First name: Smith
Last name: Franco
Aka: Mitch May, Desmond Oscar Smith, Ronald Scott, Richard Hamlyn, James Alxe Black, Keith Micheal, John Martison, Barry Evans, Anthony Mark, James Ven, Anderson Collins, Louis Mephis, Hans Herberta, Edward Donald, Kingsley Jones, Martin Jugenburg, Richard Wenger, Andrew Harold, Bryan Evans, Collins Lynn
Age: 52
Location: Santa Maria, California, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Ashville, Alabama, USA; Berlin, Germany; Singapore; London, England; Zurich, Switzerland; Louisville, Kentucky, USA; New Jersey, USA; Houston, Texas, USA; Abbeville, France
Phone: 2348148525672, 3523542638, 12512167652, 12899523074, 9252222318, 8039067022, 447441416609, 447598684667, 13185020044, 14099993363
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Masibay
Last name: Cheng
Aka: John Mayweather, James Masibay, James Scott, Victor Massi, Patrick, Brian, Sergey Daniel, Vally, Maverick Taylor Hernandez, Franck Bertels, Garcia Romano, James McLaughlin, Dennis Scout, Martin Jugenburg, Fred Lucas, Martin Wilbur, David Kim, Erickson, Rashford Jones, Sam Heughan, David Schwarz, Albert Bowen, Thomas Carrion, Paul Law
Age: 50
Location: Los Angeles, USA; Hong Kong, China; London, England; Colorado Springs, USA; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Avery, California, USA; Tampere, Finland; Virginia, USA; Toronto, Canada; Oran, Algeria; Milan, Italy; Incheon, South Korea; New York, USA; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Cleveland, USA
Phone: 13233792231, 13025729085, 3523564920, 3016548997, 12816029478, 17187479433, 447918351485
Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ales,,,,,,,,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Zielinski
Last name: Ambrozy
Age: 57
Location: Oldham, England
On websites: Pof
Report: I have been contacted several times by this guy via POF and Facebook. Always states he?s an engineer but has a different name every time. I report him every contact but he always uses the same photos. I have screen shot his profile but cannot update it here.
First name: JEAN-PIERRE
Last name: Menoret
Aka: mauricio_mejia
Age: 44
Location: Texas, Dubai, UK.
Phone: +12819578849
On websites: Bumble
Report: Male Scammer. Contacted through Bumble as David. Had video calls through Skype but connection was always dodgy and excuses made around video-ing through WhatsApp App. Very convincing. Said was Maltese man living in Texas. Business oartner of Pascal, ran a hig end coffee bean business that was expanding into UK. Arranged to meet, made plan fir while he was in the UK..... sent lots of compliment filled and seemingly genuine messages over weeks. Then 1 photo came up on Google lens and the rest is history. Blocked.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Lukas
Aka: Lukas
Age: 62
Location: USA
Address: San Francisco
On websites: Instagram
Report: Lukas and I met on Facebook dating last January. We talked at least 10 times a day everyday, he texted all the time. I fell for his bull S#*t stories. Ended up giving him a large amount of money. He was to arrive at my hometown airport on September 25, of course, never showed up When he did he was going to pay me back all my money from his Chase Bank Account. I have not a penny to my name. I may lose my home and the killer is I?m recovering from almost dying from a brain bleed in July. No money for medicine $500.00 a month or $35,000 hospital bill. How can you scammers be so heartless?
First name: Eric
Last name: Richard
Age: 56
Location: Denver
Address: 8241 S. High Ct. Centennial, Colorado
Phone: 2153953735
On websites: hangout and Instagram
Report: Meet on Instagram. He said he was from Denver. He has a daughter that is 16. He then went to Turkey to work for work. He is a drilling contractor. Talked for a while then moved to Hangout. Talked but never video talked or skyped. Time passed. Asked for money for many things. He ended up in the hospital, needed money to pay bill. Needed money to send equipment back home. Needed money to get himself home. Once home needed money to get his account back open. We then moved to emailing each other. Then his daughter became sick. Needed money for medicine and doctor appointments. Then 1 day he just stopped emailing and have never heard from him again. Needless to say I never got any of my money back.
