First name: Sigmund
Last name: Witt
Aka: micheal
Age: 46
Location: Libya
On websites: tagged
Report: this guy says he is from US Army intelligence Task force. Lost his wife from accident leaving him a 9 yr old daughter Tammy who was taken care by nanny is Missouri. He asked me to send money for his daughter who is starving for days, can't pay the nanny bec. he is going home Dec. 19, 2011. The nanny might leave his poor daughter. So I send money thru money gram for her food grocery $295.00
First name: Marcus
Last name: Harley
Age: 43
Location: Nigeria Ile -Ife
Phone: 234-813-0741404
Report: Since May 8 2011 he ask me money until now but I met him on facebook. We start chatting and have contact online on march 2011 and we fall in love but i lost 25 000$ but i met him when he say he was in NewYork but I have his phone number at home. Pls. I need to know if he is a scammer.
First name: Michael
Last name: Swaffer
Age: 57
Location: Crystal City, FL
On websites: Fitness Singles
Report: When I met him online (June 2011), he claimed he was a jewelry designer from Crystal River, FL (none are listed in the white pages) and he had to go on a biz trip to Perth, Australia. He said he'd back in a month and would come to NJ to see me. .Then one month rolled into 2,3... He claimed he was in love with me, and he just needed $4,000 to get back to the States to be with me. I never sent money -- which he said was needed to ship back gems and gold bars.
First name: MORGAN
Last name: FEEMAN
Age: 40
Location: NIGERIA
Report: in facebook he appears as sammy rod in hotmailas morgan freeman,but with tthe same email.the photo in facebok is different as the ones he send to me .he ask me for money an i send to him about 5000 dollars in different times by western union until i decide to made a search and found that in a web page of nigaria that he is a scammer and tha the photo he send to me was scam, also the photo that appears in facebook is from other man is also scam.
First name: alex
Last name: smith
Age: 42
Location: us and malaysia
On websites: tagged
Report: he is on love scams,Pretends hes in the us when hes in malaysia. sends numerous photos and then says hes travelling to malaysia to claim his fathers fortune. his fathers fortune is 150,000 us dollars. He then calls to ask me to send him 2000 dollars to pay the lawyer for hin to get cash, i decline. he asks for my details which i give not.
First name: Ciprian
Last name: Filcea Nicolae
Age: 19 to 25 year (unknow)
Location: Romania Brasov
Phone: +40757725996
On websites: Gayromeo as boy25
Report: I buy ticket online so he can only use the ticket and not get the money. I send 50 euro for travelmoney and after that he get the 50euro, he disapear. Passport Number = 716379 I report also to Belgium police for scamming because scamming is a crime here.
First name: General James N
Last name: Mattis
Age: 60's
Location: Texas
On websites: Skype
Report: A man bearing the name of this famous general appeared on Skype requesting contact. I agreed and he purported to be a lonely man wanting a relationship. He encouraged a conversation to gain trust and then after 2 days, requested my email address and wanted to arrange to send a special package to me for some reason. When I demanded information about contents of the package,a snail mail address, referees that had a snail mail address and a government agency contact to verify that this action would be legal, the person disappeared. I assumed that he was a scammer and told him so. I later did a google check on this man and discovered that he exists and is a famous general. I think that this scammer has borrowed the general's ID and he said that the package was in Libya.
