First name: Sean
Age: 47
Location: Houston
Phone: 3257547099
On websites: Pof
Report: Met on pof, had to go to Australia for work right off the bat wanted a new iPhone. He froze his bank accounts then wanted my info to have his checks deposited in. Very demanding
First name: Scott
Last name: Wash
Aka: Scort Wash
Age: 48
Location: Newark New Jersey USA & Boisbriand Canada
Phone: +1 740 422 9815
On websites:, WhatsApp & Hangouts
Report: I met this man call Scott Wash aka Scort Wash who lives in Newark New Jersey USA, as a Oil Facilitator for a Oil Company. He is single with one daughter and I met him on a Dating Site call He uses a Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Number +1 740 422 9815 (WhatsApp) (e.g. Skype or Google Voice) Original carrier: Xo Ohio, Inc. In he's Dating Profile it says he lives in Boisbriand Canada not Newark New Jersey USA!
First name: Martin
Last name: Taylor
Age: 42
Location: Sydney Australia & Ankara Turkey
Phone: +61 404 709 960
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a Brazilian man who lives in Sao Paulo Brazil, as a Brazilian Police Officer. This scammer says to me in WhatsApp that he is living in Sydney Australia but at moment now he is currently on deployment as a Militant Airforce and he trying to get he's retirement letter signed here in Turkey by a Field Marshal. He is a widower with one daughter
First name: Tony
Last name: George
Age: 64
Location: lives in Lincoln ne working in florida
Phone: 4077207568
On websites: plenty of fish but talks on hang out
Report: Tony George sounded really real then after 3 weeks of talking he needed my bank account information he needs to put money in it to get back to lincoln Nebraska from Florida I do not know it sounds crazy I gave him nothing no information he is still talking to me I do not know why I have given him nothing and I am not going to give him anything. I guess i will talk to him until he gives up I will never give him anything( I do not understand your website this is not a woman he is a man this site says female why I have been with this site for 2 years why has this changed??)(this about a male not a woman)
First name: Stephen
Age: 56
Location: San Antonio texas
Phone: 785-337-3578
On websites: Pof
Report: Met on pof claimed he was from San Antonio, then said he was working in Italy
First name: Michael
Last name: Burman
Age: 55
Location: London, Stockholm
Phone: +44 7405010331
On websites:
Report: Pretendent to be in Sweden for Work at the hospital Theo he is to sell hos company, travers to London Has problems, breds to go to Dubai Get stuck Nejds money....
First name: Christopher
Last name: Ryan
Age: 51
Location: Newark, New Jersey, the USA
Phone: +1 (732) 4019726
Report: Describes himself: Christopher Ryan am from Newark New Jersey in the united states was born 25 09 1968 am 51 years old was born of a father with a Mexican origin and An American mum how are dead i lost my wife 5 years ago to cancer and i have a daughter who is 12 years old and is under the care of the united states government am the only child of my late parents i work for the United States Army under the special forces unit currently in Sweden now on special missions i love the gym hanging out with friends in the pub am single. First claimed to work in Stockholm, Sweden, then moved to Yemen. Sends quite long love-messages every morning (copy-paste from the internet), but in normal chat gives very short comments, never nothing specific about his work or life. Don't answer direct questions. Is not interested in chat partner in reality. Communicates only via WhatsApp, claims not to have an access to video chat, don't use any other social media apps.
First name: David
Last name: Kent
Age: 52
Location: Australia, Norway (Oslo)
Phone: +64225170906
On websites:
Report: Claims to be Dutch-Australian origin man who's wife died 3 years ago to cancer, in WhatsApp uses a photo with a girl underage. Claims to live in Oslo, Norway and is there due to 5 years project. His daughter is in Australia under care of a friend. Never don't answer questions, does not develop conversation. Asked very fast a WhatsApp number. Has called few times, speaks with strange accent. He is not not interested in chat partner as a person, sends empty copy-paste love-messages what are available in the internet. Claims to be the founder of a renewable energy company called Davex Energy - one of the leading renewable energy solutions providers in the world. No of searches don't give any result David Kent and Davex Energy. On his website is stolen information from another website ( and just the owners name has been changed. When I asked to send a selfie with a paper where is written my name, he got confused and wanted to end our chat immediately.
First name: Daryl
Last name: Allen
Age: 51
Location: United States, Manhattan, NY
On websites: POF
Report: I began talking to Daryl on POF and then he suggested we move over to hangouts. He wanted my phone number, so I gave him a google voice number that I use for dating sites until I can be sure the person is real. I had suspicions right from the beginning with him. He gives the standard scammers excuses. He is out of the country and can't video chat. He provides a lot of pictures of his family. I can't find those pictures anywhere online by doing a reverse search. He finally asked me to get bitcoin for him using my own money. I told him okay, but have no intention. I am just keeping him going a little while longer. Based on the times he is online, his vocabulary and spelling, my guess is that he is somewhere in Africa. I would be happy to provide you with the text from our chats. THIS IS A MALE SCAMMER. THIS FORM SEEMS TO BE WRONG REFERRING TO FEMALE SCAMMER
First name: Philip
Last name: Schmidt
Age: 56
Location: Portland,Oregon
Phone: +1 (503) 673-1647
On websites:
Report: Got matched with this guy three days ago and talked only. Two days later he left for Hawaii to work. I have been screening his pictures to verify his honesty. He finally sent a picture of his dick which showed up on 12 websites. Confirmation of his being a scammer. I have his Match profile and some pictures to send. He claims to be from Germany. He communicates through Messages and Whatsup which I could not initiate.