First name: Thomas
Last name: William
Age: 61
Location: Afghanistan
Address: Phoenix AZ
On websites: facebook, Google Hangouts
Report: This person claims to be a medical surgeon for the Army stationed in Afghanistan. Had been chatting with this person via google hangouts for about 2 weeks, claimed to have fallen in love with me. Then he needed me to buy him a $100 steam wallet card in order to keep his internet on so that he could continue talking with him. I told him not and immediately blocked him.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Whalen
Age: 49
Location: Carmel, NY
On websites: zoosk
Report: I was looking up a night show that he said he liked, and when I googled it, it brought me here! And I found the exact same copy of a letter he sent me: Good morning, I hope your night was restful? Thank you so much for your reply to my last e-mail. I can tell you're a very nice and simple lady from your short note. I enjoy reading your letters, they just make me feel loved and it's nice having you here to communicate with. What kind of relationship do you look forward to? Would you mind telling me about your last relationship? You're a very beautiful lady, and I love your sense of humor, We sure have a lot in common from what I've studied about you so far, and I'd like to read more from you. Well, I just thought of sharing some more things about myself and my life to you. and hope you don't mind. My Primary Language is Portuguese I don't smoke. My son name is smith I'm a christian, A Roman Catholic by birth, but I have been worshiping with a Pentecostal church for ages now but since last year it wasn't safe to be in church because of the virus, And I try to stay close to God as much as I can.? I worship at New Life Pentecostal Assembly, I'm a devoted son of God and believe God sent his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins and set us free. Tell me about yours? What is your religion? What is your belief? I don't judge people, hence I am very comfortable with whatever you believe in. I like my coffee hot, with sugar, no cream. Sometimes at night, I'll add some Kahlua though. I have a favorite chair in the house, and that is MY RECLINER CHAIR. I barely sit elsewhere, except maybe in my Library sometimes, I just make use of the Computer Chair. I am into raw food. I take grapefruit, oranges or lemons, slice thin, sprinkle with stevia (plant based sweetner-50 times sweeter than sugar) and cinnamon and dehydrate these slices in my Excalibur dehydrator (you could use any dehydrator-I love my Excalibur, though!) for 8 hrs or so on 105 degrees-keeps enzymes alive and you are eating live food. I love these! they are still soft and chewy in the center and crispy fruit rinds on the outside-I munch away at night and never gain an ounce! They are wonderful! My favorite TV show of all time are The king of queens, Saving Hope, Thepeteris and Frezned, The Stefy & Cruz Late Night Show, Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Walking Dead, Law and Order SVU, The Big Bang Theory, ?Repo and Parking Wars and some few others i can't remember now. My favorite sport to watch is basket-ball and tennis just because its funny to hear them grunt after hitting the ball ?Hahaha My favorite Animal of all time is The 3 toed crack weasel. Because they are very smart and no one believes they can deliver a stash within city limits. My favorite time of the day is absolutely SUNSET! beautiful! and it never fails to make me think that on the other side of the world, the same sun is actually rising! oh my, beautiful sunset, the sky gives butterflies! I am quite a morning person. You could wake me up at 4:00 am and I'd still be cheerful. I like mornings, but afternoons sometimes make me really tired and sometimes sleepy, Depending on how long I slept at night. I shower all the time because it's quicker and with the hot water and one of my many scented shower gels, it is very relaxing. I haven't had a bath in a couple of months. It does feel very nice lying in the tub, but once you're done, you have to wash yourself as well as the tub a second time to get rid of all the lather and oils. I'd rather just shower and be done with it. I love the rain! I just don't like to be in it. haha' i also love when it's gray outside ! Nice. My opinion about the Zoo is, ?I like it and dislike it at the same time. I like it because it is the only way I (and many others too) would see these animals in person. Zoos also educate people about animals, and tell us about the ones in danger of extinction. Some animals are so in danger that there are more of them in zoos than in the wild. Yes this is sad. Zoos also take in animals that would otherwise be killed because there is nowhere else for them to go. I dislike it because I look at these animals and think they should be in their natural habitat. I have a flower Garden in my yard. I love flowers, I love the scent of good flowers, I don't have trees in my yard, But have around my environment. As a freelance contractor, I get to work as much as I want. I am a private contractor in industials, hence, I do not have a fixed time to work and days to work as well. It varies. I kiss with my eyes closed. I like to leave something