First name: Stanley
Last name: Woods
Aka: Stan, Stanly
Age: 65
Location: Accra (Ghana)
On websites: Facebook
Report: This same picture was used to contact me on Facebook under the name of General Stephen Townsend.
First name: Jason
Last name: Stevens
Age: 57
Location: London, Wales
Email: Do not havean email
On websites: Linkedin
Report: Jason Stevens connected with me on LinkedIn. He told me he was American with a French parent, mother I think. Had a daughter called Victory who is in a boarding school in France. He said he is a civil engineer and got a $12 million contact on an oil rig in Turkey. During the first week of going out to Turkey, there was a problem and he said he desperately needed $20000 for a part for the Rigg. Luckily I figured that this was a scam. Refused to pay him and he got annoyed. Also said I asked too many questions.
First name: Malvin
Last name: Donald
Aka: Frank Lawrence, Kelvin Clifton Philip, Jeffs Donald, Robert Rrobby, Kim, Harrison Seok, Daniel Blood, Rowland Smith, Marshall Steven, David Smith, Ryan Jones, Ruben James, Michael Jericho, Ben Cork, George Brain Tracht, Martins Wilbur, Alex Brian, Jerry Clayton, Samuel Boamah, Eloy Scott, Michael Dempsey, Patrick Mood, Ryan Mason, William James, Eric Cortez, Brian Welsh, Steven Backer, Davidf Fry, Chung Lee, Michael Charles, Frank Lawrence, Mark Milley, Christopher Godwin, David Warner, Stephen Denny, Hakim, Douglas Hood, Jeffrey Douglas, Frank George, James Yung, Jong Kimmoo, David Olivia, Will Kenny, Burton Anderson, Devis Francisco, Mark Robinson, Rob Lowe, Derel Morgan, Johnathan Smith, Brian Johnson, Derick Jason, Rick Mitchell, Lucas Kerem, Humble Ford Smith, Emil Yanick, Liucheng Steven, Lee Phong, Roland Lee, Taylor Brayan, Harry Townsend, Louis Anderson, Baris Matteo, Stephen Bradley, David Ray Johnson, Tony Smith, James Thomas, Robert Hughes, Wright Flores, Michael Williams, Harry Krinkstin, Jackson Jerry, Robertson Jay
Age: 58
Location: Esenyurt, Turkey; Chicago, USA; Malaga, Spain; New York, USA; Atlanta, USA; Washington, USA; Kiev, Ukraine; Lagos, Nigeria; San Francisco, USA; Milan, Italy; Shanghai, China; Houston, Texas, USA; California, USA; Florida, USA; London, England; Hong Kong, China; Helsinki, Finland; Austin, TX, USA; Ohio, USA; Abuja, Nigeria; Yamanashi, Japan; Minneapolis, Minnesota, Hennepin, USA; Boston, USA; Valencia, Spain; Germering, Germany; Kachia, Nigeria; Brighton, Illinois, USA; Chai Nat, Thailand
Phone: 905510414149, 12184082045, 12562233233, 5053030281, 18588637223, 13312390354, 3523564920?, 12533755723, 8133203390, 16125022561, 19089567581, 16177065804, 7407620920, 8143669695, 14145013483, 447591276735, 19096672497, 17579331760, ?16467917766?, 9712488590, 17543008159, 639761305685, 4079663932
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Aiden
Last name: Grayson
Age: 63
Location: LA, CA
Address: 934 bel air rd
Phone: 3102994018
On websites: Hangouts
Report: He is a romance scammer then ask for money to get home
First name: david
Last name: chan
Aka: Donald Solomon, Steve Leo, Alfred Choa, Shawn Alex, Marco Jude
Age: 34-56
Location: San Jose, San Francisco, Shangai
Phone: +1(929)977-4445
Report: My love scammer's name is Donald Solomon or David Chan, an oil rig engineer, born in Hong Kong, raised in San Jose in California, currently works on a petroleum platform near Sicily. He contacted me via Facebook as Donald Solomon and the second day asked me to communicate via WhatsUp. The phone number is American,
First name: John
Last name: Bissler
Aka: Peter Jordan, Billy Ray, Kim Barry, Yepes Morgan, Paul Nakasone, Mathew Wood, Mohammad, Robert Boateng, Chief James Kietha, Lee Jung, Hoon Daniel, Richard Williams, David Bamber, Daniel Caigh, Jack Williams, Mark Roye, John Caporale, Chris Bryan, Kim Yoon, Richard Briggs, Thomas Steve, Christopher Williams, Steven Wilson Miller, Franklin Rudduck, Kyle Hathaway, David Dung, Alex Chandra, Frank Robbet, Michael Pascal, Alex Marthins, Fred Lucas, Thomas Lindegard, Adrien, Donnel Walker, David Ray, Lim Charlie, Frank Clinton, Fred Brown, Devin Hamrick, Dominic John, Bettimore Manson, Michael Holly, Mark Bentley, Kelvin Morgan, Jaden Wilfred, James Farleigh, Robert Lee, Lucas Dunne, Lil Bruno Berenguer, Russell Nelson, Sam Heughan, Chris William, Kim James
