First name: John Dolph
Last name: Burke
Age: 45 novenber 10
Location: Los Angeles CA
Address: he told me 174 North Orange Drive
Phone: 213.933.2574
On websites: Facebook, Imesh and MySpace under john dolph
Report: John told me he is serving in Libya and that he is from us army fell in love with me very quickly and asked me to write a mail to the us army for a leave request so he could wisit me the mail i wrote to is and after a while hey granted the leave and sent me two forms to fill and sign scan and send back after a while they send me a bank confirmation about that i would recive a large amount of money to my account but before the money would reflect on my account i should pay $900 for johns liberty pass card and that was when i got very suspicious and checked it on internet and found him on a scammer list on DateMeFree page 18 with all that pics he sent to me his id is temi42.Here is the first mail i got: processing for your request Hide Details FROM: TO: Anette Clausen Message flagged Saturday, June 18, 2011 11:06 AM Message body Miss Anette Clausen, We received your leave request for your fiance and we are on processing your request,whelther to be consider for granted or not, we will get back to you nextin one hour time . Thanks Officer -in-Charge and the next mail: your request is granted 2 Hide Details FROM: TO: Anette Clausen Message flagged Monday, June 20, 2011 3:48 PM Message body Anette Clausen, We are so sorry about the delay, we need to make some verifications about this leave request,we are so happy to tell you that your leave request is granted,but you need to fill some forms,scan it and send back to us ,the forms are attached to this letter above,they are the leave request policy and instructions, and also the leave form ,read and sign where necessary,the process involve is not much.Thanks for understanding..... Thanks Officer-in-charge They are very smart. and next mail: Claims and benefit 1 Hide Details FROM: TO: Message flagged Saturday, July 2, 2011 8:09 PM Message body Anette Clausen, We apologise for any kind of delay in the process of this request.However,we are about to grant your husband the letter authorising his leave from libya,we have just send you his bonus and allowances to be paid to him,which you are his beneficiary and you will have to claim it before he got home to you, we need you to send us this following informations for us to wire the money through the military Bank to your Bank account. We need you to provide us with the following information; FULL NAME: BANK NAME: ACCOUNT NUMBER: Thanks Officer-In-Charge and the last mail: Bank confirmation 1 Hide Details FROM: TO: Anette Clausen Message flagged Monday, July 25, 2011 8:55 PM Message body We are so sorry for any delay we may be causing you and your husband,we just need to follow the normal procedure to ensure all process,rules and regulations are comform with,we are happy to tell you that our Bank have sent us the comfirmation of Capt.john dolph bonus and Allowances into your Bank Acoount,and we sent you the attachment for you to comfirm it yourself but our Bank told let us know that it will take four to five working weeks before it will reflect it your Bank Account,but before it will finally reflect in your bank,you need to pay for your husband liberty pass card which is $900,which is to be paid to the officer in charge and sign the last document,which we are going to send to you after which you have paid for his liberty pass card Thanks Officer-In-Charge Michael Rich When i asked for the name of the unit in Libya and the mail address they send me that: Message flagged Monday, August 8, 2011 1:58 PM Message body john will be home as soon as all process is done and he is granted leave.he will be with you in 72hours after granted leave he is in A4D division they are not allowed to be with phones but if you want him to have a phone you will have to be responsible for the phone which will be provided to him on your own account Officer-In-Charge Michael Rich And when I asked for his AKO email and to make a photo of himself with a piece of paper with my name on he turned so angry at me and asked why i did't trust him. I sure he is a scammer. By the way i found those forms on internet and they are fraudulent documents. I did not loose money but a lot of precious time. Regards Anette
First name: Anthony
Last name: Hicks
Age: 50
Location: UAE Dubai/ El Paso TX
Report: approached me on Did not even have the intelligence to write his own letters but copied them directtly from a site to report female scammers. Just changed some of the wording a little.
First name: Peter
Last name: Cannon
Aka: Amos, Philip
Age: 48
Location: Nigeria Lagos, Honolulu HI, Orlando FL. London England
Phone: 713-931-6046, 904-410-1127, 2348022437385
On websites: yahoo
Report: Scammer askes for money to be sent to Lagos Nigeria for him to get home to HI. He asked that the money be sent to the female name Ola Ade since he claims he has no bank account. This person is makinging Harrassment calls to me, begging me for money.
