First name: Brandon
Last name: Hilton Riggs
Age: 49
Location: Sacramento Ca
Address: Los Angeles California
Phone: Dallas Colorado
On websites: Facebook, Hangouts
Report: Romance Scammer Military Scammer Will be friend for long periods of time before using common lines such as gift cards, ticket money, and such
First name: Mason
Last name: Francisco
Aka: John Wick, Paul Kelv, Jerry Ken, Mclean Chas Jackson, Joshua O?Brien, Jackman, Morgan Scott, Raymond Dickson, Owen Ruddy, Mike Logan, William Silva, Mackay Dexter
Age: 55
Location: Fresno, California, United States; New York, USA; Aden, Yemen; Ghana, Greater Accra; Central City, Colorado, United States; Equatorial Guinea , Wele-nzas; Papar, Sabah, Malaysia; Anton, Texas, United States; Vienna, Wien, Austria; Bombo, Central, Uganda
Phone: 16193672778
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Xuewu
Last name: Ding
Age: 37
Location: Singapore
On websites: Wedate
Report: This Chinese man claim he work in Hong Kong and post on we While few days honest chatting that he shown all documents and send me his Singapore Identity card, and he request my ID card as well. But after three weeks talking he requested for have business relation with me that as he work in Macquarie pharmaceutical LTD Singapore, he needs someone to collaborate in Hong Kong, want e me 10% . Which need to give him 100000 hkd. As I say I don?t interested in his project that he turn to black Mail me said use my id copy to borrow loan online whatsoever. He add my line instead of using phone number or email communication.
First name: Paul
Last name: Monar
Aka: Alexander, Ryan Wilson, Joseph, Charles Luckey, Robat, Barry Bowman, David Martin, Fred Williams, Alex Roon, Alexander, Joel Williams, Douglas Smith, Mike, Edwin David Barro, Micheal Dan, David Richard, Brian Akins, Mark Luthor, Mertius, Hector, Phillip Garrison, Thomas Miller, Murphy, Steven Chen
Age: 54
Location: American Canyon, California, United States; Ghana, Greater Accra; New York, USA; Nigeria, Delta; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; San Francisco, United States; Brownfield, Texas, United States; Buffalo, United States; Buinsk, Tatarstan, Russia; Achern, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany; Civic Square, Australian Capital Territory, Australia; Aua, Eastern, American Samoa; Blonie, Mazowieckie, Poland; Central City, Colorado, United States; Baltimore, United States; Boyce, Louisiana, United States; Woodinville, Washington, United States; Ashland, Oregon, United States; Cali, Colombia; New Orleans, USA; Bucharest, Romania
Phone: 7854078567, 3185381598, 7016602173, 61421999692, 4242836985, 13214139120, 61054378908, 9033545355, 2135315961
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Michael
Last name: Wu
Aka: David Siegel, Antonio McClure, James Adams Scott, Joshua Matthew Young, Michael Young, Williams, Ddon Wismer, Dave Louis, Mathias Ayden, Mathias Ayden, Edward Hill, Omay Laws, Ben Louis, Wang Wei, Jim Derek Fabian, Alex Brown, Uzowuru Kelly, Steve Williams, Nelson McDonald, Chris Alexander, Jude Alexander, Wilson Philips, Richard, Bruce Zheng, Chris Collins, Alex George, Bradley, Jerrick Johnson, Luttos, Danny Weber, Martin, Chris McCarthy, Ronald West, Kenned, Blessed Okoro
Age: 55
Location: Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom; Bantzenheim, Alsace, France; Andrews, Texas, United States; Alofau, Eastern, American Samoa; Birmingham, Alabama, United States; Angels Camp, California, United States; Herzberg, Germany; Arizona, United States; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Ghana, Eastern; Arkansas, United States; Agoura Hills, United States; Tantou, Fujian, China; Madrid, Spain; Apache Junction, Arizona, United States; Aberdeen, Washington, United States; Delta, Baja California, Mexico; Waterford, Ireland; Atlanta-GA, Georgia, United States; Hamburg, Germany; North Providence, Rhode Island, United States; Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany; Arnold, United States; Vani, Imereti, Georgia; Riverside, USA; Lodi, USA; Hana, Hawaii, United States; Queens Village, New York, United States; Malaeimi, Western, American Samoa; Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 19029329185, 18004628694, 2348081226016, 2330239589164, 14143763073, 13612386336, 19527772842, 2347045722666