Age: 55
Location: Alamo, California, USA; Jennersdorf, Burgenland, Austria; Abington, Connecticut, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Texas, USA; Beling, Germany; Kabul, Afghanistan; Denver, Colorado, USA; London, England; Moselle, France; Dallas, USA; Incheon, Corea; New York, USA; Yuma, AZ, USA; Annandale, New South Wales, Australia; Riverton, Southland, New Zealand; Berat, Albania; Bangkok, Thailand; Singapore; Oxford, England; Flomaton, USA; Concord, Georgia, USA; Columbia, Maryland, USA; Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Abuja, Nigeria; Barpeta, Assam, India; Ankara, Turkey; Paris, France; Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: 447535001886?, 12095542460, 4256502408, 12793465472, 15503588608, 447448569504, 4302724882, 447909398365, 447883253732, 2348079670034, 12897994650, 12816029478, 447883240537, 19046587202
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Denis
Last name: Morgan
Aka: Dennis Denny
Age: 53
Location: England /uk/ new York / Nigeria
Phone: 4242387991
On websites: Pof
Report: Have same man with different pics asking for money
First name: John
Last name: Kaufman
Age: 67
Location: San Diego, Ca / Cape Town South Africa
Phone: +1 (650) 360-3890
On websites: Match
Report: Romance scammer, claims to engineer and have a daughter named Joanne He claimed to have lost all his credit cards and cell laptops etc in his checked luggage. Who ever puts credit cards and their cell in a checked bag. Supposed to have a business in San Diego but had no means to contact them to replace said things but was able to ask me for me them.
First name: ALAN
Last name: BREEN
Age: 50
Phone: 860-836-5696
First name: Andre Vico
Last name: Vantrek
Age: 59
Location: Secunda
Address: South Africa
Phone: 0680902155
On websites: Tinder Whatsapp Tik Tok Face book
Report: This person uses the profile photo's of Adv Ninni Terminelli from Spain. He wants you to give your banking details for quick deposits, needs your ID. He presents himself as a contractor working at mine in Rustenburg South Africa
First name: Scott
Last name: Thompson
Aka: Face book
Age: 62
Location: Dallas Texas
Address: Face book
Phone: Face book
On websites: Tinder Hangouts
Report: Met on dating site. Offer work from home for Ethadrop which is similar as bitcoin
First name: RICKY
Last name: GERVAIS
Age: 57
Location: SWEDEN
Phone: +234704378782
On websites: Match
First name: Jason
Last name: Gallegos
Aka: Jason Travis Gallegos, Travis Gallegos, Robert Collins
Age: 51
Location: from Colorado Springs, CO, now in Kuwait
Phone: 847-978-6934, 847-236-2313, 612-486-2507
On websites: Twitter, Instagram, been known to have a FB too
Report: He contacted me on a social media site in early 2018 we started talking there & then moved to google hangout. Then eventually started texting on the phone too & he called me all the time for almost over 3 years this went on. I am a older woman yes I fell for his lines. He is supposed to be a 1st class Sergeant in the Army, stationed in Kuwait for the last few years. He is supposed to be from Colorado Springs, Co. Has 1 brother in Mexico & a mom (who is supposed to be ill from cancer) has 2 children which are supposed to be a boy & girl. He claims to like older women the best. He does ask money for his sick mom to help pay for her medical care, then ask for help for family too. Wanted new iphones for himself & his kids also. Ask for gift cards also. He claims his bank accounts are frozen due to him being deployed overseas for so long! He professes