Romance scam letter(s) from Joseph Dunford to Cristina (USA)
Letter 1

my father have told me a lot of nice things about you, that is why i ask him to allow me to communicate through email, i hope you will write me often from now, my mom died 4 years ago from cancer disease, i feel terrible sad and devastated but i have put everything behind me now, my father help me a lot in those moment, he is always there for me even there in Syria, he is always in contact with me to know how I'm doing everyday, i love my father so much, i am glad you both meet, you seem kind and nice person, i am happy for you both, this is my schedules 7am- wake up, get ready to class
7:30am- dining hall. breakfast sandwich or waffle or bagel. there's a bunch of other stuff but these are my favorites. we have really good food actually,
8am- class. sometimes i have this free like on Thursdays and can sleep in
9am- class. dissecting weird stuffs
10am- class. integrating stuff
11am- class. pondering the meaning of life
12pm- dining hall. eat. gossip. study for test
1pm- free/ give tour to prospective students
2pm- class. test. bs my way through
3pm- done with class!
3:30pm- sports! i play field hockey and football, ice hockey in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring
5:30pm sports end
5:40pm dining hall.
6:00pm or 6:30pm club meeting or chorus or other meeting of some sort
7:00pm start my work in the library
8:00pm procrastinate
9:00pm chill out with friends, eat ice cream
9:30pm must be back in dormitory
10:00pm studying
11:00pm studying frantically
12:00pm give up. roommate is asleep but i still have work because i procrastinate.
1:00pm my friend who also procrastinates like its his job comes in my room to join me. we do calculus together.
1:30pm fall asleep during English reading on bad days, i wake up early to finish homework. but basically that is like an average day. Regards
Jeffery Morgan
Letter 2

Good morning,
Thanks for your email, i am really happy and glad you care about me, i am sorry to call you Mrs, my School name is Royal School, Haslemere, i am fine and studies is going well, we will go on holiday in next 2 weeks, i will stay with my friend family until school resume back in few weeks, i can only go outing when I'm on Holiday, yes i like my school a lot, i have good friends here too, they are like a family to me, i am glad you and my dad understand and like each other very well, i wish you a beautiful weekend, i have put my past behind me, it's nature, i know everybody will die one day, i love my father so much and i pray that he succeed and never get hurt in Syria, i study always to make my parents proud, i want to fulfill my promise to my dad and mother, i want to become a doctor in future, thanks once again for the message.
Letter 3

Good morning,
Thanks for your words of praise towards me, thanks for praying for my father always, i can't wait to see my father again after so many months,i am glad to made it because from the start, i ask my self how can you cope without my mother and father been close to me, it was difficult but with time i begin to live with it, now my father is going to come home in few months, i will be with him always and communicate with him, play again, my father use to play football and tennis with me, i am very happy and excited, it's good to have friends but good ones, i don't like bad friends and my father warn me against it too, i will never make stupid friendship, my education is first now, i want to archive my aim become a doctor, i need to study hard everyday, but today i am going to play and enjoy my self around, i know soon my father will return home, i wish to visit your country with him someday, maybe during the Christmas because we use to have long Holiday, i am going to play now, i wish you a nice day.
Your son
Letter 4

Good evening mom,
thanks for your message, yes we did exam but we have finish exam since yesterday,i am waiting to get my result, thanks for your concern and caring towards me, i wish you a nice evening, good night mom
Your son
Letter 5

Good morning mom,
I am really happy each time you send a message to me, thanks for your caring, i am only grateful with your advice, i really appreciate it, thanks once again, i am fine and healthy, i am at class room but wish to use this opportunity to send you an email, your son George is very handsome, you are also beautiful too, yesterday Sunday was beautiful, i play some soccer and play computer game with a friend and eat and read and sleep, i don't see my self handsome, but i am happy you said I'm handsome, weather is beautiful today here in London, it's 13°C but warm, i am going to continue with my studies now,i wish you pleasant day.
Letter 6

Good evening my love,
I am very sorry, i had another network problem, it's very sad and frustrating, i was happy talking with you and my network suddenly disappear honey, i couldn't do anything, i am really sorry, how are you and how's your evening? i can't stop thinking about you all the time, you are always in my heart and thoughts, i love you with every beat of my heart, i love you more than anything in this world honey, you mean everything to me, i am yours forever, you are the best thing ever happen to me, you are so special and precious in my heart, you are the most important person in my life, i love you with every beat of my heart, no amount of word can describe how much i love you and wish to live with you soon, i love you with passion, you are all i want forever, i need you like air to breathe Paula, i am going to bed now because i must work tomorrow morning, i will be here 2:00 your time, i can't live without you anymore, i am yours forever, good night and sleep well, dream of me, we are meant to be together, kisses to you.
Your true love
Letter 7

Good evening mom, i think my father was very upset tonight, he forward the message he intended to send you to me, that is the first message i sent to you, i am fine and healthy, i wish you good night and greetings to George
Your son
Letter 8

Good morning mother,
I am fine and everything is alright with me, i am very happy for George, i miss you a lot mum, you are not bothering me, i am always happy to read from you, i am not always with computer this days, i would have always write you mother, how is weather and i hope everything is fine with you? i wish you a nice day.
Yours son
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