First name: robert
Last name: clark
Aka: andrew collins, james yorke, terry clam hargreeves
Age: 46/47
Location: bedford/manchester england also nigeria
Address: un
Phone: +234 8156778239 /0703187831
On websites: facebook and other dating sites
Report: robert clark he has one daughter vera kate age 7/8 yrs old.. wife died in childbirth with child.. mother father died and has no siblings.. born in italy moved to england with parents.. has own company and is a enginneer .. will have to go to dublin to fight for a contract will get it and have to start work straight away in Nigeria taking daughter with him. loses lunage once in nigeria so has no credit cards clothing etc only has hand lunage. bank tells him they cant help him cant send him over new card etc.. though he first tells you he has enough money to do job, pay workers their wages, hotel and food etc till they leave .. untill the daughter becomes ill and he has to use his funds to save daughter.. then sells all he can to pay for more treatment. then he hardly has any money and asks you for some then tells you sorry shouldnt ask for money they will be fine .. will not phone company for help or embassy.. hasnt anyones phone numbers to get hold of friends as it was in lunage.. i spoke to the daughter she sounded as if she was english and spoke to dr as well .. he told me his home addresss in bedford which i checked on goole maps and it shows it on there and he also gave me his company address and website. i lent him A?1000 pound for flights home he sent me flight details and forwarded me a email from airline with booking of flights... then one way to airport had a crash ... you can guess the rest told doctor to phone the british embassy as they will help..havent heard anything since i have reported him to police in england .
First name: Mark
Last name: Woodruff
Age: 52
Location: Baltimore, MD
Report: He preys on older single women, beautiful emails, falls in love almost instantly, supposed to own his own company, but will need reassurance that you really care, and starts asking for money, which of course he will pay you back, but this will show that you are serious about him.
First name: timothy edward
Last name: taylor
Age: 27
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 011 23481216947
Email: tailoredtim@yhoo.som
Report: He scammed me for 2700.00
First name: Daniel
Last name: Becker-Boggs
Age: 43
Location: Afgan/Nigeria
On websites: and facebook
Report: This person will send a gift chocolate, flowers etc. and then will ask for assistance and promise to marry you he wants to take a leave and he needs help with travel and he then ask for more help when he goes to Nigeria for BTA money he is help by a lady who claims to be a Coln.Dawn Kilpatrick,they have photos of a soldier that don't look all like the same person. These people need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. People keep saying that THere's nothing that can be done, BUT HONESTLY I THINK THERE IS.
First name: Mark
Last name: Lawson
Aka: Mark Laws
Age: 49
Location: Benwood West Virginia, Kansas City Missouri, New Jersery
Phone: 304-782-0310 304-461-4918
On websites: yahoo
Report: This person contacted me approximately 8 months ago through and I fell 100%into the scam. He made me believe and scammed me for around 40,000dollars. He is on facebook, has changed his profile on yahoo on Oct 17,2011 claiming to be from Kansas City Missouri, originally when I met him on line, he claimed to be from Benwood West Virginia. He now claims to be in Lagos Nigeria where he has been for the past several months because he cannot get out of the country. He went there many months ago with his daughter Tessy because he claimed to be dealing with oil products and because of multiple things going wrong he is still there today and needs only 1500dollars to leave. He sends me a text message at least once a day. He also has a friend in West Virginia, Carlene Davies, with how I feel he is partnered with. When I met him on, he claimed that her sister worked for that company and they were using his picture and profile to get money from on line subscribers.
First name: Basilio
Last name: Calvino
Age: 49
Location: UK
Report: hello honey how are you doing i have book the flight honey when will coming from the air port honey will where rubber,i they stain all my belongs including my money honey,now honey i have not paid mu hotel bills honey so the hotel manager want me to pay my hotel bills now honey,i have some little money in the hotel honey i dont know what to do now honey,i am refuse now honey,
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Benjamin
Age: 38
Location: Miami, FL
Phone: 2347066322641
On websites:
Report: Nigerian scam, said he was in Miami (a guy with an African accent) civil engineer born in France who got a great business deal down in Nigeria. After 2 weeks of emailing and calling he asked me for nearly USD$5,000!!!!
First name: samson john
Last name: fernando
Age: 51
Location: california
Phone: 1 250 800 0319
On websites: yahoo and windows live,
Report: this guy scammed me out of 3.000.00 dollars.
First name: Frank
Last name: unknown
Age: unknown
Location: Africa
Report: tried to act as go-between from suspected scammer on
First name: dave
Last name: clark
Age: 38
Location: uk scotland glasgow
Phone: 447031823767
On websites: yahoo messanger
Report: he pretending that her gf died 7months b4 wedding.he has a construction company based in scotland.he was born in washington d.c..a christian,only son.a civil engineer grad.
