Romance scam letter(s) from Lincoln Harrison to Ann (USA)
Letter 1

I was on but i can't remember my log-in details because the last time i log-in was 3 years ago, I have attached pictures of My Mom, Sister, My Daughter and my self. I would love to see yours too. Lincoln.
you're in my thought......
Letter 2

Please be sincere with me if you want this relationship or not and that is what i meant by my last mail. I am a one woman man and i do my things in a straight manner, if i say something shifted in me, i mean something shifted in me. I want you to read this poem i got for You. POEM
----- Slipping undergarments
Sliding through silky skin
Sweat wet
Oozing heated yearning Parting lips touching buds
Of sweet tasting affection;
Grasps tighten round
Fused bodies; Lunges welcomed,
Mingling pain and love
Lingering vibes showing,
Cloudy skies;
Frenzied moments Completed, shared, embraced self
Sharing the world with
You...................xoxoxoxoxoxo, Lincoln.
Letter 3

What I’m about to say to you is important for both of us. Knowing and realizing that there is still a lot to unfold, I’m willing to go forward if you are. Something shifted in me today, not sure what or why, but it did. I’m Surrendering my HEART to you. I’m going to trust, that what is happening between us, is of GOD. I’m going to try to put all my fears aside and go with what my heart has been telling me. I take your Heart in my Hands with all the gentleness, kindness and love that I can possibly hold in my Soul I ask you to do the same. I realize how crazy this may seem to both of us. But, I do believe in Miracles and work in the Metaphysical World. So, why couldn’t this be happening? I have prayed and ask God to bring me someone that I may find peace and happiness with. Why shouldn’t it be you? We both have been through a lot of heartache; it’s time for our Blessing. I will share my prayer that I prayed this morning. I asked that God Bless our Union together. That it be filled with Love, Peace and Happiness. That we would be Bless with a Long Life together with Good Health and financial security. I asked that our kids be Blessed with our Union, that we would be the best parents to them and provide all the Love and support that they will need to grow into healthy young adults. I asked that our family be Blessed. I asked that our extended family and friends be Blessed with our Union and that all that our life together will touch will know the presence of GOD’s Love. I dreamed last night that I introduced you to a close friend that was dying. He is a very close friend and Spiritual Mentor to me. I was kneeling by his bed, and told him I had found you, he wanted to meet you. I know it was you because I turned and said Anne, please come meet Paul.” I know on some level of consciousness we were all together. I want to concentrate on getting to know you, i cannot communicate with more than one woman at the same time, please don’t get me wrong am not trying to impose it on you that we must have something, i just want to have my attention on you and see where it leads us... Please stop me now!!! If you don’t think this is at all a possibility…I’m going to trust, this moment in time and my Heart is now in your hands. I miss you and haven’t even touched you!!! And i woke up thinking about you too. My favorite color: Blue, My favorite beach: Can't really pick one, My favorite song: I Never Met A Woman - by Los Lonely Boys, My favorite drink: Lemon Drop , Coke, My favorite movie: Scent of a woman By Al Pacino, My favorite car and one I want to buy soon: Audi A5 Coupe; Ferrari, My favorite time of day: early morning as the sun is rising, My favorite time of year: transition between summer and fall, My favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving, Xmas Period. LOVE,
Letter 4

I cannot keep my thought from wandering to you. especially after we started texting, I feel more confident with this each moment that passes by, I want to know everything about you. Your favorite color, your favorite beach, your favorite song, your favorite drink, your favorite. I have few friends that tells me on a regular basis that I manage to make people feel comfortable and welcome no matter where we are. I take my attachments to those I love very seriously, and once you're in my heart (whether a love or a friend or family) I do my best to let you know that you are important to me. Children are of the highest priority to me. I do not make promises to children that I do not intend to keep, and I like to be a safe, healthy, and fun adult in their lives. I treat my friends' well, too, as I believe that they are just as valuable and precious as the people in my life. I have a great passion for life, and am always seeking to improve my inner self. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh, and I can also engage in serious conversation. I can be a grown up or embrace my childlike side depending on the situation. I can be ambitous and confident, but I can also be quite shy sometimes. I love to read, like action and adventure movies-pretty much anything but horror movies. I could probably say a lot more, but I'd rather learn more about you in person.