love for you very early in the relationship & continues to claim love all thru the time you talk to him, if you help him with money he gets even more loving & love bombs you. Then a few days after sending him money he comes up with another excuse as to why he needs more money. This continues as long as you send him money. He is sweet & loving as long as you always do what he wants in sending money, but the moment you don't send money he becomes abusive, mean, hateful. Cusses you too. After so long if you refuse to send money he then blocks you on his social media pages & blocks you on hangout too. When in relationship with him he is very jealous, makes you change your social media pages to private. He sent me many photos of different men when we 1st started talking, claiming they were of him, but on one of these I found the real person to whom one of the photos he sent me, it was of another man that really is in the Army. this Jason used this man's photos claiming it was him. He used this mans photo on his own social media sites. He never uses his real photo on any of his pages. After about 2 & 1/2 years he send me lots of photos now he said are actually & really him, some when he was younger & some he claims are most recent. But he never would send me any that showed him wearing a Army uniform, nor would he send me a pic of his dog tags when I ask. I also ask for his military email several times, he claimed he could not give that out. He has a VERY< VERY bad temper. And he is very verbally abusive also.
First name: Bennett
Last name: Ralf
Aka: Ben
Age: 58
Location: Smithfield?s, London
Phone: 07782820949
On websites: Plenty of fish
Report: This man is also known as Bennett Ralf aka Ben. He told me he was 58, 59 February 24th. Is 5ft 11?. He said he is a self employed petroleum engineer. He has a son called Joe who is 14 and is at boarding school. He is originally from Arnhem in the Netherlands. Now lives in a 2 bed apartment in Smithfield in London. His wife died 3 years ago of cancer. He said he is financially stable. Both his parents passed away and he was an only child. When I first met him he told me about an interview he was about to have for a very large contract. Once he had the interview we was meant to fix a date to meet. Once he got the contract he only had a few days to arrange everything and get out to turkey so we would have to meet when he got back in three weeks time. He said he drives a BMW XUV. Whilst out in turkey he asked if I could log onto his bank account with Cortts bank as he trouble with his internet. He wanted me to transfer ? 80,000 to the translator to pay the men and get some machinery. A day later he asked if I could log on again and pay 10% of the ?80;000 for custom duties. The account was blocked apparently because it had been logged into in England and turkey. That?s when he asked me to send the money over and he would pay me when he got back. I said I didn?t have that sort of money. He told me to borrow it. I told him I couldn?t and he needed to get hold of his bank. He said he did and needed to get to the Netherlands to unblock his account and I was to send him ?400 for his flight. Again I said no. He turned nasty and said I didn?t care about him and that he would lose everything if he didn?t get the contract completed. Again he told me to borrow it. I again said I couldn?t. He then wanted an iTunes card so he could speak to Joe. He spoke of killing himself because I wouldn?t help him. It went quiet for a while and then he messaged to say he had been in hospital and I needed to send him ?1000 to pay for food, medicine and flights home. Once again I said I didn?t have it and he said he is staying with the translator with no money or food and I didn?t care. He turned quite nasty at this point. To date I?ve not spoken to him but I see his picture on here under the name of Josh so I thought I should report him.