First name: Jeffrey
Last name: Bruno
Age: 58
Location: Malaysia (working) Fort Lauderdale FL(home)
First name: John
Last name: Kladivas
Age: 52
Location: Maylasia i think
Email: john.kladivas@
On websites: Girls date for free and dating sites
Report: This guy shows photos of american good looking man (model like) in suits and with his grandson. He will share photos with you, showing son and daughter in law...which are fake. Says his son is 27yr old and grandson is Larry Says he finally met someone special..tries to use webcam...but it shows all static...but for one moment it unblocked...and i saw a BLACK MAN of larger propertions. When questioned he said i was mistaken...and i have not heard from him since.
First name: Aston
Last name: Kelvin
Age: 50
Location: Scotland
Address: 196 Rose street Edinburgh Scotland eh2 4at
Phone: 07031877754-07564072777
On websites: Tagged my space
Report: He gets friendly with woman asks them if he can transfer money into there bank some have agreed to do it then he gets some1 from Asia to phone and say they need 1,000 of them to transfer the money
First name: Robert Allen
Last name: Roberston
Age: 60
Location: Ghana, Accra
Address: 32, Nortei Ababio street
Phone: 00233240670200
On websites: no
Report: is scamming me since march 2011. Paid 50.000 a‚¬.
First name: Mark
Last name: Smith
Age: 61
Location: Chicago,IL and he operates in Accra,Ghana
On websites: Girls Date for Free
Report: This guy is a scammer as he has scamed me for $4000. I met him on dating site Girls date for free and a few weeks later he was in Accra,Ghana looking for money which I sent until I caught on to him. This was a romance scam and h is very good at what he does. I have notified Ghana dective and they have tried to catch him but he is also very smart. Goes under the name of mk6mi on dating site. I have reported him several times and they have not taken his profile off. It really makes me angry that dating sites are so laxs in doing the right thing. I know he is a scamers as detective in Accra, Ghana have told me so. He is very cunning. I have also been in touch with Remo Ghana and have also been advised by them that he is a scammer.
First name: Josh
Last name: Bailey
Age: 57
Location: Houston,TX USA LONDON, Uk
Phone: unknown01144742593211 18324262326
On websites: SeniorPeopleMeet
Report: Smooth talker. Sounded honest. But got lots of money from me. I finally caught up when he claimed the UK wouldn't let him fly out of the country without a min. of 2000 dollars.
First name: Laurel
Last name: Paul
Age: 38
Location: Manchester
Report: This person allegedly impersonating as a British Soldier in Kabul, Afhanistan is asking 782GBP as replacement officer fee for his three month leave in the military service.
First name: Alfred
Last name: Baby
Aka: Ahmad Kelvin
Age: 44
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Half our Deen
Report: He pretends to be Muslim and gets your sympathy about his sick grandpa who needs surgery.
First name: david
Last name: kennedy
Age: 39
Location: lagos nigeria
Report: this man is a scamer he wrote me all kinds of email saying how much he loved me pleading his dieing love and asking me for money to help him get back in to the states we have talked for 9 months i thought i was dating a normal guy my heart got crushed in the mean time i dont want no other women to be scamed by him hes not got caught hes very slick and what he does but i have sent this man money to come to me cuz he says he wants a life with me and my kids and he claimed he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me but the whole time he was scamming me so please have the women watch out for him he will take u for all u got thank god i was poor or he might have got a lot of money out of me please post him soon he already on his next victim thank you so much i also have pics of this man please get back to me PS. he blew up my phone with text messages telling me how much he loved me and cant live without me he was supposed to show up Monday witch was the 10Th of Oct 2011 he never did i have not heard from him anymore so i put it together so did my family and he is a big time scamer!!!!
First name: David
Last name: Osborne
Aka: Dave Osborne
Age: 56
Location: Grimsby, NE Lincolnshire, UK DN 34 5 SB
Address: 5 Longfield Rd.,
Phone: 'Restricted' at all times
On websites: yahoo
Report: Began interacting with this scammer on Am sure he is also on eHarmony and other dating sites. He is also into various other fraudulant/criminal activities. Poses as 'Dave', pretending to be American doing business in England and owning a home in Grimsby, NE Lincolnshire in the import/export business. Complains that his 'good looks' have caused him problems with women who in the past have used him because he's so handsome, and his neighbors refer to him as the
First name: David
Last name: Morgan
Age: 50
Location: United Kingdom
Phone: 447045776706
On websites:,,
Report: I have been scammedby this person he claims to be an engineer in shell Co and works in a rig, he has a daughter named cindy and his wife died in a brain cancer.he pretends to have won a contract with the and need money for that and also need money for his daughter who is in school that he is unable to send due to be in a rig. In his gang there is Kate wilson,Maree mcdowall,onbeke Diamond who is in Nigeria to whom he made me send money.
First name: Johnson
Last name: Morgan
Age: 54
Location: Buffalo, USA (Iraq)
On websites:
Report: Commander Morgan in US Army in Iraq. Several photos of a soldier.
First name: Peter
Last name: Draper
Aka: benjamin brown
Age: 50
Location: U.S.A ARMY SGT
First name: Frank
Last name: Antonio
Age: 44
Location: UK
Phone: 0011447035954004
On websites: was inboxing me!
