First name: Adeyeme
Last name: Christopher
Age: unknown
Location: Nigeria, maybe the city of Lagos
Address: 21 maryland city, Nigeria 23401
Email: stellamary
On websites:
Report: Pretty 32 year old young girl on the site makes an overture to an old goat - me, in this case. The old goat emails her back, she responds with gushing love for the old timer. The next thing, there is a promise of eternal love between the old fool and the scammer. The old fool offers to send some money to the girl for living expenses. Girl responds that $200 would be enough. Old goat agrees to send it by western union or moneygram, as the scammer suggests. Old fool isn't 100% fool. He checks this out on the internet, finds out that is a Nigerian love scam. The lovelorn and horny old man, me, then searches for somewhere to report this and winds up here. I'm not really too upset or lovesick about this. Maybe I'll stick to women in my age bracket - or maybe NOT!!!!
First name: Philip
Last name: Miller
Aka: Sparks Dane-Gen.Lieut.Cooper Danne-Richard Miller-Lionel Miller-Alvin Lescott-Paul Miller-
Age: 47
Location: Supposedly Iraq or Afghanistan
Address: U.S. Army?
Email: Now! also - -
On websites: Messenger - Yahoo - Imesh - Facebook
Report: Im sure it wont take you long to find out, just by looking up, he is a well known scammer with a long history. I have known him for approx 18mths now and have seen him on webcam so know is him! The site will show you all you need to know other than what he is going by now, which I do!
First name: Benyamin Levi
Last name: Carasso
Aka: Eng.Benyamin Levi Carasso, Benyamin Levi, Emmanuel Blay
Age: DOB April 16. 1957 Israel, Jerusalem
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: 190 Spintex Road, Accra Ghana
Phone: 233272095378, 233571502492, 233546768138, 233266696687
Report: On January 16-th 2012 I have received a Contact Request from Eng.Benyamin Levi Carasso, and (stupid me) LOL I accepted him. The very first time we chatted was January 18th 2012, and he sent me his e-mail address and his first 2 photos and in return I sent him my e-mail address. He told me he is on Oil Engineer, he lives in Jerusalem Israel, and he has a 2 month contract with the Ghana Accra Oil Company, Tullow Oil and within the next few days he will travel to Berlin Germany, than to Ghana Accra to work there. I have 93 e-mails between him and I - 6 photos of the same man, plus a lot of other things he sent me on Skype and into my e-mail address, and all the conversation from Skype from beginning to end, I can supply this to you if you need it. He was supposedly robbed on the beginning in February, the 4 robbers have taken away his $ 5.000 cash and his Master Card and Visa credit card, and his Cell phone: 233272095378. After this incident he also had some kind of machine brake down in the ocean where they bring up the oil, and he told me, it will cost him a lot of money, he has to send the machine back to Germany to be repaired and wanted me to send him ONLY 60,000 - 70,000 Euro, I told him I do not have any money at all, I am a very poor person, and to ask from his daughter, who is still in Israel. After that he e-mailed me, and asked me to get a $ 10,000 loan or open a checking account for him, I went to the site he told me to go, put in false information to try to open, so they will turn me down. When they send me the e-mail that I cannot open the checking account, I copied and paste it and e-mailed it to him. After that he wanted me to open a Master Card or Visa Card for him with my bank. I did not even try to get it, I felt it was a scam. But in February I sent him a scarf I have knitted in a package and (stupid me again) put my address on it, so I decided to tell him that I am moving to Hungary to take care of my brother, who is very sick in the hospital, and I have to give up my house I was renting, so he won't look for me, and know my address. I also sent him $ 100 in a envelope as a registered mail, I have the receit, he told me he never got the package or the registered mail, maybe he wanted me to send him more money, I think he got both of them, he is lying about it. As of today, he still thinks I am in Hungary, I wanted him to l leave me alone, so I made up a story, that I had a heart attack in Hungary and was on a critical list, and supposedly died, and they had to shock me back to life. I told him now I am in a private Sanatorium in Budapest. The strange thing is, that I gave him my Magic Jack telephone number, and told him I cannot call him, but he can call me, but he has to leave me the call back number where he is calling me from, since I cannot see the number who is calling me, but Yes I can see all the numbers on my Magic Jack who is calling me, I just told him that, to see what telephone number he is going to call me from. And guess what, he is calling me from the same cellphone 233272095378, that was suppose to be stolen by the 4 robbers. He gave me the 233571502492 telephone number as his new cellphone, but it is a land line, since I have on account to