This is your story and no one elses
Stick with the facts - you can relate your own experience, but don't go into the details about what someone else heard, or what was mentioned to you.
Reports are only acceptable in English. Use an online translator if you do not speak English.
Please remember to keep these questions in mind:

Were you contacted first or did you contact him?
Which website did the first contact initiate from?
How long did the correspondence last?
What was odd about the correspondence?
What money was requested? For what purpose?
The money was requested by whom, and for how much?
How many times did this person ask for money?
What happened at the end?

Do not enter any letters into the report form that you received from your scammer. Any report with this information will be deleted.

Administrators can edit texts if they feel it is necessary.

Reports with pictures only
You must send at least one picture of your scammer for your report to be published. We do not accept pictures that have copyright signs.
Reports filed that have proof
We will only publish reports with proof of information regarding scammers who ask for money.
Signature for the report
You are required to complete the report using your first and last name and country of residence. Remember that we do not publish last names on our reports, and no third party will receive that information - it is stored in our databases and cannot be accessed by anyone other than those administrators on our site.
Contact info. Regarding the author of the report (email address)
No contact info (such as your email address) will be published on the website and cannot be accessed by anyone other than those administrators on our site.
Contacting the person who wrote the report maintains the full rights to contact the person who has reported the material to ask for additional information.
Reported person has a chance to respond
The reported person may at any time contact our website and send proof regarding his innocence from the charges posted against him. If these proofs are legitimate than he can be removed from the website database.
Once the report has been entered and our staff has granted it approval on our databases, that user will have a month free to enjoy the website. You can check out more information regarding this on the free registration page.
Concerning the responsibility of published materials on our website will not assume responsibility for reports published on its pages. We cannot guarantee that these reports are authentic. The only person that is responsible is the person who filed the report itself.
The part that plays in all of this has one purpose: to read reports and check them, and if they are deemed legitimate than post them on the website. For criminal charges to be brought against the people on the database, you must contact the authorities.
Violating the rules of reporting
If you violate any of these rules, your report will be deleted.