First name: Logan
Last name: Murphy
Age: 41
Location: Atlanta and Philadephia
On websites: Facebook
Report: Logan Edwin Murphy text scammer for money
First name: Kenneth Ejaita
Last name: Idisi Zamani
Aka: Richard G Kaiser, Thomas Adams
Age: 30
Location: Warri Nigeria
Phone: 1+214-997-1108, +234-810-183-7280
On websites: Facebook, Hangout, WhatsApp
Report: I met him as Richard G Kaiser, until I realize something was very wrong and I made him reveal himself that is how come I know his name he took me for a lot of money at first . And now he's going by Thomas Adams I'm done some research and he is Romance Scamming other women. To pay for his upkeep so to speak. He is a very smooth talker and gaslights very well. Please be careful of this individual is very dangerous as well. He promised to marry me and everything as Richard G Kaiser and promised to come to the United States and pay me back for what he had owed me I will never see that money and as Thomas Adams he's doing the same thing two other women if I can help one woman not have to put up with this kind of torture I will have the best of my ability. I am %100 sure that he is a scammer.
First name: Bill
Last name: Stevenson
Aka: Facebook, messenger, Hangout, WhatsApp
Age: 55
Location: Dallas
Address: 6812 Rondo Dr. Dallas TX 75421
Phone: 7137669580
On websites: Tinder
Report: I have been talking to this scammer for 3 months. He is always wanting something from me--new bank acct where he sent money but the haa as no said it looked stolen so I shut it down. He sent a $50,000 counterfeit check. He tried to steal my bitcoins, he sent a cashiers check straight to my bank who deposited it a as MF the check bounced after the bank said it was good. He's a good con artist. He needs to ge shut down.
First name: Jonathan Reginald
Last name: Parker
Age: 64
Location: Dubai, UAE; Liverpool, UK; Seattle, USA
Phone: 00447537170513
On websites: Plenty of Fish, Whatsapp
Report: I went on Plenty of Fish website about 6 months ago hoping to find a nice person for long term relationship. Jonathan contacted me. He was very polite, courteous, never rude, never used bad language and was very loving and kind in his emails. He said he was born in Scarborough, England on 25.12.56. His story was that his father died prior to his birth and his mother married an American man and they moved to Arizona, along with his older brother named Christopher. He told stories about his childhood in Arizona. At the age of 19 he married his childhood sweetheart but the marriage ended after 3 years. A few years later he remarried, then moved to Seattle where he spent most of his life. His story was that around 2001 (after 9/11) work was difficult to find so he took a job in Kuwait where he was a construction manager, working for himself, managing large construction sites there. Apparently his wife didn't want to travel so he went alone. At this time he had one daughter named Devon, and he travelled back and forth from Kuwait to Seattle for 14 years and in between had another daughter named Charlotte. His marriage was crumbling, so he said, and on returning home after 14 years he found his wife had left, taking his 'children' to live with his best friend. According to Jonathan, he had an illness affecting his walking and it was only during treatment for this the illness he learned the illness was hereditary so the daughters were tested - and it was revealed that neither his daughters were his. Both were the offspring of his best friend. I will mention at this point that I have photos of himself with his brother Christoper, and Christopher's wife, named Angela. Somewhere in our communication he mentioned that his brother's 2 children (daughters) have Pompy Disease. They were close brothers in childhood, but his brother has been less communicative due to his situation dealing with his daughters' progressive illnesses. It is worth noting here, that he purchased a little puppy (white Maltese dog) for his daughter, but his wife wouldn't allow it so he kept it for himself. He supposedly still has this doggy and has photos of himself with it. It will now be about 6 years old. This being naturally painful for him, he decided to leave Seattle around 2017 and relocated to UK, where he rented a property (with option to purchase) in Kirkdale, Liverpool. After 4 months in Liverpool, he took a 3 year contract doing construction management in Dubai. He said he sold his car (a Mercedes) and went to live in Dubai to manage this whole construction complex for residential and commercial purposes. Photos he has sent look real, but I have found a couple on Google images. I have been to Dubai and have a friend there. Our conversations were so nice and I looked forward to his daily emails and replying - which after a few weeks we added Whatsapp so we could easier share short messages, photos, songs etc. To be honest, I saved all communication