Scam Email(s) from Clark Douglas Dwayne to Airam (USA)


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Letter 1

BANK NAME: Redstone Federal credit union
ACCT NAME: Heather Frankie Riojas

Letter 2

Honey, I dont know if you are getting my text message or not, I have text you this morning and you just sounds like you dont get my text or something, but i saw your voicemail and also your email baby, I miss you and i love you

Letter 3

I'm thinking about you baby, I Love you so much my baby.

Letter 4

Account Name : LaWanda C Brown
Bank Name : First county Federal Credit Union.
Routing Number : 274975262
Account Number : 125230

Letter 5

Hey baby, I have text you several times after you text me once and i dont know why you never reply back to me, Dont tell me you never did get none of those text baby, coz i know you are getting them, You need to get back to me and you need to get the Transaction done. I need you to talk. Okay.

Letter 6

Baby, Just know that everything will be fine, Please try to give me this last opportunity to make this work for us baby. I just want you to trust me withthis honey, I Love you and i want to make you happy so much baby

Letter 7

You got me broke down now that you could said you dont trust me anymore but i wont blame you for saying that because i know so many things have happened but i know very soon you are going to have that trust back in you and know that i have always been so honest with you and care for you, But its okay baby. I Just love you so much

Letter 8

Honey, nothing is going to happen to anyone and i want you to know this is not like before, This is different now, i will be home as i said, Just trust me on this baby, i will be home for you baby, I will make all this better for us soon my love.

Letter 9

Honey, i will be home on Monday so, definitely you will have all of them paid and also pay for the Kids baby. I promised.

Letter 10

I love you too baby but please can you just help me with food now, i know its hard for you but please, i need to eat, i cant even sleep coz I'm sick and hungry

Letter 11

our daughter and everyone. I just want us all to be happy and you are that woman i want to spend the rest of my entire life together with.

Letter 12

I believe soon i will get us back on Track but i wont promise coz you dont want to hear me making another promise to you, But just trying to seek for your help so i could get food. I know this time God knows my heart everytime and its okay. Just know that i always love you no matter what and i care for you and our son.

Letter 13

You dont believe if i will be home on Monday or not, But i know with God and my prayer here i will but i wont say anything or promise anyone, I just knowby the Grace of God everything will be alright, All i asked from you this moment is you to help me get some food and i can survive till Monday, but you just turn your back on me and tell me all i have known, I know i have put you through alot and am ready to get everything right soon.

Letter 14

I'm getting sick now. I was thinking of you helping me to get food is what i need most now, not the 120 they want me to pay for the balance, I'm thinkingof talking to the Manager again i couldn't get the Balance, But i need to eat something before i meet with the manager again tomorrow. But you just dont care if i eat or not, You never been like that to me, But now you just trust anything i tell you anymore.

Letter 15

Good Morning and how was your night baby? I read all your message you sent to me last night, I turn off my phone because i was crying and hungry and i dont know what else to do anymore. I dont want this seizure to happen to me again coz i never make proper treatment for it. I'm just scared i dont die before i leave on Monday. I never eat anything for 3 days now. Nothing, no crackers or anything. I just dont feel good again

Letter 16

I know baby, but this is very important now honey, I just want you to know that, only if you dont want me home again or want a good health for me till i get the chance to come home on 11th of this month baby

Letter 17

I always want your love, but you makes me feel like i dont know what I'm doing and that i only comes for your help, i have text steve even before i text you and he did not answer my text, i dont now why all this days and i also text the other people. No one could help anyway. so what else did you want me to do, I'm fucking hungry here with nothing.




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