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: William (Billy)
Last name: Sears
Aka: T Markus Funk, John Pavelski, Troy Lowrie, William Schroeder, Billy King, Guy Jean Pierre, Bruno Deboutte, Charles Rog, Ramone Chimelis, Troy Victor Chimelis, Cassidy John Adams
Age: 55
Location: United States Colorado, New Hampshire, Illinois, Florida, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois
Phone: (720) 580-0644, (303) 872-9884, (303) 325-8286, (970) 703-4813, (646) 699-8008, (303) 747-5542, (720) 399-6603, (720) 580-0644, (720) 466-1026, (720) 370-9188, (720) 660-6465 , (202) 753-7133, (720) 340-5366, (720) 447-8015, (970) 409-5350, (720) 924-3557, (561) 270-4970, (303) 877-1155?, (720) 534-6317 ,
Email:, BillySears@GMX.COM,,
On websites:, plus more
Report: He goes by William J. Sears, William E. Sears, Troy Lowrie, John Pavelski, Kevin Pitts, Ramone Chimelis, Vicent Troy Chimelis, T Markus Funk, Billy King, Guy Jean Pierre, Bruno Duboutte, William Schroeder, Christopher Schroeder. Its possible he has two brothers one named John and the other is either Christopher or William, as he uses both names. His hair color and style changes often but normally very short and clean cut, brunette or blonde but have heard he is using auburn now too. About 6'2
First name: Kingsley
Last name: Williams
Aka: Preston Joseph, Mark Richard, Jose, Hector Malpica, John Alison, Owen Petter Young, Thomas Young, Robert, Terry Moulton, Michael, Davidmik, Max Harrison, James Mattis Alexandra, Christopher Black, Bronco, Roland Collins, Nathan James, Kaiser David, Marcus Garvey, Wood
Age: 60
Location: Assela, Oromia, Ethiopia; Ghana, Greater Accra; Cali, Colombia; New York, United States; Arizona, USA; Nashville, USA; Afton, Texas, United States; Kabul, Afghanistan; Los Angeles, United States; Las Vegas, Nevada, United States; California, United States; Big Ridge, Nova Scotia, Canada; Berlin, Germany; Abbott, United States; Burson, United States; Washington Park, United States
Phone: 16314839122, 8182083453, 2572733190, 213555482921, 447537102690 2403439643
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Christopher
Last name: Godwill
Aka: Alexander Lowery
Age: 50
Location: Ghana
On websites: Facebook
Report: Name of real person in the photos is a Plastic Surgeon with practices in Barcelona Spain and Colombia. There are many many profiles on Facebook using his photos with countless names including
First name: John Albert
Last name: Tracht
Aka: Dlugoleck, Carmita Phong, Roland Uwe, Precious Brown, John Sinclair, Clement Pressly, Christopher Mason, David Smith, Collins, Bailey Clifford, Jackson Brown, Peter McWilliam, Richard Morgans, Zavier Wyatt, Phuong, Steve Spencer, John Morgan, Matthew Jacob, Nicholas Derrick, Erickson Hudson
Age: 59
Location: Antonito, Colorado, United States; New York, USA; Nigeria, Lagos; Texas, USA; Dallas, USA; Los Angeles, United States; Nashville, United States; Las Vegas, United State; Changji, Xinjiang, China; Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom; Atlanta-GA, Georgia, United States; California, United States; Winchmore Hill, London, United Kingdom
Phone: 3106261859, 8572712552, 13122700601, 2349037345127, 14096552661, 16057762674, 2349024169464
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: John
Last name: Walters
Aka: John Walter
Age: 59
Location: El Paso Texas
On websites: hookups, facebook
Report: Been talking to him for quite awhile, then when I wouldnt send money he was saying it wasnt me he was talking to
First name: Elvis
Last name: Franklin
Aka: Chris Evanson, James Paddle, Austin King, Timothy Sloan, Kelly Jones, Mark Milley, Ohemeng Samuel, Roland Legrand, Fred Rickway, Paul Turner, Nelson Smith, David Miller, Eric Anthony, Havens Brett Alex, Fred Kalas, David Miller, Liwei Hope, Nicholas Ryan, Veera, Cook Philip, Gil Christ, Genesis, Kelvin William, Nelson Green
Age: 59