First name: William
Last name: Chaote
Aka: Willieote
Age: 41
Location: Waxhaw, North California
Address: 9014 waxhaw creek road waxhaw NC
Phone: +447553608210
On websites:
Report: This man sent me a msg in and then asked if we could chat in yahoo messenger. So we exchanged email addresses and added each other in yahoo messenger. He said he is an art collector and currently in London for business. He was born in UK , Manchester and moved to North Carolina 15 years ago by his uncle influenced. He said he used to also live in Greece where his mother now lives and never knew his Italian father. He is self employed, he buys paintings and resells it to his clients. So we communicated through yahoo and also texting each other everyday. Two weeks later he said he's finishing bussiness deals and that he will fly here to Australia to see me. He then sent me his booked ticket confirming flight details. I went to pick him up from the airport on the day but he didn't show up. I waited for an hour an a half and then got a phone call from a man named James claiming to be a man working for the custom agency informing me that William has been delayed because he was found to be carrying a lot of cash with him and they needed to investigate. This was 8am and I didnt hear from William until that night that custom are still keeping him . He said he needed a lawyer but could not get one because he needed to put down payment and the custom would not allow him to touch the money as they are keeping it for evidence. He said he has done all the talking and he is out of options but to get a lawyer. He said he has no way of getting the money anywhere else. I'm his only friend. He didn't ask for money and I guess left it for me to offer. I then began to smell a rat so I was quick to say that I'm sorry for what he's going through and only if I was in the position to help then I would have but with 3 kids to support I couldn't possibly do it. He thanked me and never heard from him again . I checked on the address he gave me under US white pages and it's under a name William B Choate. He spelt his surname CHAOTE. He said that property was left to him by his uncle. I have also questioned him why all his pics are so blurry and thumbnails size. He said they weren't blurry in his computer . I also questioned him about the spelling of his surname. He said white pages didn't spell it right. That gave me warning signs that something wasn't right. He's obviously used another man's identity . His voice didn't match his looks. He had an accent which was hard to work out, noisy background. It was difficult to hear and understand him. Though he wrote perfect English but I didnt think he spoke English well at all. So that was that.. He figured he couldn't get anything out of me so he stopped sending me messages.
First name: Mark
Last name: Meloney
Age: 41
Location: tabor city North Carolina
Phone: 919-817-8612
Report: I am still messaging with him ,but the story is he is a widower with a 15 year old daughter,lost his wife 5 years ago in a car accident,and his is an environmental consultant,etc..communication it is still going on
First name: Harry
Last name: Adam
Age: 44
Location: Manchester, England
Phone: 00447031810588
On websites: wayn
Report: English with Norwegian background (funny accent)Widower with a twenty year daughter studying in New York. Late father who was a contractor in Malaysia. Very attached to his mother living in Norwey. After a week or so of so lovely mails (most of them copied)his story is that he is going to go to Malaysia to get a fund from his late father. He even sent a copy of the plane ticket, from there he will go to visit his daughter and to fly to know you. Once in Malaysia he has trouble to get the fund because his father had a contract with a guy that should collect a % of the money. This person refused to sign unless he received his money so he can not get access to the big fund begs for help to pay the man he promised to return the money even with interests. Then he called you pressing for help, even his mother called you. then he sent a melting mail saying how much he loves you even if you donA?t help. I am a business woman he was so crazy if he thought I was going to risk my money for a man I had never seen in my life!!!!
First name: Rinaldo
Last name: Nico
Age: 46
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Address: 2809 Kilkenny Drive, Raeford, NC
Phone: 708-401-4656 and 01160466146014
On websites:
Report: Should have known something was up with this guy when he skipped coming to see me and went to Malaysia. Probably to work. They all have dead family and work in construction trade. Used the retirement inheritance scam from his fathers fund.Will talk to you for months online with his daughter aka Michi. She may not be his daughter, could be his wife or whoever. He introduces you to her and she is in some boarding school in NY. Then she chats with you and start calling you Mum. The thing that hurt the most is deception and some money I wired. Never met this person, but let my heart speak instead of my head. Too many loop holes and red flags to count. says his wife cheated on him and ran away with his friend.English is good but has some flaws. He drummed up the whole scam. Father been dead for 5 yrs, was the first red flag. He got letters from the oil company that he was the sole owner of 650USD. Then some bank kept asking for this and that, it was just crazy and then I though he was being scammed. My dumb ass sent money anyway. but I know what to look for now if I ever go online. His majic jack phone brought up Chicago Illinois. The international one he said he got from the airport. The country code checked out. I still wish for some other explanation but now the silence is becoming longer and longer. Hell they, he could be anywhere now. All these 3-4 page emails talking about trust, love and communication. What a big waste of energy. Then he sent photos of his family and himself. I saw him on video cam and he looked like the pictures. The address is abandoned like no one lived there for years. That was like pulling teeth to get that. Payback is a bitch! Sent a copy of his passport but not drivers lic. It look legit but who knows. Mother is suppode to live in Ireland and they had to run from Italy. I think I know why, now.
