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Searching Database

Use this option to look for scammer information specific to first and last name, city, address, country, phone number, and email address. Make sure to look for spelling errors when entering names. In order to find out the correct spelling, use both the name as well as the city category. This will bring up a list of correctly spelled names and cities.

How will I be able to search using this tool? We are going to provide you with an example. This is the information you currently hold on a scammer:


First name: Samuel

Last name: Fitchette

Address(es): 1 Sunway rd., Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 47500

E-mail address(es):


You can search using multiple keywords. Some of the possibilities are:


Samuel Fitchette - you'll find all "Samuel Fitchette" from any country

Samuel Fitchette Selangor - you'll find all "Samuel Fitchette" from "Selangor"

Samuel Fitchette Malaysia - you'll find all "Samuel Fitchette" from "Malaysia"

Samuel Fitchette Sunway - you'll find all "Samuel Fitchette" with "Sunway" street in the address field

Samuel Malaysia - you'll find all "Samuel" from "Malaysia"

Samuel Selangor - you'll find all "Samuel" from "Selangor"

Malaysia Sunway - you'll find all scammers from "Malaysia" with "Sunway" street in the address field

Malaysia Selangor Sunway - you'll find all scammers from "Selangor" in "Malaysia" with "Sunway" street in the address field.


There are many other combinations.... Of course you can search with any single keyword. Searching by e-mail address and phone number can be useful as well.


The search scripts works because it is able to find certain keywords that the scammer puts out himself. It is best to leave out punctuation, avoid certain general words, most notably conjunctions like "and, street, house, flat, appartment, city, town, village, settlement, state, republic, country" etc.. and prepositions like "to, at, by" etc..


For two-words (or more) city, street, etc. names like Kuala Lumpur you can use in your search one word only - any of them, for example "Kuala". But, such names like "Yoshkar-Ola" (two words city name united with hyphen) is for the search script one keyword.


Phone numbers can take on different written forms. For example, 234-806-491-6762; or +234-806-491-6762 or 234 806 491 6762. If you want to find a phone number then you should write it without spaces, hyphen signs and “+” in the beginning: 2348064916762


Try searching for only parts of keywords: instead of "Fitchette" use "Fitch", instead of "Sunway" use "Sunw", instead of "" use "samfitch", instead of "2348064916762" use "2348064" etc.



Search by Age

This is a helpful function to check if the man is in our database or not.

They may change their names and/or contact information, but they can't change how much younger or older they are.

If you know that he is 45, try to search for her with 45-45 or 44-46 or other combinations, selecting the country where he is living.



Photo Search

This is a really useful tool as scammers will more often than not use the same photo sets again and again. With this function you will be able to search our database of known scammers' pictures using photos that have been sent to you.


Just upload the photo from your computer's hard-drive to search our database. Allowed file types are .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png.



Searching Scam Letters Database

This search is very useful if you have in your possession a letter or a message on a dating site but are unsure if it is a scammer or not.

Since almost all scammers have pre-written letters, this makes things much easier. While they change everything else including name and phone number and address, they don't often change these letters. It is rare they will take the time to write a woman a message themselves. If you encounter a letter that was sent to you on our database, stay away.

You just need to copy and paste a small amount of the letter into the search box. Once completed, it will give you a list. Lets say for example you get a letter like this:


"Good to hear from you once again my dear and i was very happy to hear from you again i have to tell you this what i need from my woman is love and caring and trust worthy. I want you to have it in mind that im a single man that is looking for a very good woman that will love me for the rest of my life. I'm new to this online dating and this is my first time of doing it i haven't met any woman yet."


By taking a small piece of this information, say "what i need from my woman is love and caring and trust worthy" and adding it into the search box, you will receive all the letters that have this sentence, and will thus be able to find your scammer, or someone that is acting along with your scammer.

If you do not receive a hit from this information, try posting in another part. Also, first letters are always more likely to come up on our search browser, so give one of those a try.



Fake Document Search

Entering information into this field will let you search for information regarding the falsified documents we have on file.

It is very common that scammers send women falsified documents that look very real but are in fact fakes. Using our search field of fake documents, put in the number of the document without spaces.


As an example, if you have a number as 353 No 12346790, just enter in the full number without anything else, so: 35312346790 or part of the number – 353 or 3531 or 353123 or 2346790 etc.



Checking the IP address

By receiving an email from your potential scammer, you are also receiving his IP address. This information is sent through what are called headers. For more information on how this can help, check below.

You will need to remember, first of all, that this won't always work. If the scammer is using an anonymous proxy server, chances are you won't be able to get the IP address. However, since no honest people do this, you can bet that it is in fact a scammer.

Remember too that Gmail hides the IP address of the sender. This does not mean that you cannot gain access to his IP address. If the message was sent via Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or Outlook Express, simply open one of them and then begin the process.

All of the email services listed below have some different steps that are required to find the email header. Here are some of the best:


Gmail E-mail:

Get onto Gmail and find Reply. Hit the down arrow and look for "show original". A new window should open with the email header.


Yahoo E-mail:

Find the message and then find the option "View Full Headers". By selecting this, a pop-up saying "Full Message Header" will come on.


Hotmail (Live) E-mail:

Right click the message and look for "View Source". Now you need to select it and a new window appears on your browser.


AOL E-mail:

Check the top row, and click "Action" once the menu drops down. Then, click "View Message Source". A new page will open with the headers you need.


Outlook / Incredimail:

First open the message. On the top left you will see the "File" button. Click that, then "Properties". Finally, click the "Details" button and then "Message Source".


Microsoft Office version of Outlook:

Open up a message. Go to "View" and then "Options". Sometimes the "Option" button is not displayed. Be sure to click "View" on the toolbar. The standard Outlook toolbar will not have an options command. You can find the Header information as it appears by first going to Delivery options in the Internet Headers box.

If you find X-Originating-IP: followed by an IP address, that is the sender's IP address. If that doesn't work, look for Received: from [followed by IP address within square brackets] by "your mail service". That is the sender's IP address. If you have multiple Received: from records select the last one.


Copy and paste IP address without square brackets into IP search field and you'll find the real location of the woman you are corresponding with.



Check Hidden Photo Information

After you have uploaded the photo you'll able to see the metadata in various forms such as camera model and camera name, time and date when the photo was captured, if an image manipulation tool was used, location where the image was taken, name or the photographer including copyright notice if any, and more...


Once you have ascertained where it was taken, you can go ahead and ask the individual where he took it, when and how far in the past it was and contrast the information with the data.