Location: Alao, Eastern, American Samoa; Malmo, Sweden; Romania; Anchorage, Alaska, USA; Alief, Texas, United States; New York City, United States; Toulon, France; London, UK; Moscow, Russia; Godstone, Surrey, United Kingdom; Dallas, United States; MIAMI, USA; Santiago, Chile; Baltimore, United States; Mill Hill, London, United Kingdom; California City, United States; Birmingham, United Kingdom; Plymouth, United States; Tottenham, London, United Kingdom; Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Phone: 18479257158, 971528762159, 447451236370, 6026613436, 447523691567
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Greg DD
Last name: Thomas
Age: 45
Location: Japan (at sea)
On websites:
Report: I met him on the Internet Scrabble Club ( We played scrabble., He told me in a chat that he felt comfortable with me. I thought that was very nice. He got me to meet him on Hangout. So I opened an account there. He told me that he was an electrical engineer at sea on some kind of carrier near Japan. Of course, there was strict security there, he not being able to purchase a Steam Card needing me to buy it. The thing about Hangout is that you place a copy of a document (steam card) right on the photo picture at the bottom of the messages, and that picture is recorded on Hangout. I finally figured this out when he said I should place the card on the picture icon. It rang a bell, which meant that if I put my credit card on it, it would record it right?? When I found out it was the biggest scam going, I came to this site and sure enough, he is here! Right now he is sulking, begging me to accept his lame excuses, including, but not limited to, blaming me!
First name: Jerome
Last name: Powell
Aka: Raphael, Patrick Ethan Jackson, Miller, Corey Wilton, Mohammed Williams, William Fred, Martin Drutz, Jamie Mcdonald, Mark, Frank Jonas, Wallace, Mark Lowe, David
Age: 56
Location: Michigan Center, United States; Honolulu, Hawaii, United States; Alta, California, United States; Miami, USA; Dayton, Washington, United States; New York, United States; Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia; Banff, Alberta, Canada; Niverville, United States
Phone: 15132300340, 18185338351, 66176650192, 13186528889, 2349019746312
Email:,,,,, martindrutz@gmail.con,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Joe
Last name: Andrew
Aka: Mark Destiny, Klint Ban, Michael Saw, Sledge Mcnail, Matthew Ethan, Daniel Raymond, Alson Jays, Steven Mark, Smith, Albi Hidago, James Simth, F Williams, Hannah, Mclean Chas Jackson, James Farleigh, Frank Nwa, Daniel Bamford, Tommy Joe, Roland Uwe, Sam Smith, John Sinclair, Jenk Williams, Mark Johnson, Raymond Torres, Li Santos Williams, Kim Marsh Hopkins, Hong, Alexander Maximum, Frank Leo, Paul Young, Jordan Ricket, James Christian
Age: 58
Location: New York, USA; Panama City, Florida, United States; California, USA; Sydney, Australia; Houston, TX, USA; Oklahoma, United States; Acheson, Alberta, Canada; Lancaster, Lancashire, United Kingdom; Kaduna, Nigeria; Orlando, United States; Alabaster, United States; Nigeria, Lagos; Manchester, United Kingdom; Balsall Common, United Kingdom; Alloa, Central, United Kingdom; Berlin, Germany; Kabul, Afghanistan; Abtsgmund, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany; Tabor City, North Carolina, United States; Benson, Maryland, United States; Princeton, FL; Kangshan, Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan; Charlotte, North Carolina, United States; Dingwall, Highland, United Kingdom; Cruz Bay, Saint John, Virgin Islands of the United States; Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada; Miami, United States
Phone: 14706732733, 2330541018953, 16577652231, 2679008575, 3148577829, 14806968362, 3153321326, 447918753614, 2349037345127, 15643891768, 19083361779, 13214300722, 2349063883208, 8039675926
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Lionel
Last name: Lekanga
Aka: Lionel Cedric, Lek
Age: 36
Location: New York, Gabon,Africa
Address: Astoria, NY
Phone: 9292104205
On websites: Tinder, Facebook, instagram
Report: Portrays himself as a poor migrant in need of help. He stayed at my home. I gave him $10,000 for a lawyer. I gave him much more money for a business proposition. Now he has disappeared with a new car he convinced me to buy. He is very handsome and charming. He really had me fooled.
