First name: Benardo
Last name: Diricks
Aka: Chao Wang, Dani James, James Tuscher, Bradly Guerrero, Frank Eric, Fabien Voisin, Arthur Chester, Philip Daniel, Alberto Hector, Shuhart Toddson, John Carter, Daniel Scoth, Greg Lawson, Tarek Alex, Jasper Sean, John Baldwin, John Tennyson, Mark Fernando, Henry Lewis, John Woo, Charles Barlett, Alex David, Doug Kelly, Diego Carlos, John Mike, Steve Jones, Daniel Morgan, Gregory Walter, Andrew Williams, Mark Smith, James Jayden, Harrison Lucas, Denise Dobson, Paul McThomas, Steve Clerk, Johnny Richard, Owen Leo Palmer
Age: 55
Location: Ibarra, Ecuador; Kingshill, Virgin Islands, USA; Lagos, Nigeria; Atlanta, USA; Perpignan, France; Newark, New Jersey, USA; Florida, USA; Cardiff, England; Bromont, Quebec, Canada; Brooklyn, USA; Washington, USA; Chai Nat, Thailand; Cardiff, England; Buffalo, USA; Cressy, Victoria, Australia; Houston, USA; Seoul, South Korea; Benghazi, Libya; Accra, Ghana; London, England; New York, USA; California, USA; Madrid, Spain; Abenberg, Bayern, Germany; Francescas, France; Franceville, Gabon
Phone: 4842281546, 14146356035, 22965327009, 923452261194, 15072462558, 14704449353, 2406555386, 4422421742, 13252898949, 33758721721, 447441465671, 12056790431, 17026021742, 14027704506, 17603745243
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Randy
Last name: Andrew
Aka: Derrick Riggs, Murray Waring, Jack Noll, Smith Anthony, Ambrose Owen, Logan Jason, Lucas Chen, Retavas Arthur, Alexander Gastro, Charles Barlett, Liucheng Steven, Richard Chung, John Smith, Marcus Leonardo, Daniel Hills, Odulukwe Michael, Kelvin Mark, Robert James, Randy Donald, David Williams, Alex Lee, Garry Giblets, Jason Samson, Christopher Toft, Benas Collymore, Richard Brain Carlos, Hoang Townsend, Marvel Henry, Robert Brewster
Age: 55
Location: Absberg, Bayern, Germany; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; California, USA; Valletta, Malta; London, England; Los Angeles, USA; Orlando, USA; Florida, USA; Beijing, China; lagos, Nigeria; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Bangkok, Thailand; Texas, USA; Hamburg, Germany; Sanaa, Yemen; Zeeland, Netherlands
Phone: 16025528370, 16315404737, 9712488590, 447367638362, 16608515634, 9494442357, 447451274273, 16319731673, 23354478362
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Bailys
Last name: Wiskey
Age: 64
Location: Atlanta
On websites: WWF, Hangouts
Report: He contacted me thru Words With Friends, said he was an engineer working in a wine factory in South Africa.. He had large equipment to transport home to Atlanta. Sent me pictures of hi dog, which is how I found the real person. When confronted swore he was real and just needed a gift card to get data to call me. He faked the call.