First name: Alex (Alexander)
Last name: Lorenzo
Aka: Alex Ossai
Age: 50
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Address: C/O Arivo Monday, 22 Guzlyurt Sokak, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +905428862690and +35796336432
On websites:
Report: Dating scammer Using the name Alexander (Alex) Lorenzo Email address used: Phone numbers used: +90542886269 and +35796336432. Said he is from Sacramento, USA. He is a Nigerian operating from Turkey. Other names used : Arivo Monday (possible accomplice), 22 Guzlyurt Sokak, Istanbul Turkey. Another name is Alex Ossasi (it seems as if this is his true Nigerian name) Uses Western Union for money requests. I would not like my name to be posted anywhere, please.
First name: scott
Last name: jones
Age: 50
Location: / lagos nigeria
Address: 9532 belmar ct ,noblesville .in 46060
Phone: 011447011174225/ blackberry pin/26E3C880
Email: scottgenerous61@yahoo,com
On websites: godislove/ be naughty .com
Report: talked for a few months .. said he was working in lagos ,nigeria .. left e-mail this morn ,that he needed 975.00 his hotel was shoot up by gang members ,stole his briefcase with all his valuables.. his daughter was hurt ,he needs money for her medical care of hotel yemi international ..
First name: John
Last name: Mason
Aka: Brain
Age: 47
Location: USA
Address: USA
Phone: +234
Report: John b mason said that he was in the army and he is sick and him and his doc. Bill want 570.00 to pay for his hospital bill and then he can come home to Oklahoma . He has a sister but she is in russ and he had no mom or father they both has pass on. My sister sent him 900.00 in a two month time and lost her house and her car bc of him. He will call you his snowblue or mylove.
First name: Henry
Last name: Johnson
Age: 61
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Singlesnet
Report: also operates under Corresponded on Singlenet He claimed he lived in Clearwater Fl.had daughter Jenny, Widower, rec'd email that he was awarded contract for Solar job in Nigeria.Red flag went up.Said he was leaving same day.Next day received email
First name: James
Last name: Rayner
Aka: James Scott Rayner
Age: 46
Location: Australia, Sidney
Address: 12/121 Castlerreaach street
Phone: 27-011 839586800
On websites:
Report: Promised marriage,love then asked for money or to invest in his business, ticket fare money, money for loss electronics
First name: Timothy
Last name: Farrell
Age: 45
Location: Lagos,Nigeria
On websites:
Report: I met him on He stated that he was a contractor who lived in New Jersy but now he was working in Lagos, Nigeria where he lost his wallets and had no foods. He said his son and him both were starving and asked me to send money to him through western union. He had sent me a copy of his US passport when I doubted his identity. Later on I found out at that was a fake us passport.
First name: Barry
Last name: Roberts
Age: 54
Location: Gurnee, IL, USA
Phone: 847-450-0715
On websites:
Report: Trying to get personal information. Says you are the love of his life. The woman he has been searching for all his life. Sends poetry and confirmation of his love. Even though you've only talked for a few days. He wants your home address to send a gift showing his dedication to you.
First name: Philip
Last name: Mark
Aka: Male
Age: 61
Location: ny
On websites: Dating sites social city
Report: trys hitting lonely woman between ages of 62 to 64 uses pretext of lost equipment 4 contract in countrys such as malaysia uk and possibly others Then asks 4 u to help with money asked me 4 5000 usd as he only 45000 on him and asks u 2 choose which contract he should take.