onto my laptop so have a record of all. After a while he declared feelings for me which I reciprocated. Occasionally he would phone me, but his voice was not one with an American accent, nor was it a voice of a 65 year old man. I mentioned his accent and his excuse was that he had travelled alot. We planned that when his contract ended in Dubai approx July 2021 that he would come to my area to spend time with me. We discussed taking our relationship further, even getting married - plus how his dog and my 2 dogs would settle together. He said he had 3 years to work prior to retiring, and had been offered a further contract in Australia but because of my permanent situation and age, he said he would prefer to work in the UK unless I wanted to travel to Australia with him. So our communication continued. Ramadan had commenced in Dubai so he was only able to work at night but we maintained communication just as much. Around May, there was a ship that had become lodged in the Suez Canal - on all new channels. He said he was in front with his constructions, but had a container with supplies that hadn't arrived. After a couple of weeks worrying, he found out from the shipping company that it had been wrongly unloaded in Baku in Azerbaijan. He was at his 'wits end' what to do about it because the shipping company would take a month to reload it and reship it to Dubai (Abu Dhabi) port. After a few days he decided the best option was to send his assistant to Baku by air, locate the container, have it loaded onto a truck and drive it to Dubai. He realised if he travelled like this he could be victim of estortion having British/American citizenship - hence he sent his assistant. The container was located, the assistant managed to find lorry plus driver and drive it all the way to Dubai. At Dubai airport it was seized at immigration - as a query why it should be driven when it was sea cargo. The immigration required over ?150,000 to release it and Jonathan struggled to find that amount. He later said he had found most of it from business associates, but was ?85k short. At this point he asked if I could help!!! In my earlier emails I had told him that my property was in my son's name and my son was my Power of Attorney as I was wary of disclosing financial information to a stranger. I didn't have this kind of money, but Jonathan said anything I had would help him because he had limited time to retrieve the container as Immigration would add penalties, then eventually dispose of it. I couldn't help him financially, but he did eventually have the container released. In the meantime he sent me copy of the Dubai Immigration Seizure notice which had the Azerbaijan lorry registration number, plus the names of his assistant AND the lorry driver. He said his Arab employers wouldn't help because they wanted him to delay the construction project which would mean they could add penalty and reduce his final wages. If he finished early he would receive a bonus - equating to half a million!!! So, the saga continued, but the container released and his work was progressing, all in the hope of completing early. However, a few weeks later he mailed to say he was behind with his rent for his apartment because all his money and focus had been on the release of the container - he forgot to pay his rent and had spent up!! I was asked if I could help, which I couldn't. Oh, he provided goodness knows how many people with accounts that I could send the money to. Most were foreign. He didn't have an account there he said because he used a broker. He also said his residency documents had expired and he wasn't going to be there long, so didn't bother renewing it. His dog (named Casey) lived in Dubai with him and was looked after by a female neighbour who didn't take any money!!! So after not being able to pay his rent he said he was homeless, having to live in the work cabin on site which only had generator for electricity during working hours and he said he was desperate. During the time there he said he contracted food poisoning which he said turned out to be Malaria (which Dubai claims Malaria free since 2018). I suggested he move in with the lady who looked after the dog!! He said she only had a small apartment and it would be immoral, but he did eventually move in with her - blaming me for not helping him at a time of need. It is also worth noting here that his demands and please for money were becoming quite worrying for me, and I was being blamed for all his situation. He even suggested Bitcoin when I said I couldn't do Money Gram transfers etc.. Amazing story really. I have photos of his USA passport, photos of the construction projects, photos of him with his dog, photos of him with his brother and wife. I've even had photos of the Immigration Seizure notice - all which look real. He told me his apartment wasn't nice and I've seen photos of that, plus