First name: Byron
Last name: Watts
Aka: Byron Whitts, Abel Byron Watts
Age: July 27, 1969
Location: Oslo, Norway & Houston, Texas
Phone: +1 (502) 215-8063
On websites: Linkedin, WhatsApp; Hangouts, Facebook dating, Instagram
Report: Met him on LinkedIn, the professional networking site. Said he was an engineer with Seadrill in Houston Texas. Met in April 2020, and it took him until late October 2020 to ask for money to ?repair? some equipment he brought from Norway to the job in Texas. His wife died of cancer and his 6 year old daughter was being cared for by his mother in Oslo, Norway - they would speak every morning. I?ve got about 50 pictures of this guy including one photo of him with his mother and aunt. I also have a couple of videos. This is a well-seasoned scammer who has been doing it for 20+ year. When he asked for money I told him to go to the bank like any other normal person or ask his own family/relatives or friends. I never gave him any money because I?ve been scammed before 20 years ago where I lost $10,000
First name: Robert
Last name: Stone
Aka: Eric Charles, Daniel Grey, Anthony Black, David Berger, Amalia James, Wilbur Har Charles, Richard Terry, Peter Jamie, Gomez Rodrigo, Adams Edison, Kelvin Bray, David Brooks, Dickson Wooden, Li Zhang, Alex Adems, River Harper, David Odafe, Awolusi Raph
Age: 53
Location: New York, USA; Washington, USA; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Chicago, USA; Rome, Italy; Milan, Italy; Bremen, Germany; Houston, USA; Lakeland, Florida, USA; Texas, USA; Marseille, France
Phone: 19046075425, 7473457425, 17607866300, 447598904395, 393881291364, 12015822934, 15672527164, 4407700332386
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: John
Last name: Smith
Aka: Frank James, Mark Preston, Arroyo Sinclair Adams, Richard Michael Potgeter, David Bernal, Frank Johnson, Kelly, Rolland Meeker, Jing Tom, Barton Lus, Thomas Ville Tyler, Tom Anderson, David Cooper, Robert Ashworth, Alex Harrison, Henry Lewis, John Woo, William Steven, Adam Fabian Raphael, Steven Lee, David John, Ramon Gaskin, Diego Carlos, John Ruben, Daniel Mark, David George, Roy Smith, Dong Wonbin, Kelvin Johnson, Brian Cortez, Churchill Erickson, Lawrence Peters, David Walliams
Age: 54
Location: London, England; Fort Wayne, IN, USA; Chicago, USA; Berlin, Germany; Makoti, North Dakota, USA; Aden, Yemen; San Francisco, USA; Kentucky, USA; Paris, France; Singapore; Arlington, USA; Humble, Texas, USA; Seoul, South Korea; Lagos, Nigeria; New York, USA; Kachia, Nigeria; Michigan, USA
Phone: 2607559582, 12092317418, 9494442357, 18282694618, 19153208285, 15713500579, 33758721721, 15158502851, 447459444087, 639477480300, 17205717900, 16049000301
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Val
Last name: Kilmer
Aka: Val Kilmer
Age: 62
Location: California
On websites: Hangouts
Report: He wanted me to buy him a card. He said he is a man of his word and would pay me back double. I told him no. He got mad and told me if I won't help him then to just forget it. The conversation ended and I have not heard from this person.
First name: Chris
Last name: Richard
Age: 60
Location: America. Afghanistan
Phone: 01423 353 7383
On websites: Facebook
Report: Has been talking to me for a long time I have spoken to his daughter by email In USA Recently he has started asking me to help him I am rather suspicious of this and wondered if he is on your site. Where do I send photos ?
First name: Scott
Last name: LeBlanc
Aka: Manny
Age: 57
Location: Coronado, California
Phone: 619-736-1178
On websites: Vidamora
Report: Was chatting with someone I met on Wire Club, he said his name was Reginald Lamar. Same picture as this person. Was suspicious he was not what he claimed. I google searched his photo and it led me to Manny1965 on Vidamora.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Lee
Aka: Klein Flores, Pedro Noel, Maroslaw Gerek, Jimmie Hartman, Florence Woji, Vilma Jay Marco, Kevin Andrew, Stephen Mark, Bart Wilber, Rupert Abrams, Dato Ray, Douglas, Ilham Maulana, Warren Edward, George King, Alexander Kishkin, David Williams, Davis Choy, Jobello Henry, John Michael, Michael Frank, Hoffmann Stefan, Johnson Benson, Hardin Scott
Age: 56
Location: Los Angeles, USA; Asilah, Morocco; Marseille, France; New York, USA; Manabi, Ecuador; Cincinnati, USA; Melbourne, Australia; Alabama, USA; Seoul, South Korea; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Houston, TX, USA; Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA; San Pedro, CA, USA; Bolton, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 2407383909, 13342097079, 2348056393189, 4705742133, 3462603411, 447459914830, 447459367944, 5185546664, 4244501460
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Tim
Last name: Kennedy
