Romance scam letter(s) from Douglas Stellin Malone to Alicia (USA)
Letter 1

Hello ma how are you doing? It's so nice to hear from you again. I am very sorry for not responding to your mail on time, i don't have free access to computer here unless i go to the cafe. you sound nice just as dad has been saying about you, i can see why dad is really in love with you this much. how is your family doing, do you have kids? i hope they are doing fine like they use to?. i can't wait to meet you soon, Yes aunty my birthday is coming up soon....And i'm very excited but i haven't hear from dad, hope dad will send me some money so i can get something for myself i want celebrate my birthday with my friends here at school, i have some nice friends here they are all waiting for my B'day i promise to celebrate it with them lol. don't be supprise that's how we all normally do we the girls we love to have fun and feel happy lol aunty you can also send me a present that will be very nice and i will remain greatful to you..........I wait for you reply again it's really nice reading your message i love what you wrote so much. byeeeeee for now my friends are living me let me go and joined them take care and may God bless you Merabel
Letter 2

Hello ma how are you doing am always happy to hear from you, how is your day going? i hope you are doing great thanks for the pics they are cute, you have really bring back my smile i can't wait to meet you soon, can i ask you a something? Can i call you mom? i would love to be in your arms an remain there forever because you are so caring i love you more take care mom i will print out your pics and show them to my friends thanks mom i will talk to you later
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