a photo of him in there with the dog. The photos of himself with his brother are in Canada which I noticed from the beer adverts and the trees in the background being Maples. However, in earlier mail he mentioned he had travelled to a few Canadian states. His written communication was very much American - use of words, phrases etc so I do feel he has had some American influence. I did wonder if he was an African scammer, but I will never know. Nevertheless, because it was all my fault that I couldn't help him financially at his time of need, he was very disappointed with me and stated that he wouldn't be continuing our relationship with me when he came to UK. He also said that I had broken his heart and he could no longer see a future with me so he ended our relationship. It was a relief for me because he knew much about where I lived and could easily have found me. We communicated for about 6 months- such lengthy emails, beautifully written and all the time he was so gentle, loving and kind. Even towards the end, he never used rude language. He said he was Christian, we prayed together even, but no Christian could sin and love the Lord at the same time!! To some extent I am still wondering who this enigmatic man was that I spent so long communicating with. I will never know. One thing I do know, he asked for vast amount of money, then less when he thought I couldn't pay much and became relentless in his begging. It is important to me that other women be aware.
First name: Charles
Last name: William
Age: 50
Location: UK
Address: 55 densgeit manchester m3 3qg
Phone: +447546366848,+447424521575
On websites: waatsapp, Ok
Report: Charles William met me in classmates. He said that he was leaving for another country for work. Near Malaysia, the ship was allegedly attacked by pirates. He asked me to save his documents, he sent them through a courier service. Then on the way to the airport he was attacked, about this I was informed by Dr. Santi. After that, he received a letter from his daughter's school, stating that he urgently needed to be in the UK. His daughter had health problems and he flew to India with her for treatment. He was stuck in India because of the pandemic, reported that the embassy could not help in purchasing a ticket for an export flight, he asked me to transfer money to the agent who would book the ticket. Nobody delivered the parcel, the profile in classmates was blocked, he also blocked my number. The courier company pulled $ 20,000 from me.
First name: Anthony
Last name: Smith
Aka: Whatsapp
Age: 40
Location: Texas
Address: Whatsapp
Phone: Whatsapp
Email: Whatsapp
On websites: Whatsapp, Facebook
Report: We video call just one time seeing his face, but it's weird. He told me his in the military base and it feels like his hiding something
First name: Thomason
Last name: Wilcox
Aka: James Roland Mayer, Fred Martinez, Daniel, John Dreyton, Pilsen, Tyfer Boris, Mark Divad, Wang Lee, Li Wei, Minju, James Wilson, William Douney, Thomas Inston, Chanzomi, J Kenneth, Werrim Lemmy, Fedrick Brown, Dave Bevan, James Aker, Emmanuel Peterson, Liucheng Steven, James Jason, Molly Bayard, Kyle Justin Kennedy, George Bill, Jayme Palmer
Age: 54
Location: Lancaster, California, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Illinois, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Stockholm, Sweden; Graben-Neudorf, Germany; Coleraine, Ireland; Seoul, Korea South; Pusan, Korea South; Hawalli, Kuwait; Ashland, Oregon, USA; Yuanlong, Hongkong, China; Alberta, Alabama, USA; Berlin, Germany
Phone: 17076225507, 2136340021, 4012853359, 9712488590, 15802081331, 2696262161
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Murray
Last name: Wilson
Age: 62
Location: Findlay, ILL Texas, USA
Phone: 217-386-1671
On websites: Facebook dating
Report: Claims the following: Lives in Findlay, ILL Widower after 21 yrs of marriage, lost wife 6 yrs ago Black lab is his dog named Max grew up in Bergamo, Italy with his mother who passed away 8-12-17 Father lived in Chicago, ILL - deceased Sister, Darleen lives in Chicago, ILL Works for ENSCO on a drilling platform in Gulf of Mexico as underwater welder/pipefitter. Magnolia Oil platform is what he told me & it has not gone by that name for years - 2018 W&T Offshore merged with Conoco Catholic and watches church services every Sunday. Supposedly retired end of April, needed $1200 to transport from rig to land. This was delayed because he said he was waiting on his retirement check - could not be deposited in his bank account for some reason. After a month, he supposedly got of rig and was staying a a hotel in Houston where the company was having him stay while trying to get his retirement check figured out. Second time he asked for money was for $6200 to send his employer for them to release his retirement check. After NOT sending him ANY money for ANYTHING, he decided to stop talking.
