First name: Christopher
Last name: Davis
Age: 43
Location: Australia..nebraska
Address: 110 w McLaughlin ave
Phone: 2703996567
On websites: Starmaker hangouts
Report: He has dr. Fernando gomes pictures and is in love very fast..also fast to ask for your bank details to put money into your account. Iblocked and reported no actual scam tookplace
First name: Williams
Last name: Davis
Aka: Jeremy Petry Ford
Age: 62
Location: See below
Phone: 631-397-5494
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: His name to me is Williams Davis, but here's your link to this guy, listed as Jeremy Petry Ford: On POF he said he was from the Greenwood area of Seattle area (where I am) but it has since changed to Greenwood, MS We chatted on Whatsapp but deleted my account once I discovered he was a scammer.
First name: Paul
Last name: Diego
Age: 62
Location: Century City
Address: 3852 PROSPECT AVE., APT D
Phone: 424-305-6273
On websites:
Report: Exactly the same letter and your Letter 1 to Sue. This is a male scammer. I don't know why your asking me if I want to report a female scammer!
First name: Maurice
Last name: Morgan
Age: 32
Location: Germany, Sweeden
Report: Keep asking for money
First name: Michael
Last name: Williams
Age: 51
Location: Lagos(nigeria)
On websites: Instagram
Report: He tricked me saying he was going to help me financially and he has my ssn because he said he needed it to add me to pay roll
First name: Danie
Last name: Gilberg
Age: 57
Location: Manchester, Uxbridge, Turjey
Phone: 07946714667
On websites: Mature Yorkshire Dating
Report: This happened last year and I haven?t had the courage to report it until now. I got friendly with a man who said his name was Danie Gilberg . We talked for about a month but never met, he told me he was a civil engineer by trade but had taken on a building project by himself in Turkey. After a couple of months I ended up loaning him some money because something had gone wrong and he was stuck in Turkey and needed it to pay for some equipment. I never got it back and he has now disappeared
First name: Jeffrey
Last name: Edric
Age: 50
Location: Westminster London
Report: Hello, My Friend, I hope this message meets you well. Thank you for connecting with me on LinkedIn, it?s a pleasure. I?m full of admiration and attracted to your picture and profile on LinkedIn at a first glance. Though LinkedIn is not a dating site, this is one chance, and I am more than willing and ready to take the risk to contact you via your email, for me, it?s better to try and fail than to give up and never know if you could have succeeded. You are really looking so gorgeous to me and I couldn?t resist this action that I am taking right now. Well, I will start to introduce myself to you now, my name is Jeffrey Edric from Scotland and I will love to connect with you on here, get to know each other better, and see where it goes from here. Actually, am widowed and I was born on June 10, 1970, {50}. I was born in Scotland but currently, reside in Westminster London. I find very much peace and tranquility there. I am a Contractor that specializes in corrosion treatment both in offshore and onshore oil facilities and also a consultant in the field... I am the only child of my parent, my weight is 85kg and height is 190 cm, mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listening, God Fearing, and a positive person. I am a real easy person to talk to and a good listener. I enjoy chilling with good friends, I like going to the cinema or watching movies in my room, I like swimming, fishing, listening to music and dance to any kind of music, traveling, going bowling and also a good cook, I can make crepes, pasta, Italian, and anything from scrape and my favorite are chips with chicken, shrimp, crab, and rice. I am a family-oriented person and there is more, but it would be better for you to find some things out for yourself... As a widowed, I am seriously in search of a good friend whom I can tell my good and bad moments because life is too short to spend it in loneliness. I hope we can get to know each other on a personal level. I am in search of a good friendship. Please get back to me so that I can tell you more about myself. You twinkle my fancy. Hope you have a blessed day, as I hope to read from you ASAP. Best Regards, Jeffrey Edric
First name: Johnson
Last name: Milband
Age: 45
Location: Gold Coast Australia...Turkey
Phone: 0472794905
On websites: Twoo
Report: This guy Johnson Milband got in touch with me on Twoo dating site. we have correspond thru WhatsApp. Things were going ok... I didn't notice anything strange about this guy after a while I did especially talking thru Whatsapp, he wasn't asking for money just open bank accounts in my name...He says that lives in Brisbane Australia... Not Australia citizen or has permanent resident but tells me he's in Turkey on business, also he's engineer. I have had no more connect with him...if he does connect me where i can more information I will update more later
First name: Mustapha
Last name: Luqman Olumowe
Aka: Berlin James, Frank, Davis Lahm, Duke Seville, John Lee, Ryan Evanston, George, David, Bany, Harrison Joseph, Mateo Rutner, Kennedy Scott, Marc Drijkoningen, Ethan, Fred Nolman, David Jenkins, Nicolas, Dino Duncan Mendez
Age: 55
Location: Miami, Florida, USA; Chantilly, VA, USA; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Astana, Kazakhstan; Turkey; Malaysia; New York City, NY, USA; Nsukka, Nigeria; Anchorage, Alaska, USA; Lund, Sweden
Phone: 13055018564, 2542785745, 13047214263 17322184107, 12065042463, 639978314721, 3047906620, 447451279038, 17403028756
On websites: Twoo, Hoverspot, Words with Friends, Topface, Devoted Singles, Craigslist
Report: Information used in romance scams.