First name: Derek
Last name: Hunt
Aka: Andre Christensen
Age: 68
Location: Alabama
On websites: WWF, Hangouts
Report: Derek contacted me thru WWF to talk on hangouts; he is a widower of COVID who was happily married but is now lonely. His friends don't see him but he continues to work as a major contractor and has grown up children. The correspondence has gone on for a few weeks. Always hinting that 'you are the one' and slowly evolving story of a new development for which he has made bid. A family visit where his son enquires about me as a suitable partner; cagey about family details. Very very convincing, very sweet, not in the least predatory in the sexual sense, yet. Had me convinced totally until he took a pic in the shower (top half!) and sent this. I had already suspected this because he was literally too good to be true. Very understanding. No money was ever requested but there were tiny hints about flight costs, and booking hotel accommodation etc. The various scam sites identified him as several different people and a known scammer. His image is also several non-scammers so I don't know if they have been borrowed too. He is very good at what he does!
First name: Charles
Last name: Nelson
Aka: Fredrick Dauglas, Lee Jisuk Nguyen, Grayson Sullivan, Mook Jack, Jeck, William Dave Ojeda, Paul Gilbert, Eduard Martinez, Mark Wilfred, Jonathan Lee, Andrew Wolfley, Chung Lee, Liucheng Steven, Patrick Teiserre, Richard John Hurt, Chris Young, Michael Richards, Norman James, Jayden, John Young, Fernando, George Clark, Richard, Jon Glover, Lee Collins, Liwei Hope, Victor Stanley, David Savas, Riddle Brown, McNail, Pat, Jeffrey Robert Mason, Aminu Abubakar, Jordan Biden, Donald Zandas Fred, Brian Jack, Klaus Petrus Adrian, Klaus Petrus Adrian, Anthony Marvis, Kelvin Mark, Gevorg Grigoryan, Alexander Mason, David Basier
Age: 60
Location: Beaumont, Texas, United States; Jacksonville, Florida, United States; Luban, Dolnoslaskie, Poland; Frankfurt, Germany; New York, USA; California, USA; Swansea, United Kingdom; Ghana, Greater Accra; Berlin, Germany; Manchester, Massachusetts, United States; Miami, Florida, United States; Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom; Gila Bend, Arizona, United States; Nigeria, Delta; Socastee, United States; Fagatogo, American Samoa; Phan Thiet, Duyen Hai Mien Trung, Vietnam; Alma, Arkansas, United States; Sydney, Australia; Dallas, USA; Afono, Eastern, American Samoa; Almere, Flevoland, Netherlands; Bissen, Luxembourg; Amherst, Colorado, United States; Basel, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland; Atlanta-GA, Georgia, United States
Phone: 9712488590, 4915214862399, 17328677606, 3138162319, 17162791228, 441797290023, 8722255228, 2072447510
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Robert
Last name: Ingram
Aka: Carl
Age: 70
Location: USA, Nigeria ?
Phone: +001(862)2314012
Report: Mann, mache dies fur meine Freundin. Hat viel Geld verloren-
First name: Scott
Last name: Larry
Age: 64
Location: Denver, Colorado, Port St. Lucie Florida
Phone: 305-563-9115
On websites: Facebook, Hangouts
Report: I met him playing Words with Friends in Facebook Gameroom around May or June of 2020. It started out and he wanted to chat.
First name: Nicholas
Last name: Gabriel
Aka: Paul Tyler
Age: 62
Location: Istanbul Turkey
Report: This person is purporting to be Nicholas Gabriel a romance scammer but he is in fact a black youth trying to take money from me. I was almost sucked in until another lady who was abused in this manner awoke my suspicions. I have photos and videos of the poor man who doesn't know his profile photos and videos are stolen by a Nigerian trying to scam women.