First name: Michael
Last name: Wexner
Age: 60
Location: BradfordVermont, US
Address: 94 S. Main St. Bradford, Vermont 05033
Phone: 208-423-7268
Report: This man sent literally emails so long they were like books. I am newly divorced and I was vulnerable. He asked me to transfer money for him as he said he was in Dubai {?} and could not get into his accounts in the States. I did this for him. They were for large amounts of money. I know now I shouldn't have....but he gave me all his account numbers and passwords and everything so I thought he was for real. I hope I won't have a legal problem for what I did so innocently. Fortunately, I did not give him any of my banking information. He is European and speaks with an accent. In his last email he asked me for 35,000 dollars so he could leave Dubai
First name: Mark
Last name: Poupard
Aka: Daniel, Kevin Smith, David Williams, James Johnson, Anthony Wallace, Tajuddin Nasiru, William Morgan, Jeffery Williams/William, Liang, Dennis Miller
Age: 56
Location: Sydney, Australia; Los Angeles, USA; Mohave Valley, USA; New York, USA; Berlin, Germany
Phone: 3307901537, 17072766407
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Martin
Last name: Ezfred
Aka: Nik Pavio, Anderson Smart, Rene Sotelo, Roman, Fair Williams, Halit, Anthony Buckham, Kenand, Jeo owen, Anthony Hamilton, Bertrand, Alex Scott, Bailey Jordan, Benson Garry, Mark Holbert, Martins Franklin, Michael Adams, Mark Ronald, Eden Montalvo, Michael Wilson, Frank Gregory, Albert Pech
Age: 57
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA; Porto, Portugal; Warsaw, Poland; Taxes, USA; Dallas, USA; Oslo, Norway; Camberley, England; Parma, Italy; France, Paris; Memphis, USA; Long Beach, California, USA; Berghulen, Germany; Munich, Germany; Hobscheid, Luxembourg; Boston, USA; Detroit, Michigan, USA
Phone: 17186508665, 5856537122, 4242169241
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Richard
Last name: Benetti
Aka: Ramsey Benetti, Juan Wells, George, Abel Wills, Frank Gregory, Mark Powell, David, Ben, Mills Cummings, Watson Corentin, John Walter
Age: 51
Location: Guangzhou, China; Ontario, Canada; Houston, Texas, USA; California, USA; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Keelung, Taiwan; Dallas, USA
Phone: 13475085330
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Markus
Last name: Feehily
Age: 41
Location: New York, Eden
Phone: +1 (716) 575-5596
On websites: WhatsApp, Hangouts
Report: A man started writing to me in September. He claims to be Markus Feehily of the Westlife group. He gave me a phone number, an email. He says many things I don't believe.