First name: Barry
Last name: Broussard Johnson
Aka: Mich, Pilar, James Stocklass, Jenkins Brandon, Fletcher Darger, Rihab Manyang, Daniel, Marco Fernandes, Grey Wesley, Enzo Costa, David Burrows, Juan Rodriguez, Philip Mike, Martins Torbjorn, Friedric Hross, Allan Tony, Anderson Scott, Mark William, Rowland Soares, Oliver Nelson, Mike Larry, Mackey Jason, Alex Rowland, Oliver James, William Dave, James Ven, Dimas Johnson, Chris, Louis Mephis, Jihyo Wong, Mark Wilson, Mark Brown, Charles Hodges, Edward Baker, Andrea Juergen, Carlos tallman, Daniel Russo, Adam Brown
Age: 57
Location: Bow, Washington, USA; Deblin, Lubelskie, Poland; Miami, Florida, USA; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Memphis, TN, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Nice, France; Illinois, USA; Helena, Montana, USA; Berlin, Germany; Palmdale, USA; Atlanta, Georgia; Arkansas, USA; Alabama, USA; Baytown, Texas, USA; London, England; Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire, England; Araras, San Paulo, Brazil; Fuling, Chongqing, China; Gagra, Abkhasia, Georgia; Cuba, New York, USA; Bilar, Alava, Spain; Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia; Skwierzyna, Lubuskie, Poland; Adelaide, Eastern Cape, South Africa; Burnt Ranch, California, USA
Phone: 2349068994152, 2349049178638, 7313268658, 2349066667442, 447570699188, 221707185938, 447925540968, 447508025494, 15812058448
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Steve
Last name: Thomson
Age: 55
Location: United Kingdom
Phone: 447448282906
Report: Dear Beneficiary, Congratulations!! Your email has been selected among the lucky winners of £750,000 pounds donation from Steve & Lenka Thomson. This is to support the charity and orphanage homes, to help fight against the ongoing pandemic and help the poor get off the streets and get back to business. For further details: Email: Warm regards, Steve and Lenka Thomson Tel: +447448282906
First name: Andrew
Last name: Walters
Age: 50
Location: USA
Report: Good day to you. I am Andrew Walters, from Coronavirus Reward Department United Nations. Due to the outbreak of this deadly disease Corona virus (COVID-19)which has caused a lot of death and hardship.United Nations is rewarding randomly selected individuals with the Sum of $805,000 to help and support lives all over the world. Your email was luckily selected and has been listed among individuals to receive this payment,please kindly confirm the details below to enable us file and facilitate your payment. 1. Full Name: 2. Home Address: 3. Nationality: 4. Date of Birth: 5. Gender: 6. Occupation: 7. Tel Phone/Mobile: We await your response as soon as possible and please we advise you wash and sanitize your hands always (stay at home and stay at safe). Best Regards. Andrew Walters United Nations Reward Department
First name: Denis
Last name: Morgan
Aka: Dennis denny
Age: 51
Location: New York england
Phone: 4242387991
On websites: Pof
Report: Have another pic of this man to be posted of Denis Alex Morgan
First name: Coleman
Last name: Gallagher
Aka: Cole
Age: 50
Location: New York USA
Report: I wonder if this person is a scammer
First name: James
Last name: Blake
Aka: Justin
Age: 51
Location: San Diego, CA and Japan
Phone: 3172076189
Email: Blakejames099
On websites: Tik Tok
Report: This man and I were texting since August we were going to be together until he wanted a 200 apple card for his son to play video games while he was away on business in Japan. He tells you everything you need to hear and the goes in for the killl
First name: Trevor
Last name: Davidson
Aka: Connor
Age: 28
Location: AL, CO, FL, GA, WY
Phone: 7206261169, 7026253491, 3035897117
On websites: Rentmen, Facebook
Report: I had a ?date? with this guy who goes by Connor. Long story short, he and a buddy stole my identity?everything: DL and SS numbers, passwords, credit card numbers and checking account info. They forged two checks against my account and now they have infiltrated my parents? finances. This guy has a VERY long rap sheet.