call Ghana with Skype and it shows me that it is a land line, the other number 233546768138 is supposedly his drivers Emmanuel Blays cellphone number, but this is a land line phone number too. The 233266696687 is also a land line phone number, he does not put all the phone numbers, he somehow blocks the numbers, just part of it to the Magic Jack calls, but as soon as I put in some numbers into the Skype site, it tells me that it is from Ghana, so I know it is him. He has 4 Skype name. His Skype names are: # 1 benyamin.levi.carasso # 2 eng.benyamin.levi # 3 eng.benyamin.levi.carasso (this is the one I used to chat with him) # 4 eng.benyamin.levi.carasso1 As of April 1 he has not been up on this Skype site eng.benyamin.levi.carasso. He sent me all of the e-mails we have sent to each other, since I told him I don't have them, I left them back in the United States, so he forwarded all of them to me, he told me to read them and I will know how much he loves me. I also checked out the IP addresses on all of his e-mails, and every single one of them has 5-6 IP address on it, and it suppose to have ONLY ONE IP address per e-mail. Please let me know if you want me to forward anything I have to you.
First name: David
Last name: Harvey
Age: ?53
Location: Middle East and States lives in USA
On websites: yahoo and
Report: Goes through dating service and then sends gifts and asks for money in varying amounts.
First name: Dennis
Last name: Hayden
Age: 50
Location: US, Kabul, Accra
Email: dennishayden1@hotmail. com
On websites: RSVP and MSN messenger
Report: makes out he is in US military in a camp at Kabul. Made a deal with oil person in Saudi getting a cut in US dollars sending over via an Iraq Diplomatic Leader in form of a VIP package and has trouble getting it through various immigrations at airports travelling through. Needs funds first 5,000 and then another 5,000 and lastly 3,000UD. Will give back on his arrival to you, but doesn't come and dont get money back. Be aware of this man.
First name: Gerald Christopher
Last name: Bill
Age: 48
Location: Norwich, England
On websites:
Report: I found him on this site and he looked too young and too attractive to be 49 years of age. He states he is from Norwich, UK but when I asked him where he originally came from (because his english was not brilliant)he said he is on a contract over here with Canon, where he marketing cameras and electronics. I became more suspicious when he wanted me to open a yahoo account so he could talk to me, when I went to add him as a contact a screen appeared saying he was a scammer. I read the messages and they matched up to what he had been saying to me although I didnt hang around long enough to find out if he was anything to do with Nigeria.
First name: paul
Last name: anderson
Age: 46 or 52
Location: skokie illinois or united kingdom
Report: talked to him for 7 days and he asked for 1500 dollars then it was money money money and he just wont take no for an answer.untill today ive saved all his emails and took pictures of him on my phone when he turned his web cam on.He sent me pornographic pictures also.
First name: Douglas
Last name: staff
Age: 54
Location: texas
Report: I got scammed by this guy and I Sure that this is not his real name,by helping him thrum my bank account he just ruined my emotions as well my Acct in chase bank.......I'm. Also sure that thepicture of the man on ok Cupid site is not even him.......I hope someday they lag on what are they doing I wish them all dead
First name: Dr.mark
Last name: john
Age: 46
Location: UK
Phone: +60169987606
Email: ,
Report: i met him on then we talk on yahoo messenger and skype his id markjohn298 He said he is a doctor in American red cross work in Iraq. He come from UK. He want to spend his rest of life in Thailand with me. He confirm flight ticket to me that he will come to meet me really and want me said with my parents that he will come really. 20march2012 he sent offline message about his clinical equipment now problem in Malaysia.Customs Malaysia holding his equipment . He said urgent he will fly to Malaysia.21 march he called me by phone no. +60169987606 to me and told me every thing will be fine. Next day he called me by phone let's me talk in yahoo messenger ,he said customs malaysia ask money from him since$10000 . Not enough he said they ask more $1000 they will allow he want me help him .He want me help him sent money by western union to Lenny novita. i sent money already but next time he said Customs malaysia called health department check his clinical equipment again and holding his thing and he said health department ask money $3500 they will allow him can get to Thailand. i suspect in him . Sent e-mail to Consular Uk in Malaysia. royal Thai Embassy and Customs Malysia.They sent e-mails back to me . Consular check him . They said maybe he is scammer in Malaysia. They want me stop.Don't sent money. I sent file id card it's fake. now i can know he is acammer now he thing i never know and sent message want me sent money to help him.
