Scam Email(s) from Luke Stafford to Francis (Germany)


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Letter 1

I am happy to hear from you again and this is a quick response before I head out to the gym.Please can you answer my questions in my previous message,would it be okay for to tell me a little about yourself..

Letter 2

Hi Birgit,

Thanks for sharing your name,my name is Fred but friends call me Freddie (feel free to call me any).I enjoyed getting on here to your message and hope you had a wonderful weekend.How do you normally spend your weekends? I don't normally have anything special planned out for my weekends,I go to the gym to work out and probably do some swimming.I enjoy long walks when ever the weather permits,long rest,movies here at home or even play my instruments.How long have you been on here,have you dated anyone through online dating in the past?

I am mechanical engineer,I work as an independent contractor and I must admit it's been a challenging experience getting to this point in my career especially having dealt with such a huge loss but I am in a good place now.I enjoy my work with the flexibility it offers me even though sometimes it can be pretty demanding.Have you ever been married,where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

I have been on my own for 3years now and I will not pretend the past couple of years alone has been awesome but I have dealt with my loss and I am hoping to find someone down to earth that can make a difference in my little world.My social life is a mess at the moment compared to what it used to be like when I had someone special to share it with.I enjoy cooking,entertaining at home,going to the movies,weekend getaways,traveling for fun and a lot more but definitely feels so different alone if you understand what I mean.What are you looking for in your ideal partner?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.I have never been in a long distance relationship but I am not scared to try.What do you think of the distance since I live here in England?

Letter 3

Hi Birgit,

It is good to hear from you again and hope you are having a productive week so far.Did you learn english in school? I must admit I am enjoying getting to know you,you seem like a straightforward person and I am glad you feel we can walk through the distance.It has been a busy week for me although productive considering the fact it was month ending with a few deadlines to meet up with.

I have an idea,do you have a messenger? The yahoo messenger was installed on my computer yesterday and I think it could be fun giving it a try since we can learn more about each other.I was meant to believe you could already have it on your computer or phone inbuilt but you can google download yahoo messenger and click on the link to run,guess it is worth a shot.Wishing you a wonderful day and hope to hear from you again.

Letter 4

Hi Birgit,

I am happy to hear from you and hope you are having a wonderful day with lots of smiles too.Your work sounds pretty demanding but what matter is enjoying what you do cause work stress is what we all encounter from time to time in our individual jobs.My contract with my current employer runs out end of the year and not sure what's next but open for renewal.Of course what you see is what you get here too,I can't predetermine what the future holds but I am open to what ever it brings my way as long as we are happy.I have never been in a long distance relationship but willing to give it a try at this point in my life cause life is pretty short if you know what I mean.

The yahoo messenger is all I have on my work laptop and a lot of applications can't run on my laptop cause of the restrictions and configuration for my work.So you don't have a messenger on your PC,think all you have to do is google download yahoo messenger and click on link to run.Not sure how long that will take but I was meant to believe it will only last about a min or two and you need a yahoo id to sign in as well.Do you have one? Let me know how that goes so I can send you my yahoo email id to add up or you can send me your,all you have to do is let me know a good time to connect on the messenger and lets see how it goes.

Wishing you a fabulous rest of the day and a productive one,don't work too hard! I must admit once more I enjoy hearing from you..




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