First name: Matthew
Last name: Angelos
Age: 65
Location: United States
Address: 277 NW Michelle PL
Phone: 424 283 6998
On websites: Match
Report: I met him on He contacted me. We have been corresponding for a month. Around 25 emails and 5/6 phone calls. He gave a big spill about mom dying in New Zealand about the funeral about resigning from Commonwealth Investors to start new job. He also got my email so he could tell about himself. I ended up sending him P. O Box #. And phone number. He sent something about selling his shares in commonwealth for signature to help him. I was stupid. I have no money anyway. I'm poor told him that. He never asked outright for money just romances and talked about his life and job. He's really good. I saw the same paperwork for.investor scam on someone else's scammer report.
First name: Efe
Last name: Onos
Aka: Frank Corona
Age: 42
Location: Dublin, Kabul, Algeria
Phone: +447426058045
On websites: Sentimente.
Report: He claims to be a single dad from Dublin, Frank Corona, currently a soldier in Kabul, with a little daughter raised by his relatives, or similar. A dead wife and a grieving single dad trying to make a future for his kid. Impressive! :)) I saw certain inconsistencies in his story and answers and I've started a sort of interrogatory :). He sent several photos and when I asked about the Facebook account he created one but , it was obviously a fake profile. Therefore I searched on all media possible with pictures and all information available and I discovered that the pictures were of a certain Canadian actor named Grant Carter and he was in fact a guy maybe named Efe Onos (from my research). There is no problem that he was from Angola or Nigeria, the fact that he was not admitting his identity was disappointing for me. He tried to tell me that he needs something but I blocked him before asking anything and definitely I was not willing to give anything before knowing the person very well, I've learned not to trust or to believe everything. I have photos of both the actor and the real person, in case needed.
First name: Alex
Last name: Gruber
Age: 63
Location: Scotland
Phone: +12013380379
On websites: Tinder
Report: Contacted On the 7th of March 20. Quickly asked to move to WhatsApp. Said he was working on oil rig off the coast of Scotland. Parents from Austria moved to United States at 16. Mother passed away 2018. Brother passed away several years ago. Sent family photos. Has one daughter. Said he would be retiring after current job and looking to buy home in UK. Phoned several times. Requested I send iTunes card to the value of ?100 saying his phone was playing up and he needs to pay for his daughters phone bills following an accident. Denied he was a scammer. A few days later said he was trying to get funds back on the land saying once he was able to do so he would purchase the flight ticket. Suggested he used a credit card which he said wasn?t working. He then asked if I could get the funds on his behalf from a new account he had opened. He would name me as the beneficiary to the funds, ?12 million . Said he would send an email to the lawyer to put things in place. After some research I found that his phone number was registered in New Jersey to a person of a different name he was also on several websites, same photograph different names.After presenting him with this information I was blocked.
First name: Pedro
Age: 56
Location: USA, Phoenix
Phone: 630-672-5495
On websites: Tinder
Report: He initiated contact through Tinder. I corresponded with this person for 2 weeks. The event that occurred that make me suspect this person was an scanner was when I was address as Emanuel.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Magne Curtis
Age: 61
Location: turkey, San Diego
On websites: hangouts
Report: poses to be an engineer working on an oil rig in Turkey. Loves older women. Claims to have 2 children 9, 11. Wife died in childbirth with #3. Kids are in boarding school. Has soap-opera like issues arise that prevent him from moving forward in his job that require emergency cash to overcome. Promises return on loans.
First name: Tim
Last name: Winslow
Age: 64
Location: UK, Sutton Coldfield
Phone: +44 7873 522452
On websites: Tinder
Report: Contacted by this person, suspected as scammer as pictures and profile didn?t match. Sent a long over affectionate message and song on second day, A lot of Americanises in his language. Had phone number checked and is not a UK mobile number. Asked him to video call, he did but his ?phone is old and the video sometimes doesn?t work?. Sounded Nigerian.
First name: Larry
Last name: Thompson
Age: 52
Location: Syria
Phone: +1 (916) 545-7099
On websites: Words with friends
Report: This man contacted me through Words with friends and after a little time he was saying that he was in love , he told me he work as a civilian for the UN, He claim he is a widow for 3 years and he has a 8 y/o children, he said he is coming in 2 weeks and wants expend time with me and my family.Too good to be true. I have my suspicions from the first time and just tried to play the same game to see what was his intention. I keep looking for his name and I of course I didn?t find him until I use his picture and find this page all with almost the same story!! I wish someone could put him in jail.
First name: Marc
Last name: Teressi
Aka: Larry Bagwell, Johnson Sweay, Nick, Lawerence Baggins
Age: 62
Location: Atlanta, Erie PA,
Address: This is a hotel Blue Jazz
Phone: 814-580-8475
On websites: Match
Report: I met this guy on Match back in February 2020. A month after talking he had to go to Singapore to give a presentation for a Job. Soon after he needed $700.00 for his grandson's birthday. He never asked just used guilt and being sick due to stress to get money.
First name: Jaden
Last name: Edward
Aka: Jadenedward83
Age: 44
Location: Tulsa, Oaklahoma, USA
On websites: Instagram
Report: I spoke to this man on Instagram, before speaking to him I did a reverse search of his images on google. I found the real person he is impersonating , he is impersonating a public figure his name on instagram is keno220, he has stolen several of this mans images to use
First name: Dean Terry
Last name: Tyler
Age: 60
Location: Columbus, Ohio. USA
Phone: 248-533-0074
On websites: Hinge
Report: I came across this site when searching for a conference that the scammer said he had been to. It led me to a report listed on your site for Scam Frank Norman. I felt that there was something off when exchanging texts, even the format was a little odd, as if it were cut and pasted. Turns out I was correct. There are parts of this text exchange that match nearly word for word in some parts. I ended contact with stating, that I had done a google search of his conference and wasn't surprised with what I had found. While he didn't ask for money yet, I believe you could attach an AKA to Frank Norman's report. I can supply you will the email exchange for comparison. I have screen shots of his profile picture, but don't see how to attach them. Just let me know. Regards, RJ