First name: William
Last name: Mark
Aka: Eric, Steven Wood, Blez, Fredrick Gibbs, Anthony Anabah, Martin Brown, Jeff, James Milley, Petal King, George Troxell, Thomas Sanchez, John William, Davis Johnson, Adams Joseph, Jeff Coursey, Lloyed Baylis, Alexandre Thomas, Eric Benard, Brown Martin, Kurt Rockwell, Brian Hawkins, Johnson Morgan, Pikin Martins, Justin Ruben, James White Harris, Frederick Drake, Kyle Morgan, John Jossy, Richard Armitage, David Mark, Igor Aleksandrowitsch Poroch, Henry Walker, Douglas, David Waltson, Mohammed, Johnson Greggory, Daniel Ostic, Terry William, Jim Vic, Roland Samuel, Derel Morgan, Mark Williams, Andrew Marr, Liucheng Steven, David James, Franklin Richard, Greg Johnson, Carlos Torrez, Jayden Madison, Cordell Moore, Steven Williford, Christopher Robert, Leon Christoph, George Nicholson, Randall, Shin Young
Age: 56
Location: Victorville, CA, USA; Columbus, OH, USA; Johannisburg, South Africa; Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada; Aberdeen, Scotland; Akiak, Alaska, USA; New Castle, USA; California, USA; London, England; Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; Austurland, Iceland; Stockholm, Sweden; Kansas, USA; Dallas, USA; Indiana, USA; Alabama, USA; Denver, CO, USA; Houston, Texas, USA; los Angles, USA; Andong, South Korea; Treviso, Venetia, Italy; Accra, Ghana; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Abuja, Nigeria; Takoradi, Ghana; New York, USA; Cassino, Lazio, Italy; Nigeria, Warri; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Bangkok, Thailand; Eger, Heves, Hungary; Calvizzano, Campania, Italy; Baldwin, Maryland, USA; Jersey City, New Jersey, USA; Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: 2347059715465, 14422433586, 2203350848, 8123623146, 6788704292, 18687125069, 380668352005, 17542290104, 2194013398, 8123895868, 17242018484, 9712488590, 2627355902, 13224729920, 447441393608, 2096270471
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: George
Last name: Ted
Age: 55
Location: Washington, DC, USA
Report: DHL Express Shipping in Washington, DC 3130 V St NE, Washington, DC 20018 United States Attention: Beneficiary, This is DHL International Delivery Company of the United States, We wish to officially inform you that we received a package containing an ATM CARD with your name valued at $5 Million USD to be delivered to your residential address.. It was brought to our notice yesterday morning from the International Monetary Fund Department (IMF). Kindly reconfirm the below information properly to avoid any mistakes during delivery. Full names.... Parcel owner address.... Tel..... Occupation..... Nearest Airport..... We will register your package and send you the tracking number for safety delivery of your package as soon as you reconfirm the required information needed for safety delivery to your residential address in your Country. DHL brand is known around the world. DHL takes protecting our customers and their sensitive information serious, DHL is one of the world's great success stories, the start-up that revolutionized the delivery of packages and information in the past 30 years, we've grown up and grown into a diverse family of companies as DHL that's bigger, stronger, better than ever. I will be looking forward to hearing from you within 48hours. Yours affectionately. Mr George Ted Dispatch Manager DHL Company
First name: Frederick
Last name: Davies
Age: 50
Location: London, UK
Report: Hello I'm Mr. Frederick Davies, a Director of International Investments at a private Bank in London, UK. I am contacting you in regards to a deceased client who died while on holiday in Indonesia in December 12, 2015, I was his personal investment adviser and was responsible for all his transaction with the bank. Before his death, my client has a deposit of 19,570.000.00 British pounds in his investments account with our bank and as you would know since he did not make any mention of a next of kin in the activation of the account, no one has been able to come forth to claim the deposit. In the light of the above and as his investment manager for years, I know what is required to present you as the next of kin which will enable us claim the deposit, for this reason I am officially asking you, if you will like to partner with me in receiving this deposit claim because there is absolutely no one coming for this deposit. I can personally guarantee that this will be swift and risk free and I am willing to partner with you in this terms, 60/40, mine will be 60 and you will be receiving 40 for your partnership. Please get back to me with your acceptance message on my private Email: ( ) and also include your full names, address and direct phone numbers. Thanks for your understanding and I will apreciate it if this content of this transaction is kept confidential. Best regards, Mr.Frederick Davies, Director Commercial Banking, Chelmsford & Romford. United Kingdom