Romance scam letter(s) from Martin James to Robin (USA)
Letter 1

Hello how are you doing..i hope all is well with you and your family.. a good Morning hug I'm sending to you Wrapped up in love With big smiles too My special wish Is you Robin.have a good day I hope things are pleasant Each step of the way A day filled with sunshine No clouds overhead Feelings of peace As you climb out of bed Enjoy the fresh air Be good to yourself Find time to relax We only live once A good Morning hug For you my dear..Have a good day From beginning till end May your day be filled with sunshine! God created a new day for you.May you be blessed the whole day through. I'm pouring you some sunshine to spend this time with you a warm toast of the Morning with honey words to chew. Here's a mug of happy tea, and as your heart is fed slowly sip each moment of this lovely day ahead. Now as you take your shower ,please know that I will pray that with each drop a blessing comes to carry you away. I hope there will be a spring in each every step you take, a stretch or two before you leave for goals that you will make. Mornings are the best of times to get us on our way, knowing a lovely woman like you can share another lovely day.take care and have good day Regard James
Letter 2

Hello my love here is the address he gave me and the street...Wish this is ok now..Take care and love you more.
Name: Eric Forson
Address: 24 kolom ave street.
Country: Ghana-Accra
Phone: 0570276159
Letter 3

Darling, Am thinking about you as always.Well i can't wait to meet you face to face.. I will be home very soon but i have not find out the date yet but I think it will be soon my dear.. Am thinking about you badly and madly here.. I keep smiling all day when I think of you.. Am cool whit your weight and i can't wait to have you in my arms I must tell you now,Robin I am experiencing things I have never experienced before, I am feeling things i have never felt before, i am saying things i never said before...You and I have been in love for centuries. I know it for sure, even the only thought of it drives me crazy. On one side, our story has no rationality, no logic,Our minds seem to have been subdued by the enormous pouring of feelings, wow..!what a strong feelings! Robin Honestly, i see a man and a woman so much in love and are terribly attracted to each other (it cannot be interpreted as bodily attraction, because our bodies have not met yet, so they have not been distracted by an eventual superficiality of a physical encounter). I think there is logic in what we feel and compelled to do by our innermost feelings. Loving each other is the ONLY logical thing we can choose to do, in order to appease our minds and souls...,Today i feel stronger...Stronger and more certain of our future together. It is one of the few certainties i have in my life, the commitment to a honest life, the certainty that there is birth and death in life.

This is not infatuation or anything related...It is true LOVE. The feelings are strong, devastatingly beautiful, so deeply involving, incredibly intense. I am at the best of my potential, my trillions of cells are alive, I can sense their full excitement for life...and i Own it to YOU. Life has not been gentle with us, but I am sure our love will heal all wounds, bring peace to our tormented souls, and also joy and happiness. We will also share our happiness with many others who are less fortunate, I promise...Please, never doubt the sincerity and depth of my love for YOU, I hope your day is going on well.. Take good care of your self.. Hugs and Kisses,

James xxx
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