Romance scam letter(s) from Martin James to Tina (USA)
Letter 1

Hi sweetheart Good morning to you my love .how are you doing today and how was your sleep last night baby i hope you have a pretty sleep and dream baby.honey i am so sorry that last night i am not able to come online and meet you so that we can skype darling last night i came back to camp later and i look very tired that is why baby me honey i will never change my mind on you always will love you until the end of the time my love and i am looking forward to make you my lovely wife and the is nothing will change that baby i do have a feeling for you are my one and only darling i am online now do you mind to come and have a nice chat with me i will be going to night patrol again and will come back later baby i miss talking to you baby i love you so much martin
Letter 2

Hi sweetheart Good morning to you honey are you doing this morning my love i hope you have a pretty sleep and dreams last night baby ..thank you very much for your email i am glad to always read your email darling .. i have been thinking about you and also do miss you badly here baby ..please when you start to go to the north please drive well okay i will pray for you and will be thinking about you i do love you with all my heart honey i will be looking forward to hear from you soon my Queen martin
Letter 3

Hi sweetheart Good evening to you honey are you doing today and how was your day baby i hope everything is going well with you my Queen ..i thank God that you went there safe and came back safely my love now that you finish the work of the house i don't think you will go the again baby ..i have been thinking about you honey and miss you ..i can see you are tired and you need some rest darling i will chat with you later my love .... martin
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