First name: Richard Michael
Last name: Durelo
Age: 52
Location: Nigeria
Report: Nigerian Scammmer wanting money...etc.....he claims to be stuck in Africa due to not being able to cash his cheque? Check is how it is spelled. He claims to be with son who is 8 waiting for a check to buy a return flight home, to Ft. Lauderdale. I have searched all over the internet revese look up, etc, there is nothing anywhere that would prove his is realin the USA. He did provide his Florida landline after I presisted for furture contact when he is back, I said I would add to my contact list. Low and behold this number in florida is shut off. He claims to be a Widow and his wife he claims, died 4 years ago, in a Motor Accident..... We would would have used Car Accident. There is nothing on here either when I search for information in death records, or SS Death Index. He claims to be in Nigera on business in Antiques. Really what kind of antiques are there in Nigeria? His grammer is beond horrible, and much like that of an uneducated person, though he claims to be raised here, and born here. All his life he claims he was raised in Ft. Lauderdal, went to Coral Springs H.S. He uses unusual terms like cos, instead of because or cause. Use babe, instead of baby. He also says late, rather than deceased, or past on. Sometimes the e-mails are perfectly writen while other times you can hardly make sense of what he has writen. He claims all he has in the world now is his son Charlie, and that he has no family here,an only child, and his parents are late rather than say deceased. He claims to have an uncle who is old in the UK. He will only chat on yahoo. At very late hours when most people would be asleep. There is a 5 hour time difference from here to there. He is Im-ing at the hours of our time 1:30 or 2:00 am. I met him on and since then he professes his love for me, and wanting to marry me. He went so far the other day to say when he returns to the state, should be states and one further United States, he wanted to come live with me. He claims to need additional money in order to purchase the flight out, as the money he has now is not enough for the 2 tickets. He needs $700.00 to add to his $2,000.00 in order to fly home on KLM Airlines. Naturally I will not send to a stranger! Honest to God this is for certain a scam, he probably uses a host of names along with various e-mail address,he does have a facebook account, though not one
First name: Lewis Britz
Last name: Kartel
Age: 52
Location: California, USA
Report: We met on a dating site, claimed he was a surveyor in diamonds, owned a mine in Germany. Was in Ghana on business and was to come over to Zimbabwe to visit me or take me to the States with him, then later he told me that he had just run out of cash and they cannot accept his credit card and asked me if I could lend him some money. I totally refused and told him to go to hell and that was the last I heard of him.
First name: Garry
Last name: Newton
Age: says he is 47
Location: Africa/Nigeria
Phone: 243-807-6018849
On websites: facebook, blackplanet, black people, a few Russian singles sites
Report: I am emailing to report an active scammer who is using the alias of Garry Newton, Pastor Andrea and Michea Johnson. The email address is and the phone number is 234-807-6018849. He stated that he was a foreman on an oil rig off of the coast of Nigeria and that he did not have money to pay his workers. He said that they were angry with him and that he was given until this Monday to come up with the money to pay them. He wanted me to send him $3000 usd. I did not but he is actively extorting women for money all over the world.
First name: Wiley
Last name: Jackson
Age: 51 he says
Location: ghana
Phone: 233242523403
On websites:
Report: has sent 10,000 in us travellers checks, had me cash them, send them back to Isaac Sackey in Ghana, when he says he is in the US Army in afghanstan, checks came back as fraudulant, in the meantime he has sent more and wants me to forward them to another lady in Canada, so she can cash them as my bank won;t trust me to cash them according to him. I have contacted this lady as I don't want her getting into the same mess as I did, but he says she is supposed to cash them and give me my money back, am contacting local authourities to repeort this, but she told me to report it here as well
First name: wiley
Last name: jackson
Age: 27
Location: maryland usa
Email: msn
On websites: msn
Report: scammed a lady out of 10,000.00 travelers checks miss pam hodhe of new brunswick .we want something done withthese scammers.
First name: jason
Last name: hamfree
Age: 57
Location: new york
On websites: yahoo
Report: he and his friend fraudes the 2 of us out of 20.000.00
First name: daniel
Last name: nelson
Age: 49
Location: columbus ohio
Address: 1218 old henderson square
On websites: mate 1
Report: he says he is an engineer doing work in kualu lumpur malaysia and needs you to send him money for tax on his money to wire into your bank account.