First name: Andres
Last name: william
Aka: Reyes andres william /mark william
Age: 42
Location: jacksonville florida USA
Phone: +19047019830
Email: andres%20williams
On websites: Wayn
Report: asking for money
First name: Brian
Last name: Darry
Aka: Brian Darryl, Brian Darry
Age: 47
Location: Sante Fe Springs, CA, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: calling card. no traceable number
On websites:
Report: Meet Says from CA though working in Turkey. I lost 15,000.00 to this man over six months. It takes me longer to make that much. I lost everything i had in my savings. He was in accident, detained by authorities twice, expired visa, hotel bills, hospital bills, etc. He is good at his job and i fell in love with him. the sad part is even though i now know none of his words to me were real and i should hate this man, but i am in love with him and/or fantasy that i thought would be one day. What does that say about me? I cry daily for what has happened to me. i know i need to seek some type of therapy, but i dont have any insurance and now no money either. I have every text, email, and IM that we sent back and forth for six months. I have pictures of him and one of his associates. I have all the addresses and phone numbers to where i wired the money to. I have names of people that are associated with Brian Darry. I have reported this to fbi site, but of course they do not get back in touch with you. Even after reporting to fbi, Brian contacted me again for money and i continued to talk with him and tried to contact the fbi so that maybe they could catch him while i still had contact with him, but they never would return my calls. There does not seem to be anyone to help women in this situation. Please do not be as vulnerable as I.
First name: johnson
Last name: cole
Aka: john
Age: 44
Location: united kingdom
Report: if he his one of the scammed.
First name: Barry
Last name: Smith
Aka: David B.
Age: 45
Location: Malaysia,
Phone: 011601-66483350
On websites: Wayn
Report: This man sent me all kinds of love letters that were copied from a scam site I just became aware of. Gave me an online bank account address with username and password stating me as next of kin for a balance of 105,000,000.00 USD. Had me to check this account until balance was 150,000,000.00 USD says he will come and rescue me from my desperate marriage. wants me to look for a house he will buy for me $300,000.00 up to 1 mill. If it sounds too good to be true it always is. He still needed 500.00 to get this major construction account that would make him 300,000,000.00USD richer. Begging me to send it or get my family or friends to send it to him that they or I would get their money back with interest. I was smart enough not to send this man money or allow anyone else to but my email account was hacked and an email was sent to all of my contacts stating I was in Spain and I was in a fix could anyone please send me 2,800.00 to get back home and I would pay them back. My phone rang off the hook people worried about me, not for sure knowing to send the money or not. I publicly announced I have never been to Spain and do not send money this is a major scam. I truly believe this man Barry Smith is behind more than anyone will ever be able to prove. He needs stopping NOW!
First name: Smith
Last name: Klin
Age: 45
Location: United Kingdom
Report: He wants to send a package with goods and has a shipping certificate but i have to pay for the shipping charge of $7,500.00
First name: William
Last name: Morgan
Aka: michael
Age: 52
Location: Uk...holland
Phone: 447024017547
Report: Wanted me to send him $1200 to come here to visit. Found on Badoo. I think most of the men on there are scams. There are alot of service men's pictures on there with different id's.
First name: bruno
Last name: lucciano
Age: 50
Location: ikorodu,lagos,nigeria
Address: 2318 stoney drive richardson,texas 75081/11 olubi street ikorodu,lagos,nigeria 23401
Phone: 972-995-7844/234-705-7574794/234-708-7497540/234-708-1334982
On websites: facebook,
Report: March 12,2011~july 27,2011 my online relationship lasted 41/2 nonths with this scammer. I was really vunerable because i knew god was sending my husband.And i be damned if this man did use me being a christian against me. He even told me have have a blessing over my life. The first time i seen him,i fell for him. He had a piece if cake and a dozen of roses setting on a table setting for two. In a outside setting restaurant. I fell for it hook, line,and sinker.march 12,2011 i accepted him as a friend on facebook.
First name: Leon
Last name: Hamilton
Age: 51
Location: Accra Ghana, springfield ma
On websites: eharmony,
Report: He said he was an engineer from Springfield MA and got a contract in accra ghana for a month and a half. Claimed to be a widow with a 12 year old daughter named Mary. Went to ghana and Mary had emergency surgery and needed money to get her out of hospital. He sent me forged US passports.