First name: Colin
Last name: Daniel
Aka: Charles Nelson, Fredrick Dauglas, Michael Williams, David Smith, Ronald Grayson, Alfred Morrison, Tom Chandler Williams, Greg Perkins, Jon Larsson
Age: 55
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: John
Last name: Danny
Aka: Thomas Alex, Jerry, Jack Mccoy, Robison, Nanca, Jose, John Paul, Nicholas Carter, Kim, Jason Yepes Corey, Leonard Yepes, Luis Eduardo Oliveira, Stone Mario Bittany, Anthony Dorman, James, Liam, Jon Larsod, Michael, Luis Eduardo, Rogers Dye, Luis Owen, Martin, Steven Grey, Austin Lucas, Oma Franklin, Viotor Hrdlica, James Williams, Benny Brown, John Alvarez, Allen Bordrick, Kim, Tedsch Chukins, Harry Kelvin, Roland Bay, Franklin Macharano, George Simeon, Michael Lange, Nathan J., Karl Erickson, Kasper Erieson, Dave Louis, Daneer Albertson, Adam Smith, Jeff Kane, Morris Mark, Laine Hardy
Age: 56
Location: Adelaide, Australia; Paterson, NJ; Ghana, Greater Accra; Florida City, United States; Medford, United States; Futiga, Western, American Samoa; Chelsea, Brompton, London, United Kingdom, Piscataway, United States; Chicago Ridge, United States; Merchantville, United States; Huntingdon, United Kingdom; Igreja Nova, Alagoas, Brazil; Hamburg, Germany; Birmingham United Kingdom; California, United States; United Kingdom, England; Shanghai; Los Angeles, California, United States; Louisville, Kentucky, United States; Bronwood, Georgia, United States; Ashville, Alabama, United States; Miami, USA; Kabul, Afghanistan; Seattle, Washington, United States
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Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: James
Last name: Lewis
Age: 34
Location: New Zealand
Phone: +1 (775) 464-0689
On websites: Tinder
Report: Claims to be a US military man and try?s to make you feel like your his one and only. I usually don?t search for this type of thing but something about him was creeping me out
First name: John
Last name: Abe
Aka: Silver, David Hutto, Ston Grebben, Gunter Donald, Thomson Robert, Leonard Frederick, Douglas Kershaw Fraser, Berry Sweet, Williams, Stephan Mattsson, Tarfa Saidu, Thomas Winks, Stephen Alex, Stewart, Larry, Dave, Kershaw, Barry, Billy A, Gigman aka Kofi Johnarthur, Jon Sykora, Kelvin Hood, Charles Kenya, Andrea Barlow, Jerry Morrison, Adam Nair, Mark Jackson, Henry Gabriel, Malcome Reeves, Henderson Johnson, Paul, Maxwell Travis, David James, Steve Alex, Terry Williams, John Tyler, David Morrison, Mark, Lee
Age: 58
Location: Athens, Greece; Dallas, Texas, United States; Giulianova, Italy; Milano, Italy; Liverpool, United Kingdom; Singapore; Atlanta, USA; Virginia, USA; Lisbon, Portugal; Florida, USA; Texas, USA; New Mexico, USA; Civic Square, Australian Capital Territory, Australia; Bad Gastein, Salzburg, Austria; Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada; Chicago, Illinois, United States; Bellenberg, Germany; Berlin, Germany; Johannesburg, South Africa; California, United States; Amenia, New York, United States; Chicago, Illinois, United States; Dundee, United Kingdom; Los Angeles, California, United States; San Antonio, Texas, United States
Phone: 233509622339, 233263554639, 19032821344, 19492814518, 2347046592048, 2135452938?, 14704022576, 17373006369, 19293124016, 7474006122
Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, henrygabriel5434@gmail,,,,,,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Athon
Last name: King
Aka: Mike King Tristan, King Frederick, Kelvin Reuben King, Tea Moni, Alexander Meinzinger, Brian Dewesee, Frank Marcus, John Brent, Chris Lamont, John Smitt, Aghimen Henry, Michael, Adrian Ben, James Britton, Bruno, Nel, Franklin Macharano, Mark Scott, Scott Barnhart, Craig, Alex Morgan, Scottson, Bryan Smith, Allen Frank Graig, Kevin George, Clark Richard, Luttus, Libby Walker, Austin James, Danilo Vanko, Wills, Robert Harvey, Ruttebram, David Williams, Harvey Trevor, Paul Daniel, Stephen William, Steven Morgan, David Liwei, Frank Thomas Nico, Matthew Lucas, Seun, Nicholas John
Age: 60
