First name: Antonio
Last name: Black
Age: 31
Location: visalia
Phone: 3134448603
On websites: hily
Report: he ask for money for food
First name: Terry
Last name: Holmes
Age: 45
Location: US (SLC), Afghanistan (Kabul)
On websites: Hangouts, ScrabbleGo
Report: He contacted me via ScrabbleGo and soon asked me for my email address and to download hangouts. We exchanged pictures. Sometimes he mixed up a name (it was his auto correction as he told me) and asked me the same things twice. He said he was a Colonel in the US army just about to retire. He wanted to visit me then. But he needed some documents and asked me to receive a package with a treasure box for him. I got an email from a company who wanted my scanned passport and even worse 5.000? for the package insurance. I didn't because I knew he was a scammer then. Even after being confronted with it, he used to tell me it was his ex wife who wanted to ruin him.
First name: Kenneth
Last name: Hohepa
Age: 63
Location: Malaysia
Phone: 1 (732) 307-3360
On websites: Tinder
Report: This man scammed me out of $8000. He says he is originally from New Zealand, lives in Toms River, NJ. His accent sounds as though he could be from New Zealand. He says he is an architect, working in Malaysia on a contract. Each inspection of his work requires more money to fix issues. He also claims to have a daughter studying opera at Juliard in NYC.
First name: Augustine
Last name: Novak
Aka: David Remond
Age: 55
Location: Berlin (Germany)
Phone: 00447588826239 and 015141660717
On websites: Tinder, Skype, Viber
Report: Met this man on Tinder 22.05.2020. He claims to live in Berlin, working on a project for Marathon oil Company. Switched from Tinder to Viber letters and hearts every day (as usual from scammers) Just found him here with same photo under name of David Remond. Delete him now!
First name: Tony
Last name: Werner
Age: 52
Location: Frankfurt Germany, America USA & Tallinn Estonia
Phone: +1 876 512 6577
On websites:, WhatsApp & Hangouts
Report: The photos stolen and they belong to a Lebanese man who lives in Tripoli Libya, as a Superintendent Piping and Structural. This scammers says to me in WhatsApp online that he lives in Frankfurt Germany but at moment now he is working in the rigs in Baltic sea in Estonia, as a Petroleum Marine Engineer. He is single too.
First name: frank
Last name: anderson
Age: 46
Location: Massachusetts
Phone: 469-796-2167
On websites: whats app
Report: says he bis in the army and uses the photos of Zach Dee Smith he is a con who stills your money and is a stoker and bully he is to not be trusted and is wanted by the FBI he got into my banking account and took over 5 thousand dollars said we were going to be married that he was in prison and been in the army since he was 20 yr's old but he is out of jail and the army has him laid off for a while which is all a lye has a lot of con fake names he goes by and he sends you fake credit cards to western union that is stolen for you to to send to another account he sent a thousand dollars deposited into my bank account and three hours latter took it out please stay away from him very crazy and not safe to be around him.
First name: Solomon Carson
Last name: Reid
Age: 40
Location: Nigeria
Report: A soccer scout in Nigeria. Needed money to get players tickets. Then on way to airport in a serious accident not a scratch on him anywhere, altho dr said he came in almost dead and unresponsive
First name: Joshua
Last name: Gayle
Age: 44
Location: Atlanta
Phone: 001 678-973-4166
On websites: Hangouts whatsapp
Report: I?ve been talking to this guy for months now he says he?s a doctor seems genuine not really asked me for anything but I?m concerned that when I reversed his photo it came up as someone else although I?ve reversed other pics and nothing comes up, could he be a scammer or just a real lookalike of this other guy
First name: Ramos Keith
Last name: Belt
Age: 49
Location: Afghanistan, Syria, Pappu New Guinea, Alice Springs
On websites: Mostly hangouts, What's app, facebook
Report: Not sure if he is real or a scammer, desperately need help please. Scammed me out of a lot of money, he friend try to scam my friend. Con me in his fake love, always telling me he coming, never happens. Tells me he rich, broken promises all the time. His mum was a nurse, died of cancer. His dad owned a construction company, he pass away. Apparently he from/lives in America, only child. Not married and no kids. Told me l will never find him on the scammers list! ( l don't know what to believe )
First name: Dimitri
Last name: Jackson
Aka: Frank
Age: 63
Location: S.F. CA, Oslo Norway
Report: I have located the man who's pictures & personal information was stolen by my scammer