First name: Donald
Last name: Cornell
Age: 45
Location: Albany, New York
On websites: Senior People Meet
Report: This was a white gentleman with a profile on When reported on a romancescam site, when another woman he was scamming money from requested to talk with me, this scammer challenged but using the name
First name: mike
Last name: lauren
Age: 59
Location: Miami or SC, USA
Report: He did contact with me in pof. He wrote many mails talking everything whata woman wants to hear. Some days after, he had to travel to Ghana and he needs money to pay Hotel and buy food because he had problem with his credit card because it was a Discovery and they did not accept that card. He intend in many ways to have the information of my credit cards or I made a transfer to Ghana to Mark Howard, the manager of the Hotel or to POBox KS 341 KASOA C/R West Africa. Ghana. He sent me some pics. from him and I saw him with the camera.But I never sent any money. Supposely he was a civil engineer and he had a contract for a project there. He did not know when he could retur to Miami because he did not have money. He was intend to make contact with me when he could return again to Miami but in the information in the IM of yahoo appear with that name and email address in SC.
First name: ken
Last name: carter
Age: 46
Location: dayton,ohio(texas)
Phone: 682-777-0659
On websites: tagged
Report: This person ask for money and he also had me talking to 2 other people and he sent me flowers.
First name: Cecil
Last name: De_Bright
Age: 39
Location: Ghana, Accra
Email: lonelycecil4u@live,com
Report: Helping about to get scammers, he is telling he is an militairy.Had to sent money for DSP in Ghana,they caught the scammers and i should get money into my bankaccount but had to pay again for the transfer.
First name: Marvin
Last name: Gipson
Age: 35
Location: USA Cherry Hill, NJ/ West Africa
On websites: Blackplanet Dating Site
Report: This is a little of our convo..he was suppose to come visit me but wanted me to send him money and then when he come from West Africa to USA then we can cash it...I said NO because I knew it was a scam...just had that gut feeling all a long he thought I was stupid and tried to attach flight info and check to make me think he was legit I didn't buy he stop emailing me once I told him NO....I hope no one falls for this guy please be careful out there everyone. Marvin Gipson: i have book the flight and i still have to pay like 250 for the rest of the flight and i have try to cash my pay check here i was told i can never cash america check here in west africa as you can see i have book the flight to you and i need to pay for the rest of the money is 250 and i have try to cash my pay check here in west africa i was told i can never cash america check here in west africa so i need you to help me with the 250 when i get there we can go to the bank together and cash the check and i will pay you back the money that is why i email you the check so that you can see it Me: Y not just use some other $ u sure u hve it without me sending money to you that dont mke since the check & flight info can be fake:( Marvin Gipson: wow you r calling me fake do you think i m here for game or dramam Me: Yea sound like it to me cause if u really wanted to c me than it don't take me doing anything to make that happen... Marvin Gipson: i m not asking you to give me the money just to come to you and i will pay you back your money i don't no the flight money will be much like OK Me:What ....this doesn't make since sounds like what I thought this was from the beginning...that might not even be your pics and I had a feeling this was a fake all along just proved my 1st mind to be right my mother didn't raise no fool...a real man don't talk like this go play games with somebody else just hope they don't fall for this bull your saying
First name: olasunkanmi
Last name: obasa
Aka: suco
Age: 31
Location: ijeshatedo, surulere, lagos, nigeria
Address: 40 agboola st. ijeshatedo, surulere, lagos, nigeria
Phone: 0112347038805588
On websites:, and
First name: stephen
Last name: smith
Age: not sure
Location: Fort Myers Florida
Address: 1318 Myerlee Country Club Bolvd,
Email: kindmannn@
On websites: yahoo,skype,persons dating site, facebook
Report: Is this person ascammer on facebook he has born 11/12 1959 and on www.persons .com - he was down as 60 years old ,he has now suspended his account on www.persons .com he claims he has a 13 year old son living in Bedford in England with his grandparents his son was born 12/7/1997
First name: richard
Last name: muggy
Age: 46
Location: nigeria, africa
Address: Egho Onome, 12 Samusa Close Warri, Delta State Nigeria, 23483
Phone: 234-703-101-5013, 234-813-919-6312
On websites: yahoo messenger, facebook