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States; Accra, Ghana; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Grand Dakar, Senegal; Houston, Texas, USA; Fremont, USA; Birmingham, Alabama, United States; Bradley, Florida, United States; Bellegra, Lazio, Italy; Pedroche, Cordoba, Spain; Brooklyn, New York, United States; Akron, Colorado, United States; Allison, Texas, United States; Alma, United States; North Fork, USA; Canada , Quebec; Lodi, USA; Suwanee, United States; Addison, United States; Seben, Bolu, Turkey; Jakarta, Indonesia; Bucharest, Bukarest, Romania; Arizona, United States; Chiang Mai, Thailand
Phone: 8563894351, 16617970792, 2348145156362, 3027861150, 14143012046, 3027861150, 8024328690, 19527772842, 17864746454, 61753172029, 233265787900, 19298103978, 4232164548, 15104477861, 6058248930, 13152772032, 19142924103, 5188208520
Email: Mr. robert,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Mario Kelvin
Last name: Lewis
Aka: Mario K. Lewis
Age: 45
Location: USA, Chicago
Phone: +1 973 755 1686
On websites: Linkedin and Facebook
Report: I was initially connected via private message by Mario K. Lewis on Linkedin. He introduced himself as a Combat Engineer stationed in Afghanistan. He said that he was from Chicago, USA. We started our conversation on February 19, 2021, and have moved to WhatsApp after a few exchanges on Linkedin. He said that he wanted to retire in the Philippines after he ends his tour and therefore connected with me and, if possible, to take things to a more romantic level. We began regular messaging via WhatsApp, and at first, there was no indication that he was going to ask for money. He was very polite, treats me well in our conversations, and always ready with some kind words. Before the end of March, he informed me that he was to be discharged soon. A day after that information, he said he was asked to go to Syria for extended two-week work. He then asked if he can send me his
First name: Henning
Last name: Konradsen
Age: 49
Location: Germani
Phone: +49 163 0205029
On websites: Tinder, Whatsapp ,Gmail ,Hangouts
Report: Scam, man play first love, after asking about receive mail package, after I sksl pay to receive the package, find women on Tinder
First name: Albert
Last name: Johnson
Age: 56
Location: USA,Danmark
On websites: Tinder,Hangouts
Report: I met him on Tinder, and after communicating for more than a month on Hangauts. He says that the doctor is out of the question, And come from the United States,and is looking for great love. After long communication as I understand that he is not the man as he say he turned out he is an African from Nigeria 32 years old, looking right for love, or for good future in Europeans.
First name: Mircea
Last name: Mugra
Aka: Daniel Olney, Rex Patron, Justin, James Williams, Jimmy Karls, Henry John, James Mark Venn, William Davis, Norris G Albert, Henderson, Marina George
Age: 57
Location: Jacksonville, Florida, United States; Alao, Eastern, American Samoa; Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada; Tampin , Negeri Sembilan , Malaysia; Kulusuk, Ammassalik, Greenland; Bath, Avon, United Kingdom; North Tetagouche, New Brunswick, Canada; Los Angeles, California, United States; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Nigeria, Edo
Phone: 447459074990, 447405177090, 233561819803
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Scott
Last name: Rodriguez
Aka: Brian Smith, Gabriel Lucas, Grant Oliver, David Gary, Michelle, Lawrence Wilson, Peter Carl, John Hyten, Aaron Colman, Maxwell David, George Marsh, Hanz Basilio, Deniz-Hanz Renato, Raymond Mesa, Ddon Wismer, Wilson Adam, James Fredrick, Anthony Daniel, David Cole
Age: 59
Location: Frisco, Texas, United States; Hamburg, Germany; Labrador City, Newfoundland, Canada; Virginia, USA; Queens, New York, USA; Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom; Dunedoo, Australia; California, United States; Bachenbulach, Zurich, Switzerland; Malkerns, Manzini, Swaziland; Stockholm, Sweden; Dallas, USA; East York, Ontario, Canada; Maryland City, United States
Phone: 5713100043
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!