First name: Henry
Last name: Avery
Age: 65
Location: Canada Toronto
On websites: MeetUp
Report: Taken from his email to me: dated Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 10:37 pm Eastern Standard Time
First name: James Roberto
Age: 35
Location: London, England
On websites: Hangouts
Report: This man texted me and talked very nice for awhile, claiming to be extremely rich, offered to buy me an iPhone for my birthday. So I was stupid and believed him and he got access to my Verizon account. He paid my bill for that much but then put 4 iPhones on my account saying he would pay for all of them. I got worried and told him no and cancelled all the phones. This is where it gets bad, I called Verizon to have them credit his account and I would pay it. I texted him to tell him that and that is when he wanted me to send the money into his BitCoin account. Then he started threatening my grandchildren and my children with black magic if I don?t send the cash. I don?t believe in that stuff but I am terrified thinking he could do something so I?m sending the money. I do not want this to happen to anyone else. I think this man is dangerous. I have saved some of his text messages and thought I could post them here but I am not sure but I am going to post his pictures
First name: Michael
Last name: Falerien
Age: 45
Location: Cote d
Address: Bordoux
Phone: +22571072860
On websites: whataap
Report: he report like single man who looking for honest relationship...he typing with many women in the same time, the same text. he looking for help in business (money)
First name: Martin
Aka: Morgan Grain, Afoke Oyetunji, William Smith, Stephen Luke, Francie Pena, Jeffrey, Mark Wilson, Boda Cornel, Jamieson Scottman, Evans Robert, Richard Calloway, Micheal, Charles, Paul Walter, Larry Wills, Mason Douglas, Elvis, Philip James, Martin, Sleath, Mark Curtis
Age: 61
Location: Phoenix AZ, Hamburg, Germany
Phone: 740-277-1001
On websites: face book
Report: His facebook account states he's a construction project manager at C & M Blake Engineering Services but in an email he states he works as a Project Manager for Implenia Norge AS Engineering and I am undergoing a three month contract that i should be concluding at the middle of next month. I found this person's picture on this (male-scammers) site and immediately stopped all communication with this person.
First name: Wilson
Last name: Danwoski
Age: 59
Location: Britt Ontario
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: He sends letters through gmail and also texts
First name: Alfre
Aka: Tyler Smith, Dave Miller
Age: 74
Location: Aberdeen, Scotlnd
On websites: lavplenet, znakomstvare, facebook
Report: scammer
First name: Eric
Last name: Morgan
Age: 61
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 0112349019539048
On websites:
Report: Eric James Morgan says he lives in Lagos, Nigeria Africa. He met me on and wanted to talk to me on his email address instead of using's communication access. He wants money from me to live on since he ran out of money while working as a construction manager in Nigeria. He also wants $10,000 from me so he can fly home first class to me in the United States. He says that he is living with a friend's brother and has to pay electricity and security bills and wants that money from me. He says that he is a widow and his wife, Linda died from giving childbirth. He says his parents were killed in a bad car accident years ago and has no other relatives or friends that can help him with support money.