Aka: John Kelvin, Austin Miller, Mark Donald, Alex Morgan, Philip Martins, Donald Jones, Boschman David, Chris Owen, Carlos Casagrande, Wilson Williams, Wang Pen Wen, Zhang Wei, Fredrick Parker, Alex Matthew Ward, Ben Nelson, Alvin Morrison Grant, Freedy Michael, Thomas Cahill, Johnny Freeman, David Frankley, Max Ken, Alla Gideon Kankam, Timothy Robbins, Barry Hatim, Garvin Davis, Jennifer Dieter, Howard Shackleford, Victor Alex, Paul Khoury, Jeffrey Oliver, Nolon, James Scott, James Robert, Ismail Cengiz, Jaw Long Dumadi, John Woo, Eric Ham, Patrick Porter, Michael Dominic
Age: 54
Location: Manchester, England; Moscow, Russia; Aden, Yemen; Florida, USA; Atlanta, USA; Texas, USA; New York, USA; Middletown, USA; Melbourne, Australia; Atina, Lazio, Italy; Akure, Nigeria; Ondo, Nigeria; Greenville, South Carolina, USA; London, England; Newport, Gwent, England; Sydney, Australia; Houston, USA; Chicago, USA; Kachia, Nigeria; Benghazi, Libya; Seoul, South Korea; Munich, Germany; Paris, France
Phone: 14059281774, 16572352599, 4179123456, 16187035277, 8153489967, 6062402251, 7743431623, 7246480756, 18133208909, 1234444932, 4086342558, 2347038523727, 14344421217, 447868773179, 17072161873, 447459227926, 19725732114, 33758721721, 15105759561, 7329938024
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Oliver
Last name: Andersson
Aka: Zahid Marten, Oliver Andy
Age: 45
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Oliverandy luxury, Facebook, WhatsApp, Signal, Single Muslim
Report: He just played with my emotions for money.
First name: Henry
Last name: Styles
Aka: Bryan, Abbot Valenzia, Eddie, Edmond Sturgart, Danny Gegenhiemer, Mack Donald, Allen Andrew, Kim Frankie, Christopher Chastain, Walter Ulmer Donald, Frank Marcus, Chardin Jacole, Tony Adams, Iwene Peter, Paul Robert, Paul Rex, Alexander Cas, Evans Tommie, Johnson Morris, John Woo, Alexander Gibbs, Phillip Alvin, Jason Osmond, Jason Dian, John Merit, Jordan Bobby, George Kevin, Kenneth Adams, Robert Smith, Peter Franzen, Thibus Colin, Andy Philips, James William
Age: 54
Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Yermo, California, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Istanbul, Turkey; Texas, USA; Atlanta, USA; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; New York, USA; Houston, USA; Copenhagen, Denmark; Munich, Germany; Paris, France; Augsburg, Germany; Lagos, Nigeria; Berlin, Germany; Hamburg, Germany; Amsterdam, Netherland; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Portsmouth, England; London, England; Halifax, Canada; Tampa, Florida, USA
Phone: 15184174360, 12048132743, 12033503446, 17256059743, 18152228853, 19175809586, 18454784582, 221709435409, 12094369691, 12097097558, 33758721721, 2348065493798, 7372774532, 13013270101, 19163148316
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Jones
Last name: Harvey
Aka: Bill Goodman, George Brain Tracht, Hudson, Sebastian Dee Cussens, Robert Daniel Borgan, Mahesak Wongpa, Larry Sheng, Larry Shang, Salvatore Mingari, Robin Theodore, Nicolas Smith, Barben Willy, Brandon Walkowski, Michael Oliver, Lonut Greg, James Paul, Fredline Patrick, Raymond Hargraves, Mark Smith, Raphael Wilson, Malcolm Nott, Kim Lee, Harrison Riley, Evans A Denny, Chris Lai, Jeremy Zayon, Moses Scott, Mark Donald, Raymond Hargraves, Mohammad Benjamin
Age: 57
Location: Texas, USA; Milton, Ontario, Canada; Florida, USA; London, England; Tampa, USA; New Jersey, USA; Crestview, FL, USA; North Carolina, USA; Istanbul, Turkey; Albany, California, USA; Fangshan, Beijing, China; Malton, North Yorkshire, England; Ashburn, USA; Liverpool, England; Seoul, South Korea; Baldwinville, Massachusetts, USA; Aurora, North Carolina, USA
Phone: 14076244180, 2248132620135, 447503849846, 16265228765, 12524101585, 5168997052, 18045060611, 9096990387
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Frank
Last name: David
Aka: David Frank, MimiFrank
Age: 53
Location: Norway, USA, Pakistan
Address: 1312 Braeridge Drive Beverly Hills CA 90210
On websites: Spike, Facebook
Report: He contacted me in last December under the name MimiFrank on Facebook. He quickly wanted me to move to WhatsApp or hangouts. I refused and we would chat on Spike. He asked for Steam cards, and I tunes cards and to pay for internet service while he was in Norway on a job as a civil engineer. I stopped talking to him after he got angry and threatened me because I would not send him any money after I accused him of being a scammer. He claims that he is the real person, that all the fake profiles are scammers and that I should report them.. Fast forward to August, he contacts me again, saying his name is now David and he is on his way to Pakistan. He wants me to accept a check from his management company for him to fly via personal jet home to the US for the holidays, so that we can be together. I refused, now he is trying to prove to me that he is real. I don't believe him, as the address he sent me is a vacant lot.
