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This flexible tool uses a specialized image file with an exchangeable format that can specify the formats for all types of images, recorded sound files, ancillary tags, and other image handling systems used by digital cameras. It also works with images picked up from scanners, iPhones, and other smartphones.


After you have uploaded the photo, you are given a metadata which is information held as a description of stored data, in a variety of formats:


1. You will know the kind of digital camera used to take the photo and you will literally see the name and model of that camera.


2. The date and time when the photo was taken is also available to you. You can compare the information from the image to that of the man you are communicating with on a dating site. Once you have the information regarding when the photo was taken, you can ask him where and when the photo was taken. Compare his answers with the information obtained from this tool. You will know whether he is telling you the truth or not.


3. If the image was manipulated in any way, this tool will disclose this information along with details of what software was used to manipulate the photo.


4. You will find out where the photo was taken. If the GPS function of the digital camera was turned on at the time, a detailed map of the exact location where the photo was taken will be available to you as well.


5. Another excellent feature of this tool, the photographer's name will be shown along with any copyright notice. The owner's name and copyright information will show clearly in the metadata and if the camera's owner adjusted its settings to provide such information.


This is extremely useful if a scammer has taken a professional photo from the internet and trying to pass it off as a photo of himself or where he lives.


You can upload any picture taken on a digital camera or GPS device to get information as well as a map of the photo's location. We never store details obtained and the photo is deleted before loading information to the output page.