First name: Jerry Michael
Last name: Prodoehl
Aka: JM
Age: 49
Location: Illinois and California USA
On websites: Korean friendfiner
Report: Hi Dela. Thanks for sending your personal email account. You can now reach me at this account ( JM are my initials (Jerry Michael) and Prodoehl is my last name. How has this week been going for you? Very busy for me! I have been looking at houses here in California for you. I found some that I like, but will wait a couple more months. I have a house back in Illinois (where I lived for many years) that is now a rental. Unfortunately the roof has started to leak, so I have to pay for them to put a new roof on. Ugh! Oh well, I knew that was coming sometime soon. But once I get that paid off, Ia€™ll start looking again for a new house for me. Dela,i want to discuss this with you i will like you to come to the USA with 3 parcels coke,i will pick right away at airport,this is good money here and you can become rich within a twinkle of a eye to help your family in Africa.Think about this and make the right decision. I hope you are having a good week and good luck! Write when you can a€¦. -Jerry
First name: Anthony
Last name: Cameroon
Age: 50
Location: United Kingdom
Report: He claims to be a widom with a 11 year old boy,name Anthony Curtis Cameroon.He claims to be in desperate need for money because he has lost his wallet in his job site. he claims to work for KCA, in UK. He ask for 3,000, then for 1,000. First he needs money for his son birthday gift, then because an error his employees commited while he was int he computer with you. He claims to need 5,000. He claims to be from the christian faith. He know his bible too. He makes plans to marry you..... and to be the mother of his son.
First name: henderson
Last name: james
Age: 48
Location: new york
Report: Hello I was the victim of a romance by a scammer and I wondered if this person designated above is really a scammer or a victim who might have robbed her photos? thank you
First name: Mohamed Hassan
Last name: Gomaa
Aka: Hassan Ahmed
Age: 60
Location: Finland
On websites: several
Report: Scammed me over one year online. First met from tagged. Allowed me to pay for various items while romancing me. Searching for a visa to another country while married to a Finnish woman also for visa. Also scamming other women. I discovered because he visited me in person. I have real photos of this person.
First name: BRENNAN
Last name: CARNEY
Age: 41
First name: STEVEN
Last name: Winter
Age: 58
Location: Beverly Hills California
Phone: 1-619-780-8730
Report: Met him on - Steal or borrow money from elderly women on pertension of a sick son - which is wrong - WARNING SOUTH AFRICA NIGERIA BLACK PERSON - AVOID HIM AT ALL COST
First name: Stephan
Last name: Anderson
Age: 50
Location: Virginia, USA
Email: Stephan Anderson
Report: Contacted me stating he is looking for his soul mate and believed I was the one. I did a search and found that he is a known scammer. Says he is a Civil Engineer, is widowed, has a daughter and a dog. His picture is of a guy who looks sophisticated and well educated and he also states that he is financially secure. Do not have anything to do with this person as it is stated he will ask you for money soon or later. I asked for a live video chat and have not heard from him again.
First name: Travis
Last name: David
Age: 33
Location: Whistler Canada
Phone: +447024035882 & +2348079422995
Report: He is asking me to send him money for the hotel bills
First name: John
Last name: Viccent
Age: 54
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: Tel : +233-54-7142-678
On websites: 12kisses
Report: If it wasn't bad enough to be approached by
First name: Jack
Last name: Suckling
Aka: Jack_suckling
Age: 54 or 55
Location: kewait
Email: and
On websites: doulike / unknown
Report: He emailed me cause he saw me on doulike, talked to him for 2 days and then asked to send 500.00 for phone. He claims hes military 6mo left .he claims to be in kuwait. And from Colorado. Special forces, u can tell hes forgion the way he talks in messeges! He gets angry very fast and admitted to me after i told him i knew he was a scammer, he said he had some other women sending him 5k!