First name: Justin
Last name: Benjamin
Aka: Mavis, Kelvin Chris, Nelson Desmond McDonald, James McDonald, Jose Betro, Kim Chun Mun, Jeffrey Kirby, George Williams, Riley James, James Smith, Heather Knibbe, Eric Hill, Giovanni Calvin, Christian, Jordan Morgan, Kelvin Owst, Kelvin Reuben King, Phyllos Williams, Gordon Perry, Sam Kluivert, Brian Cole, Thomas White, Philips Houk, Brad Stewart, Michael Eric, Frank William, Christian Donald, Richard Williams, Alex Jackline, John Lewis, Yahaya Abib, Robert Jonas, Jerry Richard
Age: 54
Location: Cartier, Manitoba, Canada; london, England; King City, Ontario, Canada; Liangxiang, Beijing, China; Artana, Castello, Spain; Seoul, South Korea; Seattle, USA; Columbia Station, Ohio, USA; Miami, Florida, USA; Lancaster, California, USA; Paris, France; Dallas, Texas, USA; Bacelona, Spain; Minsk, Belarus; New York, USA; Manchester, England
Phone: 14383002470, 13108792780, 22953509785, 12672047567, 393509003142, 447935282894, 33758721721, 12246987469
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Harry
Last name: Miller
Age: 56-61
Location: California, Washington
Phone: 19362790930
On websites: Plenty of fish, Facebook,hangouts
Report: He lures you in as a potential date then gets bank info from you and ask for your help to set up accounts that he can use. Promises to pay you but never does
First name: Scott
Last name: Smith
Aka: Kelvin smith
Age: 50
Location: Illinois, Indiana, Dubai, hawaii, Texas
On websites: Plenty of fish
Report: This man has extorted 8000 from a friend of mine, says he is oversea, but she gets phone calls from here in the states. He has several profiles on plenty of fish, we report them and within 48 hours he has another one.
