Romance scam letter(s) from Harry Green to Carina (Malaysia)
Letter 1

honey you are more special to me, since i have known you , my life has had a turn around for good, i have never felt so much happiness inside my heart, sometimes when i listen to music in my bedroom, i dance when i think of you and think of how bright our future can be together, my life is totally incomplete without you, I'm not saying this to impress you, I'm just being honest here, You have uplifted my faith in life and gave me so many reasons to smile, knowing that I will be with you soon makes me feel like i own the world, what more can i say than be happy
Letter 2

Flight details email
Mr Harry Green ( has asked us to send you this email and has included the following message for you: Good day Miss. Karin, We are here by privileged to inform you as part of directives from Mr.Harry Green , That Mr.Harry Green,has made bookings for British Airways flight number BA0078 leaving Heath-row (GH) for Accra (Ghana) JUL the 25th of 2014. The flight Departs by 22:50 25th Jul your time and Arrive in (Kuala Lumpur) 16:00 27th JUL.
He has made all necessary payments and has been stamped to be on the flight out. We wish him a safe trip. Regards, British Airways
Your flight itinerary details
25 Jul
26 Jul
Accra Heathrow
British Airways
26 Jul
27 Jul
Hong Kong BA0025
British Airways
27 Jul
27 Jul
Hong Kong Kuala Lumpur BA4561
Cathay Pacific
Price quote breakdown
Passenger Fare
per person
Taxes, fees, charges and
per person
1 adult USD 7,683.00 USD 843.28 USD 8,526.28
8/3/2014 Gmail - Your BA fare quote to Kuala Lumpur 25 July 2014 2/3
1 child USD 7,683.00 USD 843.28 USD 8,526.28
Total price quote USD 17,052.56
(Price not guaranteed*)
* The price quote in the email is not guaranteed for future booking.
Busy flights may sell out. If the price quoted is no longer available, alternatives will be displayed if you click "Book flights".
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Did you know?
With such attractive prices, why not consider treating yourself to an upgrade. Do you also know that we offer competitively priced hotels, car hire and travel extras to complement your trip.You can take advantage of these offers when you click "Book flights".
We hope you enjoy flying with British Airways
How to contact us
This is an automated email, and we are unable to respond to replies. To ask a question online, send us an email, or find the contact numbers please click on the link below and go to "Your questions"
Your questions
If you have received this email in error
This is a confidential email intended only for the British Airways customer appearing as the addressee.
If you are not the intended recipient please delete this email and inform the sender as soon as possible. Please note that copying, distribution or other action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance upon it is prohibited and may be unlawful.
* All pricing quoted in the email was correct at the time the email was sent. Prices may have since
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