Report: Scammer goes by the name of Richard Muggy with supposedly an only little daughter by the name of Lynn. He contacted me on my facebook page even when I have never subscribed or solicitated any dating sites. He claims to be 46 years old, born in Belgica, Belgiumand studied a masters degree in computer programming in Manchester, United Kingdom. He claims to be a widow for 4 years and that his parents died recently. He claims to be in Nigeria with a construction company that he supposedly inherited from his father and that is contracted by the government building housing facilities for the poor. Besides that he also claims to have been working in Tinapa, ImoState, in a hotel facility as a computer consultant. He claims to have almost $500,000usd in UK but does not have access to this money inAfrica and that he will not be paid in full till he finishes his contracts in November 2011. While in Imo State he claimed that Lynn was operated in the Medical Centre of that location of a stomach tumor and was being charged $8,000usd for this operation and that they would not let her leave the hospital till the bill was paid in full. He even offered a admission certificate from the hospital with the hospital logos. He also supposedly had a young cook by the name of Wilson who also helped care for Lynn. He now claims to be in Enugu working in a new facility for his boss till he contract is over, supposedly in a week or so. While in Imo State he used the following address: William Morgan 10 Ikenegbu Street Owerri Imo State, Nigeria 23483 Phone 234-703-101-5013
First name: macdonnie
Last name: van
Age: not sure
Location: africa
Phone: 002347036274066
On websites: www.cupid
Report: said he was in africa and needed money to get his oil over to america he needed to pay customs and his credit card did not work there
First name: maxwell
Last name: hart
Age: 46
Location: porta cour river state nigeria
Address: unknown Bermingham alabama
Phone: unknown+2347036616695
Report: scamming for money and laptop
First name: Paul Fredrick
Last name: Walsh
Aka: Paul F Richards Gregory David Henderson Paul Micheal
Age: 50-53
Location: Wagga Waggan NSW Australia?
Phone: 80035657
On websites: Dating sites both here in Australia and MF in the UK
Report: This man is a very severe predator he sets himself up on dating sites tries to win your confidence and then wants money from you. He addresess himself as and Irish born male who grew up in Manchester in the UK where he met married his wife moved to Australia where he`s lived for passed 18 years. His wife supposedly passed away around 5-6 years ago from breast cancer which was traumatic for him. He claims to own a company and lives in Wagga Wagga NSW Australia his company name is so allegedly named Fwalshinc. This person is a liar of great magnitude due to my police background my late husband was in the job I have a very suspicious mind it was after a week of emails to and from this man I became suspicious of him for he was telling me how much he loved me how happy we will be etc. It was on the weekend of the October long weekend when all was revealled so to speak. You see the tuesday prior to the weekend he apparantly had to fly to Nigeria on business which is when I recieved an email from Mr Walsh proclaiming he had lost his wallet and his shipping documents and that he needed my help. This emediately sent of warning bells for me, he then proceeded to inform me that he needed the amount of 5,000Uk dollars to help him, which I quickly told him no way was I going to send money to someone I hardly new and to contact his company for help- got no reply I also informed him he should approach the Aust. Embassy for help which he then informed me that one never existed in Nigeria. He then tried to make me feel guilty by saying how he loved me thought we had a reloationship said he had a solid gold watch he would try to sell which I answered great idea that was the end of that conversatiion via messaenger on Facebook. Next day was an email from Paul stating he had sol his watch for the amount of 3,500Uk but still needed 1,600Uk I flatly refused to give him money so his reply was that he would send me his itinerary to prove to me he was genuine, well that was where he made his biggest mistake for he had a different name which was Paul Richard Fredrick so I googled this name and foun him on a UK dating site called Mega Friends when I confronted him with my findings he got quite angry I have since then been trying to let as many authorities as I can know of this Individual,
First name: Gavan
Last name: Ludwell
Age: 49
Location: Chelmsford, England
Phone: +447035999944 +60122561928
On websites: Facebook, Christian Mingle, RSVP
Report: This man pursued me for 6 months online, and then supposedly left England enroute to Australia to marry me, stopped in Malaysia to do a business deal, asked me for $4000USD, which I stupidly sent by Western Union to a Saidu Musa Abubakar in KL Malaysia. Then he requested another $3000USD, which I refused and he ceased all contact