to the Imagination. How about you? Do you kiss with your eyes closed or open? I have always been an Automobile lover from childhood. So, I really don't have any all time favorite car. So therefore, I would say my favorite right now is my new 2021 Bentley gtc, It's about two months now since I got the car, and I have 3 other cars in my car park, But i just can't stop riding on this particular car. I wear slippers at home, and anytime I'm walking round my yard. How about you? Do you wear slippers or shoes when at home? WOW!!! Guess I have just reviewed 20 things about me, although they're all random questions/issues I decided to address on my own wish, So I'll honestly appreciate it if you can return the favor, by telling me about yours too, just like I have done in this letter. If there are more things you'd like to know, please do not hesitate to ask, and also, I've 2 dogs, so therefore we don't mind pets. Have a wonderful day and God bless you. Daniel.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Johnson
Age: 40
Location: Nevada, nugeria
Address: 2464 Blossom View Dr Sparks NV 89434 United States
Phone: +1 (309) 580-1226
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Typical scammer asks for money right off of meeting you
First name: Anup
Last name: Rao
Age: 41
Location: LONDON
Address: USA
Report: Hi Darling, I would tell you that you do have the qualities I like in a woman. I am now very eager and anxious to see you soon, Thanks for letting me know you more, Now I am really satisfied to know about you and I am sure it would be a pleasure to meet you in person...... We are sailing from Port of Liverpool, England through the North Atlantic Ocean to SYDNEY PORT in Australia in our Cargo Ship. The Port of Liverpool is the cross-channel port situated in Liverpool, south-east England. It is the nearest England port to the Atlantic Ocean, at just 37 kilometers (21 miles) away, and one of World's largest passenger ports, with 14 million travelers. The port has been owned and operated by The Port of Liverpool Commission Board, a statutory corporation, since it was formed by Royal Charter in 1606. However, I assure you that I will still be communicating with you via Email, with my palm-top computer.. Baby, i think there is a need for our constant communication promise to ensure that my best is good enough for us to keep communicating. It will take us less than 21 days to finally arrive in Australia... As i earlier informed you that I do some trading business in the ship but at this moment I have a big offer to supply a large amount of AU Metal (Gold) to an Australia businessman and I will be traveling with some amount of money to buy some AU Metal (Gold) in Port Elizabeth, in South Africa, as soon as I arrive at Port Elizabeth we shall head straight to Bay of Bengali to deliver some cargoes and I shall buy some of this gold in South Africa ...As you may have known, South Africa is one of the largest Gold producing countries in the world, you can get pure gold at a reasonable and discounted price in this region. This will not take me more than 48 hours to purchase the Gold before sailing finally through the Indian Ocean to Port Sydney in Australia...I want you to pray for a safe journey trip and a successful business for me. This is my very last trip to Australia, as soon as I get to Sydney Port, Australia I shall take a transport by vehicle from the Port to the nearest hotel in the city in Sydney and after completing the sales of the gold in Australia I shall get a flight ticket from Australia to meet you in India so that we can meet and know each other better..... I would be pleased if you could furnish me with the name of the nearest airport and hotel in your city to enable me to quickly book my ticket in Australia. I will always love you with all my heart and keep on thinking and dreaming of you. Many Hugs and kisses Anup.
First name: Martin
Last name: Murphy
Aka: Thomas
Age: 61
Location: Ghana
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: This man poses as Marin Murphy, but he lives in Ghana and his first name is Thomas.
First name: Aldrik
Last name: Heinrich
Aka: Aldi
Age: 55
Location: Luxembourg
Phone: +3197005031513 ; +31 97005034361
On websites: Tinder , Whats app
Report: claims that he has three children: two girls and a boy, that the girls are independent and that the boy is in the care of the relatives of the first wife who died five years ago; he claims that he divorced his second wife because she cheated on him. The children are in Poland and he is being moved to Luxembourg. He would have liked to come and meet me in person, but he won an auction with Seadrill. Shortly after arriving on the platform, a car broke down, and on the grounds that it had a poor internet connection asked me to correspond with the company Apariox (it will later prove to be false), as well as to make payments to this company using an online banking platform that was also fake. On the grounds that he missplaced his token to autorizase His transaction , he asked Apariox for a cryptocurrency payment . In this moment , Apariox provide a Bitcoin wallet which was actually his Bitcoin wallet and in this moment was clear for me that Apariox was a fake .
