Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Smith to Anne (Canada)
Letter 1

Hello my love,
how are you doing today? Its really nice to read an email from you...:) I bet we are both having the same feelings..
the waiting is driving me craze too but I have high hopes that everything is over. The lawyer said the judge was not able to sign the document because the judge had a lot of cases on fridays so he intended to wait till monday.
I just can't wait!!!!I miss you much,
I thought we could chat for awhile.
I love you,Anne,
I can't wait to be with you.
Hugs and kisses,
Letter 2

Hello honey, how are you doing today? The day has been quite long for me since I have been waiting and checking on time. It seems Mr. Desmond has not paid my ticket yet because he want to get the document before he pay for the ticket to avoid anther penalty..Honey, the storage fee is going to be a problem since I will have to pay before I can get my stuff .I have been a bit sad all day since I didn’t get any news from my lawyer today, Am hoping I can sort out with the storage bill before the document get to me or they will delay me or keep my stuff.
You know I have spent all this TIME here because of this and now I have to leave it behind? Am confuse my love, I miss you soo much. The waiting is driving my craze!!! Am really tired today, I will look for connection later tonight.
Love you more each day...!!
Your Soulmate, Mark.
Letter 3

Hello honey, how are you doing today? I hope your day went well; you have been on my mind all day. I have been very sad and down. It is really nice to read from you. I also got an email from the lawyer informing that the document will be sign this week because since he is not around his assistant is finding it quite difficult to deal with the judge concerning that specific document because he need to provide the other documents before the IRS clearance document will be signed. He said it’s a protocol to make sure every bill has been paid..denmm this Africans!!. He advised me to try and sort out with the storage before leaving or put a down payment for a better safety care till I get home to raise funds. I think he is right honey...:(

I spoke to the storage keeper and he gave me a bill of $5580 because the package wealth a lot and also it has been there for a long time. I was able to negotiate with the keeper, he said he will accept $580 as a down payment for better safe keeping till am able to pay the rest when I get home.. Then, they can be able to discharge the package to my address or I can come back for a ''Personal Pick up'' in his actual words..:(
I have not been able to sleep well for two days because I have been soo anxious to leave here. I am having a sleepless night with soo many longing feelings in my heart. I have tears in my eyes as i type this email....I love you
I hope we can chat later today; I will look up for you if I get a connection.

Sleep well,
Your Soulmate, Mark.
Letter 4

Hello my love, how are you doing today? I hope you were able to sleep well last night, I could feel your smile in your email. I thank God for helping us throughout this difficult time. There is tears in my eyes this morning when I got the chance to read it, what can I say to a woman who has open up her heart and mind to love and cherish me in my worst and embarrassing situations. You give me hope when I feel there is none! Am happy everything is finally going to be over, I feel so happy this morning knowing you will be in my arms this week. I feel the hand of God on us now my love, I appreciate what he has done for us.

Please send the rest of the funds to Mr. Desmond so he can sort out the storage bill for me. Honey please send him 430 if you can because I think there will be a little on my ticket since I have spent more time here. He will add the 50 to the other 50 we sent him to clear my flight penalty...I just don’t want any surprises...:) You are all I think about. I want to be in your arms real soon my love. There soo much to talk about when we meet this week, maybe our body language will be soo loud there wouldn’t be enough to talk about..:) I feel soo happy my love, I WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO YOU...!!!

Please send him the funds this morning so he can have everything sorted out quickly for us......I will send him a quick email to inform him of the Good News...
Thank you my love!!!!

Your Soulmate, Mark.
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