First name: dennis
Last name: graham
Age: 55
Location: atlanta georgia
Report: well i am trying findout if he is a scammer he started out saying to me he was a banker and now hes saying hes a contractor and he is from atlanta he says but now he is in ghana and i need to know if anyone can send me a picture of anyone named dennis graham
First name: Jasim
Last name: Roshan
Aka: Haider Rosh or Rosh Haider
Age: 46
Location: London
On websites: Zaporia, Que Pasa, Facebook
Report: This scammer was initially listed as Jasim Roshan, but now is using the name Haider Rosh. He scammed me for an amount of US $1 120 .....
First name: BEDIS
Last name: FRIGUI
Age: 23/05/1991
Email: bedisfrigui@gmail
First name: Gale Emmasamine
Last name: Manson
Aka: Gail Gagler
Age: 48
Location: Canadian
Phone: 447024062414
Email:;;;; IM gagsonemma
On websites: Friend Finder -
Report: Things started not making sense and I did a little investigating... found this... I received basically the same emails, tons and pics, copy of passport seemed very honest but very interested in what I did for a living and financial being... please ck site:
First name: Tom
Last name: Witt
Aka: Sigmund Russell, Jerry, Carl
Age: 50
Location: USA, Afghanistan
Report: This man says he is in war in Afghanistan, a captain in the US Army. He is very loving but soon he wants you to send money. According to the police he is part of a criminal group in Nigeria. He contacts women in datingsites, facebook. I have pictures of him.
First name: sean
Last name: kerry
Age: 57
Location: ny
Report: meet sean on pleanty of fishes tole me he love me and all of this and want to marry him and then ask me for a total of 3500.00
First name: James
Age: 61
Location: Alexandria, Ohio
Phone: 646-651-4083
Report: I believe he is scamming me having met on the dating site
First name: Don
Last name: Johnson
Age: unknown
Location: Sequim WA & Jamaika
Address: 230 W Prairie St Sequim WA
Phone: 876-723-4682
Report: they call and want you to wire money or get a money pak card and tell you that I won 3.2 miillion dollarsand a car before its payed and they are near to my home and it has to be paid before delivery.
First name: Simon
Last name: John
Age: 57
Location: nigeria
Phone: 2348027967479
On websites:
Report: Asked for $750.00 Emailing for 3 weeks. Said he was from Germany and was hoping to get contract in Nigeria. Told story about being beat up by Nigerians and had no money..... I immediately deleted his email address.
First name: James
Last name: Moore
Age: 36
Location: Austin Texas
Phone: 521-660-7417
On websites: zoosk, black planet
Report: Male says he is a computer engineer in Turkey on a business trip. background is that his mother is from turkey and his father is american. his dad died when he was 5 so he had to go back to Turkey with his mom. he came back to the states at aged 21. he has a 3 year old daughter Mary whose mother died in a car accident 2 years ago. Says due to the long distance his phone cannot call or recieve, only text. When I tried to call the number just to hear his voice on voicemail, I got a generic voice mail greeting then a woman in the Los Angeles Area called me and said I called her phoe. He is Very good with words, says you are his everything and that he feels he has known him for years. Says he'll be back in 2 weeks. Suddenly his mum falls ill with breast cancer and he needs $700 to get her surgery. When refused, he casually goes on like its no big deal. Then he reels you in closer and asks again. he is upsetted when you call him out on his scam, and says how hurt he is that you dont believe him. When given suggestions about how to get money (he says the turkish banks are different and he cant use his atm card), he reufuses to get a bank account there so he can wire himself money. He says he leaves his credit cards at home because he misplaced them once. He says he needs to pay the doctor before his mum can have the surgery, but curiously she is already in the hospital for pain medicine. he says the doctor's name is Ige Jamiu. He is only able to email his pictures initially once, then when he is asked for more, the email is not working. Then I asked him to give me his drivers license number, passport number, anything to verify his identity, but he ignored me. Suddenly today his daughter (Mary) is in the hospital.
First name: John
Last name: morrison
Age: 50+
Location: uk
Report: he is also on dating site saying he is from uk same phot as on here