I hope you are enjoying your day and look forward to hearing from you! Lincoln.
Letter 5

I like to get a mail from you, I'm not doing anything special today, Seating at the pool side with my Daughter and friends, typical weekend huh? I admire that you took time to rediscover yourself. I see what we both are looking for in a relationship. A partner. A friend..most of all the truth...Seems so simple but not for most ..they tell you what you want to Hear. My motto is I would rather have you hurt my feeling with truth than to spare my feeling with a lie.....I treat people with the up most respect ,and expect the same back. I learned because of my long term commitment to my Ex-wife it was about wanting to be with that person in good times and to get through the bad times. Its about being together because you want to not because you have to. This is not about being with someone just for now or until something better comes along. I go for long road not the short ride....I have high expectations for myself ,and any one in my life ...This isn't about material things or money..That doesn't buy you real love or happiness...I have always been independent even when married. No one person should be responsible for another person’s happiness,I believe it's up to yourself to make that happen...I'm looking for that love ,and won't settle for less. I know what real love is..I'm not going to play games with your feelings or mine ..We have our family's which is part of us ,and they are just as important when someone comes into my life. I hope you can feel in my words about trust....and truth. They go hand in hand.......I hope you understand me...I think we both have come across with our wants and needs in a relationship, I think we are on the same page...this seems to be a good start. We can build from here...a good foundation starts a good relationship. Would you like to talk on the phone? Have a great weekend.
Letter 6

Hi Anne, Thanks for letting me feel welcome and I really enjoyed reading your mail. I understand that there are many different ways to partner, and I try not to judge other people’s choices, but for me, I would like to find an equal partner, someone who contributes as much as I do to a relationship. This doesn’t have to be about money, but in totality, the work, effort and total contribution we bring. I think it’s especially important for partners to be able to trust each other, without that, it just seems like everything falls apart. I also think it’s important to be able to express your needs and wants to each other. And make decisions together about how to meet them. I believe it’s important to be kind to each other, not to be callous with each other’s hearts. As a basic foundation I think there should be respect for each other’s freedom (though to make a partnership work, I believe that we have to freely choose to take our partner and our family into consideration when we make choices), honesty and openness, I don’t believe that ‘little white lies’ are harmless or kind, I believe that honesty, even if we don’t want to hear what someone has to say, is always more kind in the long run.
To have compassion and empathy for each other and be willing to really listen to what your partner has to say. I want to support my partner in achieving her dreams, and feel supported by them in accomplishing mine. I want to work together with my partner to make decisions as a family, and share our power, well.... It seems like so many people want to do ‘just enough’ to get by, but I want more than that. Thanks for reading, thanks for the picture and i also attached a similar photo of my self lol. Lincoln.
Letter 7

Hello Anne, It was really nice receiving your mail am so serious in getting to know you better and talk more, I thought it would be helpful if I shared what some of my interests are and what some of my passions are and also This will give you an idea about the man you are communicating with and probably spending the rest of your life with lol.

I tend to have a variety of interests, such as the following: I enjoy the outdoors. I love spending time by the water (lakes and oceans) as the water grounds me and provides me with inner peace. I too enjoy a nice sunset especially by the water (romantic). I enjoy walking, swimming, anything with outdoors involvement and playing like a kid when am with my partner. A swing is always lots of fun especially if someone is pushing you. I have a playful spirit. I enjoy quality time spent with my daughter. I enjoy a good movie, all types of music, reading, some sports, different types of foods. I am open to trying new things. The bottom line is I am active and have a tremendous amount of energy to expend.

I have a few passions in my life and I would have to say that I am passionate about being a good father, about my career, about developing relationships (in general), and I really look forward to being passionate and having a passionate intimate relationship someday. I tend to be passionate about all things that are attached to the heart, my heart. Generally, this is my love and passion for humanity and for those that will come into my love life. Would you like to put a voice to our writting some day? I hope you're having a great day? Cheers. I hope you're doing great,
Letter 8

Thanks for the lovely respond, I am a confident gentle man, I have a great sense of humor. I am gentle, affectionate, generous and loyal and I look for these qualities in other people. I also find that communication in a relationship is key to making it work as well as saying I love you as often as possible (without sounding like a desperate perv). I'm into Real Estate and Properties. "Commercial" and Like i said earlier i'm also Running my Father's Constructing Company, we evaluate, design, and commission new construction and existing buildings, for optimized performance and operational efficiency. Its engineering that pays dividends. I help clients access utility, state and federal and energy-efficiency, often times minimizing upfront cost and dramatically shortening a projects payback. We do buying and Selling of Properties too. Am I stable? Well yes, I have my own investment business; I own my home, car, and Jet Ski which means I am pretty much financially stable. In the meantime, I'm happy with what I am doing because I know that the work I do makes a difference, I love everything about construction, and I love to create new once. I don't get angry easily and if I do, I tried to control myself by leaving the scene and then go back to talk about it after we are all calmed. What am I looking for in life? Well happiness and love is right up there. I want to think about you during the day. Send you a text or email to make you smile, bring you flowers for no reason at all, wrap my arms around you when you are sad, laugh with you at the same joke or movie, think about you when I go to sleep and as soon as I wake up. What am I looking for in a woman? Someone who actually wants to be in love again. I do not just want to be a weekend boyfriend and I want you to be a part of all my life not just some of it. Be fun and adventurous and want to do something silly every once and a while. Feel sexy and know that you have it. Well that's probably enough to keep you going for now. If you want to know anything else about me, please ask and I will happily answer, hope that you find nothing offensive in what I wrote, and thanks for reading Lincoln.
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