First name: Kofiasomfo
Last name: Ventures
Aka: Van David, Clanta, Frank Henry, Willi, Daniel, Sam Heughan, Robert Strum, Raymond Dorsey, Russel Micheal, Matt Kingsley, Abbott Greek, James Blaunt, Andiry, Raymond, Geovanni Delem, Davis, George Martin, Jemies Barry, Malian, Kevin Scott, Mark, Travis Oscar, Roland James, Walker James, Schlupp Ginter, Sheikh "Razza" Hamdan, William Marie, Johnson Brown, Paul Destiny, David Minc, Cameron Jackson, Williams Jones, John, Frank Herrison, Wayne, Morgan, Oghen, Moore Philip, Liwang, Mathew Fred, Rian, Jacky, Mark David, John Mark, Anderson, Richard Wong, Whitney Scott
Age: 50
Location: London, England; New York, USA; Virginia, USA; Albuquerque, USA; Des Moines, USA; California, USA; Alachua, Florida, USA; Little Rock, AR, USA; New Jersey, USA, Los Angeles, USA; Sevastopol, Russia; Miami, USA; Cherkasy, Ukraine; Houston, Texas, USA; Kabul, Afghanistan; Linxia, Gansu, China; Catford, Hither Green, Bellingham, England; Asotin, Washington, USA; Bergen, Norway; Anchorage, Alaska, USA; lagos, Nigeria; Abbeville, Alabama, USA; Axams, Tirol, Austria; Wick, Highland, England; Livingston, West Lothian, England; Berlin, Germany
Phone: 2393571413, 448712564182, 17472854481, 380969271384, 12819720500, 380540288287, 09030483637, 9703159253, 1469252660, 7722175384, 18656309437, 449063716544
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Michael
Last name: Brooks
Aka: Ben Miguel
Age: 52
Location: Buffalo
Phone: 410-417-8635
On websites: Tinder, WhatsApp
Report: He's now calling himself Benjamin Miguel and he's a orthopedic surgeon but he lost his license after the death of his wife and when almost insane and fell sick. But he's getting it back soon. Hasn't asked me anything yet but I blocked him. I knew there was something wrong with him and the conversation.
First name: Greg
Last name: Hightower
Aka: Billy Hightowwer
Age: 45
Location: Libya
Phone: 4698286423
On websites: blackandwhite, Kik
Report: Greg Hightower claims to be a Sargent in the US military. He claims to live in Dallas, TX. No kids, and only child with dead parents. His scam is he needs to update his iPhone and he would just love to see your face for 1,300.00 the US military will allow unlimited calls and video chats. He is awesome with his words and you will feel so special and loved . He found me on an interracial dating app. He claims his ex wife is from Kenya and she cheated on him and broke his little lying heart.
First name: Levik
Last name: Dyachkov
Aka: Lev
Age: 24
Location: Krasnodar
On websites: Gay Dating
Report: Very good-looking young man. Claims to be a part-time fashion model in Russia (Krasnodar) and work's as a stylist in a clothing store. Falls in love via email in a few days - all photos sent are the professional standard and posed professionally. Emails in broken English - always asking detailed questions - emails loaded with romantic metaphors. Various image search results are all negative. Name search is negative. The last email claimed his boss has given him 40 days off holiday and asked for my telephone number to confirm meet-up. This is a typical Dating scam - everything is too good to be true and nothing stands up to even the slightest interrogation.