Report: he starts of speaking nicely that he wants a relationship is separated with child and child with mum in UK but initial contact with me he said he was in USA he went to UK for work contract. States is a vet & doing a 7 week contract in Avian flu vaccine for birds. After chatting for 4 weeks he said vaccineaucontaminated and needed to buy more! He them said would come visit me when contract ceased. Week 5 he aske for financial assistance from me i told him no way. I tried to get msg to other Aussie girls as was adding more on and managed to only speak to one and she blocked him and i them blocked him the next day! He had girls from Euro on there when he added me them they were deleted after a couple of weeks then added the Aussie girls. Also today i had a friend request from a male (unknown) a Paul Smith (no photo) he then withdrew request i reckon it is Frank and is trying to gain info from friends list etc as he is blocked! Pls shut him down!and i wish to remain anonymous!
First name: matthew
Last name: carlson
Age: 47
Location: Uk, leesburg, VA
Address: Cornwall St., Leesburg, VA 20176
Phone: 44-708-6464022, 678-720-3593
Email: matt.carlson64@yahoo.vom
On websites:, facebook
Report: very charming and loving. about week 3 of our phone relationship, he asked me for money because the project he was working on had gotten messed up by one of the workers. Some voltage problem. He said it would cost 10,000 pounds to fix. Matt and his assistant, Andrew Berkley, has gotten all but 3,000 pounds of the money and needed my help. Miraculously, Matt got the job done and was on his way home. Well, he was detained by immigration because he had some art work in his bag that was reported stolen that he bought off the street from some guy. He said it was my surprise he kept telling me about. He was detained for 5 days at the airport. He needed 15,000 pounds to be set free or he would spend 3 months in jail. He is also a widower and his wifes' name was Lisa. She was killed by a drunk driver 3 years ago .This was his story.
First name: Phillip
Last name: Ashwell
Age: 45 Born October 5 1965
Location: UK and Lagos Nigeria
Address: 2 Eko Hotel Victoria Island Lagos State Nigeria
On websites:
Report: This man stole some of my disability money. He claimed to be the primary owner of 3 vacation rentals. New York, Florida and UK. He also stole from would be clients who would rent out these vacation spots that didn't exist. He used me as a link to send him money by way of Western Union. This money belonged to the people renting out the vacation spots. I have contacted my local police and also other authorities about this matter.
First name: David
Last name: Douglas
Age: 46-53
Location: Atlanta USA (probably not true location)
On websites: cupid
Report: After 3 months contact tried to obtain bank details and money for failing business and being victim of an armed robbery! Slick operator will even phone with a texan accent
First name: Emmanuel
Last name: Dominic
Age: ?
Location: nigeria lagos
Address: 12 Allen ave,
Email: ?
Report: Seeking money to send $ 250 for his friend Quincy McPerson from Jacksonville Florida
First name: Albert
Last name: Morgan
Age: 43
Location: United States, Florida, Jacksonville
On websites: Blackplanet,
Report: Blackplanet member name - wonderfulalbert111 BEWARE - Real charmer asks you to send money via western union Last contact Phone number is 0011447045787701 I met my scam artist on a dating service online. Actually he found me, just 3mths ago. He sent me a lovely message, than I replied we exchanged email address and messenger details. Where we had been chatting and building a relationship, well that is what he led me to believe, we even exchanged phone numbers. We rang each other many times and he would leave messages on my voice mail how he really missed me and I was everything to him and meant the world to him and soon we would be together. He said he lives in Jacksonville , Florida and was traveling to London for work. He was trying to sell a self funded project to the government over there. After a short period of time he told me that all his funds had been used up due to registering for licenses and permits etc and he needs funds to able to finish the deal and receive a large sum of money. I fell for his manipulation and he continued to carry on with stories of the project and I continued to send money to help him. Finally he told me he had received the cheque and was ready to travel to Australia and how we where going to be together and he was going to cash his cheque here and reimburse me all the money he took from me. However of course he needed money for the airfare, he sent me flight details etc and was having a stop over in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia once he reached there he started ringing me again saying he needed money to get through customs, for 2 weeks this continued as he was robbed and needed more money and than had to use that money for renewing his ticket to Australia it just went on and on. He kept promising me we would be together any day now. If I ever questioned him on anything he would say that he was hurt that I would think that, and he would says things like his word was his bond, he even swore on his mother's grave that he was telling me the truth and he would return my money and we would be blissfully happy together. He managed to scam over $6000 from me. He has profiles on a lot of sites Netlog, my space, HI5, twoo and these are only the ones I know of. He is very convincing and doesn't care how his deceit affects your life and what financial mess he leaves you in.
First name: John
Last name: Troy
Age: 60
Location: ?
Phone: 001117183508888
On websites: Ausi cupid and John Troy construction Engineer
Report: I met on dating site, he is now asking me for money because of an explosion at his work in South Africa,and cannot leave the country as under contract and needs to leave to get money out of bank in America. He wants the money to complete the job and come to Australia to meet me...the company he wants me to send the money to is...MHI Shenyang pump engineering He has not given me all the details as yet.I think I maybe getting scammed...