First name: Casper
Last name: Asmund
Age: 58
Location: UK, USA
Phone: +16466289524
On websites: POF
Report: Reportedly had loads of money. Lives in Manchester UK but currently working abroad. Has an 11 year old son at boarding school.texting for a while and the odd telephone call. Lost touch but then suddenly got in touch again, switched to WhatsApp. There was initially a picture of an older bloke on there, when I queried it he changed it to a picture that he claimed was him. One day he asked me what I was doing. I said I was baking cakes to raise money for McMillan. He offered to send me a donation. I declined but he was very insistent. He said he was going to give me ?15000. I said ?20 would do. He asked for my bank details so I gave him my sort code and account number. He said it would be quicker if I gave him my card details as it works differently in the US. I gave him the details of an old account I no longer use that doesn?t have any money in. I then got a text saying a withdrawal was being rejected, he then messaged me asking did I have any money in it, I said I only get paid next week, so he said he?d send me ?300. A further two attempts to withdraw were made, both rejected. I messaged saying nice try, no cigar...he still denied it saying he was trying to put money in. I then blocked the messages. A week later I noticed that the WhatsApp photo had changed to a curvy voluptuous woman posing by a petrol pump. I messaged him saying that I noticed and that he was probably trying to rip off some poor unsuspecting bloke this time. The picture then disappeared. I have photos of him.
First name: William
Last name: Sinan
Aka: Friedley Dominic, Johnson Mills, Kelly, William Stony, Maccharles Davidson, Loach Andrews, Henry Markson, Jonathan Stan, Emran Selim
Age: 58
Location: Washington, D.C., USA; Austin, Texas, USA; California City, California, USA; Abuja, Nigeria; Aliquippa, PA, USA
Phone: 14159436997, 13012764131, 14124353180, 14128226325, 14128573679, 628158703021, 6289504515159, 6289509330426, 12034429490, 2057193609, 7727834730, 12139866631, 16104844153, 16822171541, 12018579826, 12034429490, 12562971997, 13323339141, 13343842372, 13432690732, 13432690732, 13477736044, 14409994962, 14502318014, 15014636134, 15048678918, 15048827586, 15083565488, 15803756687, 16098368886, 16134820677, 16143500354, 16143500354, 16282254486, 17478880364, 19035005798, 19725347301, 19735567498, 12026015173, 12094369691, 12106002186, 12133754329, 13055606449, 13099890992, 13462061737, 14705146113, 15163872248, 16013014794, 16316377812, 16474917771, 17148049720, 17273856858, 17652152647, 18506103203, 18707769632, 12092481749, 13603628114, 19703291305, 12142250462, 13099384775, 14129006127, 14698746256, 17727088969, 19175125150, 12057741102, 12099923312, 130554891011, 13473211854, 14132510193, 15183519075, 16138013588, 16312153647, 17603839411, 19022018686, 19033541010, 447405181068, 12012874950
On websites: Twitter, Wonder Dating, Interpals, Words with Friends
Report: Information used in romance scams.
First name: John
Last name: Schroeder
Aka: John Ethan schroeder
Age: 48
Location: Lagos guana
Email: Jsschroeder586@gmailcom
On websites: Instagram Pof Facebook
Report: Goes by John Schroeder already reported him as John smith Schroeder keeps calling me saying his deployment is soon to be ending found him on Facebook as John Eathan Schroeder still asking for money for flight food and medical for his son
First name: Garisto
Last name: Pietro
Age: 52
Location: NY
Phone: 305-203-2251
On websites: Uniformdating, Loveagain, WhatsApp
Report: He was requesting to send a package and complete sales money to myself after selling his home in another country. Stated it would be too much money to keep on his person and that he was having problems with his own banking account. Said he was selling a million dollar home, works as a roofer, next contract to be in Dubai coming from Turkey.
First name: Jason
Last name: Sorenson
Aka: Jason sorenson
Age: 36
Location: Canada Toronto
Email: Jason_soren 12
On websites: Facebook
Report: He's very abusive if he doesn't get money
First name: Williams
Last name: Newbook
Age: 60
Location: Kalifornien san francisco
On websites: Facebook, instagram
Report: Er gibt an, als Arzt bei der UNO in Jemen gearbeitet zu haben. Hat 1 Tochter mit Namen Laura
First name: Felipe
Last name: Douglas
Aka: Snow Douglas
Age: 44
Location: Perth austalia, New york
Address: Jl. Almubarok I no 58
Phone: 081299131117
On websites: Twoo, hangouts
Report: We met in twoo app and went down in hangouts to private communication. He claims as snow douglas has 2 daughter name Tracy and Louisa. His wife was late because of cancer.After 2 weeks he told me that had a project in aussie on oil offshore. So he flight to perth aussie working on the sea.Since that came many cause that he asked me to assist him to pay like text book for tracy, tracy hospital bill.his contract project only for 3 months but he delayed the contract and when he finished the project he has to unfreezze his account bank to received payment from the company, he mention shell. Because i late for the dateline unfreezzed account payment so he has to face the court of the employees sue of their late salary. Then i have to assist him again for his bailout so he can go back to NY claimed for his money in the bank to pay tje employees. Bailout had paid, its came ticket payment to assist. He promised will refund but there no refund just came other cause. He has to pay goverment fine to take his daughters from goverment hold, i assist him again. Then he has to flight to DC to pick up his daugters. He sent me their picture in the camp cos he hasn't money to pay hotel. His daugter louisa email me and begging me to take their back to NY. I sent it the last time and i found a search image app. In those app i found that he stolen of Mark carvendish, randallemmet's girls and felipe moura brazil's pictures. All the money i sent i always sent to his agents Natalja Sarajeva in dougasvil lativia, Rossana sri wahyuni bank account indonesia.was sent to agent in china and Donna georgia, US. I had issued a report form to IC3 and i will report him to every department that i can reach.