First name: Bernard
Last name: Fredrikson
Age: 60
Location: Norway/Oslo
Phone: +356 77076945 , +47 804433021
On websites: Tinder , what?s app
Report: he pretends to be an oil engineer working on a platform, he is alone, he has no relatives or friends. After a while, the drill pipe suddenly has to be replaced and you ask for a financial support of 7000 Euro to complete the amount of 63000 Euro that you have to pay to the dealer. He is very insistent and begs for help, otherwise Eni Spa will sue him.He use in fake pass and a fake contract with Eni spa .r
First name: David
Last name: Clarke
Aka: Thamas Winslow
Age: 64
Location: Switzerland, Denver, Cyprus
Phone: 5613165804
On websites: POF, WIX
First name: David
Aka: Olivier Dubois
Age: 50
Location: France
On websites: Tinder
Report: To add to your site...he is registered here
First name: Tom
Age: 57
On websites: Tinder
Report: I am sure he is already on your site. Found others pics today on Tinder with new name
First name: James
Age: 55
Location: San Diego, Greece, Germany
On websites: Tinder
Report: Met him on Tinder...telling me he works on a ship sailing from San Diego to Hamburg. He wants to relocate to Germany and keep in touch with me. After I told him I just want a face to face meeting and no fakes, he gots angry...deleted him!
First name: Gabriel
Last name: Murphy
Age: 48
Location: Turkey
Phone: +234 913 572 8364
On websites: WhatsApp, Facebook
Report: Gabriel told me he is an American work and live right now in turkey his boss do not pay him and he want that I give him a steam card about at first 200 Euros because I don?t want pay he ask for less 100 or 50 Euros if he becomes the steam card he can upload data volume and contact his friends in America to send him money from his own account because he has no access in turkey and his boss paid his salary directly on his account in America now he has no money to overlive in Turkey he can?t by food
First name: Luca
Last name: Noah
Aka: Dr Chris
Age: 45-49
Location: Estocolmo
Address: Suecia
Phone: +46 76 753 72 96
On websites: facebook, Whatsapp
Report: He was the one who initiated the contact, via Facebook, I still correspond with the person, that person insists on saying that he sent me a gift, but I have to pay customs, I never saw that. In addition to the payment of the package shipment to me in the amount of R $ 1,400.00, I have to pay for money laundering plus R $ 2,500.00. I'm rolling around until I see where it goes.
First name: Bernard
Last name: Fredrikson
Age: 60
Location: Norway/Oslo
Phone: +356 77076945 , +47 804433021
On websites: Tinder , what?s app
Report: he pretends to be an oil engineer working on a platform, he is alone, he has no relatives or friends. After a while, the drill pipe suddenly has to be replaced and you ask for a financial support of 7000 Euro to complete the amount of 63000 Euro that you have to pay to the dealer. He is very insistent and begs for help, otherwise Eni Spa will sue him.He use in fake pass and a fake contract with Eni spa .r
First name: Charles
Last name: Wirth
Age: 42
Location: Texas, possibly Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 6822868216
On websites: Tinder, Hangouts, WhatsApp
Report: We matched on Tinder in August 2019, caught him using a fake image and he said that he was in the military which was why he didn't want to use his own - because no one wanted to go out with anyone in the military about to be deployed. He started asking for money and said I didn't have anything, which was true, but after he persisted, I started sending him money he said would be for a container for his family's business. I have spent a little under $14k total in bitcoins, he said he was going to start paying me back and asked for my routing and account number. Deposits were coming in but they were for unemployment benefits for other people and he said that these were payments that customers were using. I expressed that I didn't want anything this way since he was asking me to turn around and send him the bitcoins after I received the money. He never paid me back and I discovered more lies, about this