First name: Wang
Last name: Hamilton
Aka: Alex, Freddie Lucas, Patrick, Mike Richardson, Werner Bolton, Musa Alilhu, Springer James, Felton Morgan, Christopher Schmidt, Stefan Jason, Aviel Hans, Benjamin Eleazar, Kathryn Kohlman, Weixiang Pablo, Bobby Fearles, Giovanni Anderson, Don Stan Collins, Kevin Jeff, Owen Daniel Jaxon, Antonio Santos, Michael Hans, James Connor, Larry Micheal, Kim Chung Mun, Varshavski Mikhail, David Colin Lawis, Frank Alice, Micheal Wilson, Johann Bernhard Herbert, Ethan Freeman, Randy Moran, Song Jim, David Mandela, Micheal Hall, Robert Allen, Paul Alec Anthony Miller, David Mark
Age: 57
Location: New York, USA; Washington, USA; Dallas, Texas, USA; Oxford, England; New York, USA; Seattle, USA; Hamburg, Germany; Cairo, Egypt; Taipei, Taiwan; Los Angeles, California, USA; Houston, USA; Arce, Lazio, Italy; London, England; Atlanta, USA; Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Paris, France; Spanish Town, Jamaica
Phone: 14696664902, 17406523433, 2163703260, 4244284333, 447480487494, 13526914730, 9093751753, 5015238675, 17162175980, 19169067873, 7028474103, 5704003651
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Stephen
Last name: Joshau
Age: 63
Location: Nigeria
Address: 15 chatsworth ave larchmont new york
Phone: 914-344-3700 or 845-579-2333 or321-758-4538
On websites: Facebook
Report: He stole over 100,000 from me he is a man not a women
First name: Archie
Last name: Meranto
Aka: Mason
Age: 42
Location: Australia, UK, Sweden
Address: Gisborne, Melborne
Phone: +61488892884
Email: he also have a gmail account
On websites: Whats app, Tinder
Report: We first match on Tinder, after a few days he suggested we should flip over to Whats app. Immedtley he erased his Tinder account. This guy claims to be a pilot who's got less work during the pandemic and he was forced to take some assignments for the Australian Airforce again. But he was going to retired and move to Sweden to his mothers city of birth, witch happen to be close to me. He should open an hotel there. We were writing for a few weeks and it gots very intense. He said he were located in Kosovo and it was a special mission coming up, they have to save a pilot in Syria. This is where the first red flag come up. He send me his Military ID and everything seems to be in order. Then he was nervous about don't getting paid due to some arguing with the general. He got me to sign in on his account, no paycheck since may but a lot of money and its looks like the payment is from Department of defence . It was a lot of strange things going on at his mission and he or they use HOTLINKS EXPRESS for transferring and an account I Thailand Phruettaya Chuaynarong Kasikorn Bank in Bangkok The first transfer was when his belongings sent from Kosovo got catch in Turkey and I needed to pay a fee to get it to Sweden due they have scanning it and it was 45000 USD in the box...I was negotiating with Hotlinks and they let me pay just some of it and the rest when it was delivered. Then it happens one more. They were asking for a lot of money and I was negotiating once more... Then he was transferring to Syria for this mission and when it was done he emailed and said he lost his device and will be accused of treason if hi could get another one. Now it gets really strange and he mentions a syrian war lord namned Lt Abdul Uzza Mahdi who will lent him his device. Thanks to this name I found out this was a real scam. He also told me a Chinese guy namned Chen Bojing Zheng will helped him with a new device and I have to emailed him He wanted 7500 euros and then he will helped set Meranto. At this time as was told to log in to Archies bank account and do the payment of 17 000 use from there, while we been doing this, for some reason the amount changes and I sent 170 USD, then when I will try again they block the account with a message that it will be suspended because he is a combat soldier on a mission or something like that. In the same time I received pictures from him from his email says the same thing. I have sent 3000 euros and I'm glad I didn't sent more... I found this story when I was google some of the names the other day. The story is on FB at the page Scam Haters United, it is exactly the same story but other pictures and name. I have blocked the guy and all the email addresses, sent a report to the Australian department of defence and would like to report it to tje police as well.
First name: David
Last name: Smith
Aka: Hernandez Abass, Brain Phillip, Chris Sam, Robert Edmond, Derrick Maxwell, Dave Howard, Mike, James George, Kyle Bright, Bjorn Benedikt, Ken Kim, Robert Walters, Michael Williams, Tony Mayer, Harry Andrew, Gianluca Vacchi, Jordan Morgan, John Peterson, Eric Maxwell, Smith Warence, Jake Roberto, George Williams, Kelvin Ethan, Werner Bolton, Davis Johnson, Dave Ryan, Alexander Gibbs, Bright Owen, Paul Jack
Age: 58
Location: Lagos, Nigeria; Winterset, IA 50273, USA; Ajo, AZ, USA; Chicago, USA; Houston, Texas, USA; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; San Francisco, USA; Greenville, Georgia, USA; New York, USA; Accra, Ghana; Berlin, Germany; Atlanta, USA; Istanbul, Turkey; Singapore
Phone: 12562233233, 5157054852, 12048133125, 13215991444, 19093325419, 5022890168, 447868136871, 17406523433, 12015973936, 447448831567, 4158429625, 447554546390
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Stephen
Last name: Joshau
Age: 63
Location: Nigeria
Address: 15 chatsworth ave larchmont new york
Phone: 914-344-3700 or 845-579-2333 or321-758-4538
On websites: Facebook
Report: He stole over 100,000 from me he is a man not a women
First name: Christopher
Last name: Lent
Age: 60
Location: Iowa City
Address: Iowa
Phone: 3194092664
On websites: Hang outs, Tinder
Report: Man is a big time scammer
First name: Martin
Last name: Conner
Aka: David
Age: 58
Location: Texas, USA. Edinburgh, Scotland. Yemen.