First name: ishmael
Last name: obrian
Aka: ishmael wilson, wilson obrien , ishmael wilson obrien
Age: 52
Location: iraq
Report: pretends to be US army Sergent staioned in Iraq, going to retire soon, need money for contract
First name: THOMAS
Last name: Egly
Age: 45
Location: IKEJA,Lagos,NIGERIA
On websites: girlsdateforfree,,,facebook
Report: met on girlsdateforfree,,he sent me flowers wich i found out he used a stolen credit card,,then he ask me to send money via western union,,now i cant get him to stop,,i got in touch with his freinds list on facebook,,and they all said the same thing,,thomas egly -face book
First name: Michael
Last name: Fisher
Age: 18 on dating site, but tells you he is 48
Location: Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
On websites: (dating site)
Report: Im sure that Michael Fisher is not his real name. He has been sending emails from his email address, with the same copy/paste emails that I found on a scam site to other women, being on the oil rig Pearl Aberdeen in Scotland, making you think he in love with you in 2 weeks, and needs some money to fly to see you in the USA...says he is a Engineer. Talks about a accident on the oil rig too...never was on the News, go figure??
First name: mike
Last name: smith
Age: 45
Location: says he works in the rigs as chemical engineer in scotland
On websites: wedating
Report: THIS SCAMMER IS MALE asked for money saying because he is in the rigs he cant sent money to his daughter. I said he should try online banking and told him i dont give money to strangers as I work hard for my money...he should try his luck somewhere else and the line went dead and I've never heard from him again. we only communicated twice when he asked for money.
First name: Anthony
Last name: Vegera or Vegara
Aka: Afghanistan,Colorado
Age: 47
Location: Afghanistan,Colorado
On websites: Who's Near
Report: This man needs to be stopped ,he's prying on Woman..
First name: casey
Last name: cole
Age: 50
Location: colarado,usa and Poland
Report: comes on facebook wants to meet you will fly out to your country.then ends up needing you money to help him because he has been in a car crash,medical bills he even sells his laptop and still e mails you. he uses other methods to convince you he is real,an immigration officer phoned me from a mobile number. he tells you he has no family or friends to help him. at present he makes you think he is begging for food on the streets.
First name: Richard
Last name: Cambell
Aka: richy
Age: 50
Location: cotonou, beenin
Report: this man will scam you out of every dime you have .he will tell just what you want to hear. and then move in for the kill. a very smart scammer.
First name: John Kelly
Last name: Cole
Age: 49
Location: Eastleigh, UK
Phone: 447-045-799351
On websites:
Report: Portrayed himself as a civil engineer immigrating to Canada to complete work on a hotel in Calgary, Alberta with a 13-year old daughter. Indicated sad background including being widowed, parents separating when young, mother took him to Ukraine and died when he was 15; therefore, spent time in orphanage in the Ukraine until received scholarship from church to train as an engineer in Middlesbrough, UK. Eventually requested money due to all of his $ being put up for contract negotiation in Canada and bank in UK not providing funds due to his immigrating to Canada.
First name: Richard
Last name: Bright
Aka: Kwadwo Afrifra
Age: 50yrs
Location: Ghana Accra....(.is New Jersey USA on dating site)
Phone: 233543690965
Email: Richard bright72@live .com
On websites: Be
Report: dating scam.transferred certificate of 30kg gold into my name.fake travellers cheques.requests money.has over 30 women currently being preyed on.Requests money be sent to,KWADWO AFRIFRA WRST AFRICA GHANA
First name: derick
Last name: michael
Age: 40
Location: claimed to be in UK, suspect to be in KL all the time
Phone: +447086465007 (cannot verified), +60103640778 (verified)
On websites: Wayn ( I hv reported to them and removed myself totally from the site)
Report: Claimed to be derick Michael (P/p # 457540445), to hv a son Thomas (10 yrs old) travelling from UK to Sg to meet me on the 19 July 2011, asked for the flight schedule to be emailed to me, he made excuses. I called Qatar & was told no such passenger, on the 19 July I received a call from the above Mal hp# asking me to call back, I din bother, then he sent an sms saying that he was detained by Malaysian customs and his son sent to the welfare..a few hours later I saw him online at the yahoo messenger, so he is definitely a fake,
First name: donald
Last name: herman
Age: 46
Location: manchester united kingdom
Address: M1 2AN
Phone: +447031806792,+447973920850
Report: i to be friend with him for 2 month,then he said he will send me a gift but after he send it to my country i must paid much money as the tax of the gift because he send me apple laptop,set of gold,diamond,blackberry and etc,i know he lie to me he never send gift because after i paid at first then he ask me to paid again bcause the diamond has no certificate...and i know he was lie