wife. I hope you see from reading this, that you truly are the one for me. and i can't wait to spend my life with you. I love you Your Husband Kelvin B
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