First name: Williams
Last name: George
Aka: kelvin meade
Age: 45
Location: Los Angels, California
Phone: +1(802)331-0414, +44 7448 863793
On websites: Facebook, hangouts, WhatsApp
Report: Bank name: chime bank Name : Shaquilla brown Account no: 103100195 Routing no: 248150502297 Swift code: PMFAUS66 Bank address: 409 Riverside Road in Wilmington Delaware This the banking information he gave me asking for at first for a $1000.00 for a phone for his son in France supposedly and then a few day's ago he mentioned to me he was in the hospital waiting to have surgery which I don't believe. He has been rude threatening me and my children's lives over wanting money. And he didn't want to video chat only pictures and phone calls which they was two different voices that wasn't the same when he called and I asked why the voices was different voices was different and he said he was cold... Well I?m a marine engineer by profession currently on a contract work with Exxon mobil and I?m sorry for my late response. I just finished work for the day. I have a son and he?s just 10 He?s currently in France now.Kimathi is his son's name. Louisville Kentucky precisely.And I have traveled over 15 countries.. But he becomes very easily confused and angry and then turns verbally abusive. If you tell him no on thing's or money... and he has 15 women on his Facebook page that he is telling he loves like he did me... please this man has be stopped now but for he ends up hurting someone or killing them... another email address for him
First name: Ivan
Last name: George
Age: 59
Location: USA
Phone: 16282222436
On websites:, Facebook
Report: He text me throughout the matches site on facebook. Then he sent me what he claims was his company Internet site ( But this is the site for another good standing company, weicon ( When I look at
First name: SergioFavioni,Anders,Asbjorn,SIJI BROWN, Ted
Last name: Brown, Chidinma Brown Brown Hansen
Aka: Sergio Favioni, Anders, Asbjorn Siji LarsHenrik
Age: 40 -50
Location: Nigeria, DeltaState Warri Lagos,Abuja,Kuwait Dubai
On websites: Facebook/ messanger,instagram
Report: I found SERGIO FAVIONI on the net. Those photos are stole an using of a scammer! His story; He got stucked somewhere in the world. He is begging about money to go home. Then he steals the money for the ticket! He has a daughter in USA,. Always lots of problems. Only you can help. Absolutly no friends and so on. I suppose he is married with two children. I also think his wife is
First name: Vektor
Last name: Badie
Age: 61
Location: madinaty cairo egypt
Phone: +20 120 11 20 204
On websites: Facebook, bottled, plenty of fish twitter
Report: This man contacted me on facebook, he told me he's alone and searching for a wife. He asked for my photo and then i sent it to him. He demanded i go on camera with him and then he asked me for money. When i said no, he told me hes going to send my photo to everyone on my friend list.
First name: William Jeffrey
Last name: Muller
Age: 60
Location: south africa, turkey
Address: Campsbay
Phone: 0619717758
On websites: mingle,
Report: William is German born, he says from Campsbay South Africa, has been in Turkey so he says for past 2 years. Is always asking for money to feed, data, airplane tickets. Does not do video call his phone is not able to take photos. Has promised to come to meet me 5 times already always needing money, if I dont send he gets upset. He is working with other people to get money for various reasons, then they will phone from bank, flight resevations, but money has to be sent via cash send. No monies are to be paid into company accounts as it will take to long.