First name: Winston
Last name: Burnom
Aka: Winston Warren
Age: 75
Location: USA
Address: 408 Shepherd Road
On websites: Facebook, instagram, Singles
Report: Just inquiring about this person. I want to see if he is a scammer.
First name: Cedric
Last name: Thompson
Age: 67
Location: USA Arizona
Phone: (717) 469-5074
On websites: Christian singles, hang out, facebook
Report: I met this man on Christian singles.
First name: Dave
Last name: Richards
Aka: Rubben Ward Scott, David, Ryan Chen Xin, Grayson Capps, Luyon Wangwei, James Reed, Douglass Williams, Paul Farmer, Kelvin Eduardo, Paul Tyler, Paul Skroch, Chris Ernest Curtis, Scott Tolliver, Frank Andesron, John Lewis, John Welford, Davies Pulisic, Yeing Cooper, James Henrich, Ransome Trudeau, Frank David, Stephen Peter, Jaas, James Walter, Dave Lewis, Erwin Frank, Donald, Thomas Madsen, Peter Bright, Felix Gray, Scot, Adam, Jack
Age: 55
Location: Durham, USA; Beijing, China; Nigeria; Arlington, Texas, USA; Glasgow, United Kingdom; London, England; Adelaide, Australia
Phone: 2348132567323, 17603839411, 16136894501, 2349056246414, 447404953732, 7406100630, 19145295600, 19177653474
On websites: Tagged, Love Planet, Instagram, Coffee Meets Bagels, Mingle2, Words With Friends, Eskimi, Oasis, Ins
Report: Information used in romance scams.
First name: George
Last name: Gonzalez
Aka: Scott Cambpell, Raymond, Clifford Lewis, Mike, Edwin Freeman, Kip Moore, Richard Newbrough, Rodney Bush, Charles
Age: 54
Location: San Jose, CA, USA; Helsinki, Finland; New York, USA; Kazan, Russia; Barcelona, Spain; Mazowiecka, Poland
Phone: 31686418081, 7084591961, 12246031062, 19852409535, 6154319365
On websites: Adore One, Devoted Singles
Report: Information used in romance scams.
First name: Harry
Last name: Williams
Aka: William James
Age: 55
Location: Washington DC
Address: 1454 Bangor st
On websites: instagram,Hangouts
Report: Harry Williams or William James as he was on Instagram, scammed me really bad. He told me that he is a Medical Director Orthopedic Surgeon currently serving in Yemen, sent by the United Nation. He fell in love with me and wanted to get married when he comes home. But he got a package at the storage and he wanted to send it to me. I believed him that is how it started. The package I never received. Lots of taxes and fees, they took all my life savings. I've got burned a lot. Reported to the police and they reported to the FBI. I know I made a big mistake. Just want to warn the other ladies. Thank You, Leyla Azanli October 22, 2020
First name: Kurt
Last name: Antonio
Age: 51
Location: North Carolina
On websites: Scrabble go, Google hangouts
Report: After chatting with me for two days asked me for $2000.00 google play card because he lost his credit card and wanted to send his kids, Raine and Daniel $2000 so they can play games and contact him as he was working in the Arabian Sea. They were at home with their foster family in North Carolina, of course.
First name: Rubben
Last name: Ward Scott
Aka: Kelvin Chardin Jacole, David Ewart, Alex Dave, Liucheng Steven, James Liam, Jean Michel, Morrison, Keneth Johnson, Eric Williams Buzaay, Aaron
Age: 55
Location: Hamburg, Germany Barcelona, Spain; London, United Kingdom
Phone: 9712488590, 17086400498, 19852409535
On websites: Facebook, Tagged
Report: Information used in romance scams.