On websites: Tinder
Report: ON TINDER. Said was from Edinburgh Scotland but lived in Texas USA. Was serving in US army as senior Sargent as a peacekeeper for UN. Daughter 17 called Amber in boarding school. Divorced.
First name: Russel
Last name: Daryl
Aka: Rus
Age: 60
Location: South Africa/ Dubai
Address: Sandton Johannesburg
Phone: +971 58 881 9862/+44 7810 733225
On websites: Date Corner
Report: Has to go to Dubai for contract work, a week after we started chatting, to work on a onshore oilrig. Always in big problems, needing money for himself and his daughter going by the name of Riana/Tanya who is studying abroad in the UK. When refusing to give money, cries and says he will hurt himself. Always sending false airplane tickets, but then always has a problem with his visa, passport whatever, then needs money to fix things up before he can fly, and to open his plane ticket.
First name: William
Last name: Jeffery
Age: 60
Location: South Africa/Turkey
Address: Campsbaai, South Africa
Phone: +27 61 772 7300
On websites: Date Corner
Report: This man William Jeffery, says he is from Capetown South Africa working as a building Contractor (Civil Engineer) in Turkey. He has a son by the name of Eric that is studying Medical in Cape Town. He has taken Money from me. I have refused to send any money. Both him and his son always in need of money for flights, food, dog food, airtime. You name it. Has said so many times he is on his way back to South Africa, but each time as his flights are to leave, there is always a problem. Can not video call cause the camera on his phone is not working. Sent photo of his GERMAN passport with birthdate of 05/04/1961, and lastly a Turkish I.D with date of 22/5/1963 which is totally false. Such a smooth talker, God fearing man as they all are, and one that would never lie. But lives a total life of lies, and always begging for money.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Bright
Aka: Carl Pearson, Licano Roberts, Ben Nicholas, Alex Nicholas, William White, Martin Hart, Patrick William, Kyle Scott, Leon Michael, Lukas Gunther, Clark Hamilton, Garth Davis, Ben Jackson, Seungdon Kim, Tommy Carson, Werner Bolton, Eric Brian, Aaron Michelle, Eugene Dariel, Dennis Herdina, James William, Steven Byrne
Age: 52
Location: Toronto, Canada; Austin, Texas, USA; Dallas, USA; Damascus, Syria; Washington, USA; Dakar, Senegal; New York, USA; Abidjan, Cote D Ivoire; Portsmouth, England; Frankfurt, Germany; Los Angeles, USA; Berlin, Germany; Timisoara, Romania; Lagos, Nigeria; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Boston, USA; Orland, California, USA
Phone: 12099923814, 19196356214, 12028046069, 17406523433
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Robert
Aka: Rob
Age: 58
Location: USA/Atlanta
Phone: 6613065683
On websites: Our Time
Report: I met the above person on OurTime dating site. We spoke back and forth until he asked me for my email. He said it was a better way to communicate with me. We emailed for 2 weeks when he told me he was leaving the country for Dubai to finish a contracting job he had with a company and would be back by the end of October. He asked for my phone number so we could stay in touch while he was gone. We text up until October 16, at that time he said his international roaming was running out and he asked if I could get a $200 gift card for him to pay for more minutes so we could stay in touch. I don't know how many other woman he was preying on, but he said I was the only one. I didn't send him any money and as of October 20, I not heard from him. I don't want to see anyone else fall for this man's scam. I did report this to OurTime as a scammer.
First name: Camden
Last name: Thompson
Age: 40
Location: Australia and USA
On websites: Tinder Facebook
Report: Pretended to be an American Orthopaedic Surgeon working in Australia. Had a daughter living in the states with a nanny. Called the hospital he supposedly worked for a they had never heard of him. Showed drivers licence which was fake.