First name: Patrick
Last name: Zubby
Aka: Alex sunan kasem,alex azubuike,bryan neck
Age: 38
Location: Ghana nigeria
Phone: +2347069363983 +2349131311210 +12542039336
On websites: Korea online dating app s
Report: He using other pictures and videos of handsome man,he insist that the picture and videos he always send to is was him even not,and he force me to send money for him and gift ,the amount of money he ask me that he want to buy house in turkey,and ask me to buy more gifts,saudi gold,because i was fall inlove to him or the picture he always send to me and the videos i think his real but i discover that pictures and videos that he always send to me is not him he someone else,that almost send 25,000 hkd and the gifts that cost more than 3,000hkd
First name: Smith
Last name: Fleemy
Age: 50
Location: Japan, Ontario Canada & New York USA
Phone: +1 202 640 1278
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: I met this man call Smith Fleemy on a Dating Site call, and he is a American Citizen who is living in Ontario Canada, as a Mechanical Engineer. He is working for KY Oil and Gas Company here in Ontario Canada. He is divorced with one son who is twenty seven years old . He has been divorced for so many years. This guy here is a Dating Scammer! In he's fake Dating Profile it says he lives in New York USA but he told me in my Dating Profile that he is living in Japan!! He is also using a USA Mobile Phone: +1 202 640 1278 (WhatsApp) Carrier: T-Mobile Usa Area Code State: (202) is a District of Columbia area code. Area Code Cities Major (202) cities: Washington, Naval Anacost Annex, Parcel Return Service, Washington Navy Yard
First name: Ray
Last name: Humphrey
Age: 38
Location: Bintula Sarawak Malaysia, Manchester UK & London UK
Phone: +44 7520 665840
On websites:, WhatsApp & Facebook
Report: I met this man call Ray Humphrey on a Dating Site call, and he is from Manchester UK but at moment now he is currently working in Shell Company Bintulu Sarawak Malaysia, as a Pipeline Maintenance Engineer. He is single, never married with no children. He has a Facebook Profile
First name: Bernard
Last name: Fredrikson
Age: 60
Location: Norway/Oslo
Phone: +356 77076945 , +47 804433021
On websites: Tinder , what?s app
Report: he pretends to be an oil engineer working on a platform, he is alone, he has no relatives or friends. After a while, the drill pipe suddenly has to be replaced and you ask for a financial support of 7000 Euro to complete the amount of 63000 Euro that you have to pay to the dealer. He is very insistent and begs for help, otherwise Eni Spa will sue him.He use in fake pass and a fake contract with Eni spa .r
First name: Ryan
Last name: Gibson
Age: 46
Location: Florida
On websites: Instagram Hangouts and WhatsApp
Report: He said that he loves me and he needs to get a medical certificate! He said that he is a plastic surgeon in Florida US! He states that he will join me in England to be married! But I searched on Instagram and found another legitimate doctor with a different name called Dr Giancarlo McEvenue! This man has lied to me! I sent him money to help him! Now I will never trust the media again!
First name: Joseph
Last name: Harald
Age: 66
Location: North Carolina
On websites:
Report: The person was a referral on Christian Mingle
First name: Leo
Last name: Boomer
Age: 55
Location: Scotland, Greece, Munich
On websites: Tinder, Whattsapp
Report: Met this man on Tinder few days ago. Told me that he is originally from Scotland and actually working in Greece...but will meet me in Munich the next days cause he is moving to Munich....immediately wanted to change to whattsapp but did not get my number. ...same procedure as always:-(
First name: William
Last name: Churchill
Age: 40
Location: New Jersey
Phone: 1st- 609-284-9226 2nd- 609-416-3354 3rd- 903-708-1543 4th- 609-342-6059 5th- 609-669-2817
On websites: LinkedIn, Instagram
Report: William contacted me first and it was on Instagram. We talked for a 11 months total. He didnt start asking for money until about the 4th month of us talking. He would always call me babe, baby, angel, queen. And he said I love you within days of speaking to each other. He would have other people send money to me to purchase bitcoin for him. I started to do research on him and the people that sent me money. I ended up finding 6 other women and some found me. We were all his girlfriends. Even after confronting him with the information that I had he denied everything and tried to play the victim. He started talking to me less and less and then finally just stopped texting. I am now having to pay on the debt's that have accumulated because of him.
First name: Joseph
Age: 55
Location: Clifton, NJ
On websites: tagged
Report: Military scammer who wanted to meet me on tagged ? image stolen
First name: Jim
Last name: Rollins
Aka: Ron Medley, James Walker Rollins
Age: 56
Location: Perth, Qld, Malaysia
Address: Malaysia
Phone: 0403493052, +60 1162121670
On websites:
Report: Just found out I?m being scammed. Met on dating site. What a professional set up. Absolutely convinced me he was the real deal. Claimed he was from Canada/Sweden. Wife died from cancer. Son Fred. Looks fit. Asks for money, lies brilliantly. I found out from fraudulent activity on my account. And yes ladies, I am gullible, naive, too trusting.