First name: David
Last name: Green
Age: 51
Location: Lagos (Nigeria)
On websites:
Report: I saw the pictures of the newly published scammer report and I'm almost sure that the person that pretends to be
First name: James
Last name: Brandley
Aka: Raymond, Jonathan, Liucheng Steven, Peter Jonath
Age: 57
Location: New Jersey, USA; Annapolis Junction, Maryland, USA
Phone: 16823029668, 9712488590, 89653346
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Alexander
Last name: Palmer
Aka: Aston Carlson
Age: 58
Location: Gulf of Mexico
Address: Texas
On websites: Hang outs words with friends
Report: This person I have spoken to for a few months allegedly has two sons is Norwegian living in the US working in the Gulf of Mexico
First name: Jeffrey
Last name: Jones
Aka: Louis, Andrew Tanner, Todd Barry Scott, Wayne James Dey, Robz Martin, John Silve, Paulo Bolden, Oscar, Benjamin, Peter Harkins, Lukas Neumann, Mark Smith, Lewis, Allen, Kenil Brown, Peter Jonath, Cory Schroeder, Andrew Tanner, William Steinfeld, Donald Stanley, David Scott
Age: 58
Location: Boynton Beach, Florida, USA; Alaska, Anchorage, USA; Texas, USA; New Jersey, USA; New York, USA; Acampo, California, USA; Woodland, California, USA; Newcastle Upon Tyne, England; Alta, California, USA; Annapolis Junction, Maryland, USA; Ballyclare, Antrim, England; American Canyon, California, USA; San Clemente, California, USA
Phone: 17868646557, 8585374120, 447935479406, 2348132225143, 16617695665
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Jean-male
Last name: Douclet
Age: 57
Location: Nice,France and Mali,Africa
On websites: Facebook
Report: Says he sells luxury cars in France. Went To Africa with his 14 year old son for 2 weeks to sell cars. He says he is still there. He been there for 4 months and is constantly asking for money. His card is 'locked' and he can't access it. Even had his 'lawyer' call me to convince me to send him money. Says his first wife died of cancer and his second wife cheated on him. Then in another post he said his second wife died in a car accident, with his brother. I confronted him about this but he still stays in contact.
First name: Harald
Last name: Jager
Age: 43
Location: Bussum
Phone: +31 6 84 53 82 28
Email: Harald_jager@hotmsil.vom
On websites: Badoo
Report: That family end Harald Jager robbed people they take money from you and never give you money back I meet them in 2020 10 jun end they ask me 2000 euros end I never get it back end after I hear from people they did it with more than 100 people be careful for that family they can rob you in one second really organization family robers but they look cute O?
First name: William
Last name: Larsson
Age: 51
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Phone: +64 22 341 5803
On websites: Tinder, whatsapp
Report: Matched on tinder 3 days ago, instinct says scammer, he said working renewable energy in Christchurch. Asked for number so could chat whilst at work, I know easier trace people if got more info,so gave number. Bingo here he is, shall inform Tinder then him.
First name: Donald
Last name: Kaiser
Age: 59
Location: Buffalo springs Texas
Phone: 1 (682) 777-5720
On websites: Pof
Report: Met on pof, wanted to chat off the site right off the bat, calling me dear
First name: Danny
Last name: Hughes
Aka: Baronvonalymois
Age: 63
On websites: Cupid
Report: This picture is a stolen picture he does not contact women on the internet. He is a very wealthy man and doesn?t have to.
First name: Aryn
Last name: Conrad
Aka: Brooks Randy, Patrick, Batman Roy, Jeffrey, Malcolm Fraser, Dharryx, Richie Best, Johnson, Mark, Nicolas, John Logan, Williams
Age: 52
Location: New York, USA; Worcester, England; Toronto, Canada; Istanbul, Turkey; Moscow, Russia; Lagos, Nigeria; Arizona, USA; Dymchurch, England; San Jose, USA; Ohioville, USA; New Johnsonville, USA
Phone: 4407564392830, 447537159328
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Adam
Last name: Edens
Aka: Williams Port, Randy Muller, Rolland Good, Micheal Wang, Steve Mark, Jorge Maurel, Brent, Mclean Chas Jackson
Age: 56
Location: Los Angeles, USA; Texas, USA; Luxembourg; New York, USA; Cross, South Carolina, USA; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Greater Poland, Poland; Minneapolis, USA
Phone: 447537183484, 9472035199
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Paul
Last name: Byron
Age: 50
Location: Melbourne, Australia
On websites: Tinder
Report: Paul says that he is from Denmark who went to the Philippines on a business trip and was stabbed by the owner of the AirBnB place he was staying at. He also asks to you to move money around his bank account for him after he gives you the log in details. This works once and then the account is locked. He asks for money and iTunes cards so that he can unlock his account. Once this is done, he disappears.
First name: Harry
Last name: Yoon
Age: 37
Phone: 6609749925
Email: stainless25