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"Who Write Me" is a great tool which provides email tracking. Email tracking monitors the status of email delivery to a recipient. The sender will receive a "read" receipt when the email is opened. With its geolocation technology, the "Who Write Me" tool will estimate the actual location of the recipient on a map.


Once you send a tracked email, you will get its status. You will be notified, via email, when your sent email is opened.


We will provide the following in your tracking report:


Complete delivery details
Date and time opened
Geographic location of recipient
Map of location
Recipients IP address
How many times your email was opened


It is allowed to send 10 tracked emails per day.


How to use "Who Write Me" tool:


1. Check all "Settings".


Display Name: Write the name you use (otherwise it won't work) when corresponding with your recipients. Your name will be displayed as "From" in your letter. So as to not arouse the suspicion of the recipient, use the same name you always use when sending emails.


Time Zone: Place the time zone where you reside.


Date format: Indicate here date format suitable for you.


2. Add "Email addresses" (if needed).


By default, your email address that you have registered on Male-Scammers.com is listed. If the email address listed is the one you currently use for correspondence, you don't have to do anything. If you use different email addresses when sending emails to men, add them in here. You will be able to choose which one you want to use when sending an email.


3. "Compose" a letter.


Choose (if needed) email address you wish to be displayed as "From" address.
Write the subject and text of your letter.
You may add one photo to your email if you wish to. The photo must be in one of these formats: jpg, gif, bmp, or png.


Don't send tracked emails to yourself! They probably won't track and will end up in your junk folder because your filters will think they are "spoofed". We will provide all your tracking of outgoing emails.


4. View "Tracking Reports".


Once your letter has been opened by the recipient, you will be notified by us and able to view the tracking report.